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Assassin's Creed Unity In-Game Characters Leaked

Several leaks and rumors concerning the upcoming Assassin’s Creed title have emerged on the internet and here is the latest one. This leak packs a couple of Assassin’s Creed Unity screenshots allegedly featuring the main in-game characters and the protagonist assassin himself. (Assassin's Creed Unity, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

THE-COMMANDER  +   418d ago
Awesome, i really can't wait to see how they will benfit from the new hardware.

2 more days!
CertifiedGamer  +   418d ago
Really commander, you can't wait for Ubisoft to show off what graphics that they are going to oversell on trailers than downgrade the final product like they did in Far Cry 3 and Watch_dogs. I don't understand how people can immidietly forget things from one day to the next. Ubisoft is logically a hype company, with a company like that just avoid seeing the game until it launches so you won't be disappointed.
Hk85karlsson  +   418d ago
Unity will release exclusive to #currentgen
so it won´t be like with Watch Dogs.
And its a wonderful thing, right?
To be able to bitch about a game months before its release and without even seeing 1 minute of actual gameplay?
Heisenburger  +   418d ago
I love they games that they make. I'm sorry that you are upset with them(no sarcasm).

From Assassins Creed to Rayman, to Far Cry and Child of Light, I just like their games.

That's good enough for me.
Lord_Sloth  +   418d ago
I guess Cross Gen doesn't mean anything to you. Those games weren't up to their unveil trailers. So what? They still looked great and it's actually not all that uncommon.

I'm anxious to see what an exclusively Current Gen game can do and if the gfx aren't as beautiful as the unveil, oh well. I play games for gameplay not for gfx.
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Patrick_pk44  +   418d ago
If you believe Assassins Creed Unity and other future projects won't be downgraded then you are delusional. You are worse then those who believe in the gameplay footage from E3 events and other conventions. You believe bullshots will be the final product.
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AliTheSnake1  +   418d ago
je ne peux pas attendre pour ce jeu.
Sirlancealot  +   418d ago
@CERTIFIEDgamer You took the words right out of my mouth its funny that people can't make these connections or forget how companies operate.
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Braid  +   418d ago
You're totally right. From now on I'll totally take Ubisoft's press conferences as science fiction. Ubi lost my trust forever with Watch_Dogs. What's more disappointing is that they said the PC build would look even better than the E3 2012 presentation.
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starchild  +   418d ago
Quit being stupid. All previous Assassin's Creed games looked just as good as their trailers and demos.

Watch Dogs looks as good as any of the footage they have shown since the consoles were actually announced. You have to go back two years ago to E3 2012, which was before the consoles were even announced, and it makes no sense to compare to that demo or hold them to it because it was long before the game came out and before the consoles were even announced. Everything they showed since that first early demo has been entirely representative of what the final game would look like. In any case, even compared to that first demo, it's not a huge downgrade the way some of you make it sound. Maxed out on my PC it looks at least 95% as good as that early demo.

At the end of the day games in development can and often will change. Some of you need to realize that and quit acting like whiny brats.

Given the fact that all previous Assassin's Creed games have looked like their trailers and gameplay demos, and given the fact that AC Unity's release is just around the corner, I bet that whatever Ubisoft show at E3 will be almost exactly what we get in the final game.
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AndrewLB  +   418d ago
Hk85karlsson- Yes it will. They've gotta downgrade and not optimize the PC version like with watch dogs in order to "even the playing field". Reminds me of Obama's "everyone's gets a fair shot." "everyone gets their fair share". ugh... The way this guy is destroying the country, i think that he was talking about a fair shot to the head.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   417d ago
get a titan,you'll get e32012 wd graphics
Clown_Syndr0me  +   417d ago
Not everyone was disappointed, I am perfectly happy with the visuals om both those titles.
3-4-5  +   418d ago
Won't all these leaks for everygame SPOIL E3 for us ?

Isn't that part of what E3 is about, the surprise of not knowing what is going to be shown next ?

That era is so awesome though,can't wait.
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ITPython  +   418d ago
Black Flag actually looks quite amazing on the PS4, so even if Unity is only to that graphical level I will be fine with it.

Although seeing as how it will be a current gen developed game, it will no doubt look better than Black Flag. And I bet the gameplay will be even better and more polished since the devs aren't wasting valuable time on last-gen versions.
claud3  +   418d ago
Same boring crap, so so glad i stop after AC2
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crusf  +   418d ago
So glad you told everyone that it's the same old crap and that you stopped playing after AC2. I'm not sure why you clicked on the article in the first place and commented if you think its the same boring crap. Way to go...
Fireseed  +   418d ago
Because dude! He is just a gamer that knows that he believe it when the proof is there and never gets so wrapped up in lies and stupid articles on any gaming subject. His opinions will annoy or piss you off. And it does not bother him at all.... TOUGH!

NukaCola  +   418d ago
Wow really? AC IV is the best game of the series. I have it on PS4 and it's really great.
starchild  +   418d ago
Gamers like claud3 are just haters. It's obvious. They come into a thread just to bash a game or series that many other people love.

I don't get it. When there is a game I find boring or unappealing I simply don't care about it and I don't visit articles about it or act like a douchebag towards those that do like it.
gjruk  +   418d ago
If you stopped after AC2 how can you even have an opinion on further instalments? Anyways, you missed out on a great game in Brotherhood. AC4 was great and I even liked AC3 apart from the unlikeability of Conor. Revelations was bad though, i'll admit that one.
sonerone  +   418d ago
even revelations was a nice chapter to close down Ezio`s story, I didn't like the places and the bombs and stuff, but kind of lied the story chasing up the past
Relientk77  +   418d ago
Wow you missed AC Brotherhood, and Black Flag

those games were fantastic
Angrymorgan  +   418d ago
I used to think the same, then I found black flag and its awsome.
For a cross gen game it looks stunning on ps4.
thricetold  +   418d ago

Who makes post after post about a game they don't like and aren't interested in. You're pathetic.
How dull is your life you take the time to comment on a series you have zero interest in and haven't played in years? Gtfoh and go get a life for crying out loud! L.a.y.d.a
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Back-to-Back  +   418d ago
You quit after AC2? Thats ashame because AC Brotherhood came after 2 and imo its the best in the series.

sonerone  +   418d ago
at least this is sure comes this year
mt  +   418d ago
it is a yearly thing after all, it must be this year.
sonerone  +   418d ago
this is my yearly game I can always count on :D
sungin  +   418d ago
downgrade for sure,ubisoft doing ubisoft thing
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sonerone  +   418d ago
downgrade from what? have u seen any gameplay yet? also its only next gen, im pretty sue it will look better than Watch Dogs if I can compare the 2
Eamon  +   418d ago
It's a way too early to tell.

But I wouldn't be surprised if we see the E3 demo looking worse than the reveal trailer from a while back.
mezati99  +   418d ago
you are the saddest human being i have ever seen. you just keep trolling all day everyday on all gaming websites,i almost feel sorry for you. go back to ign, or better, get a life dude
sungin  +   418d ago
true man,ubisoft deserve much credit and damage control,faking demos and delay for 2 years, is the most professional company management i ever seen.
Pancit_Canton  +   418d ago
I do believed that Assassin Creed has been milked to the point where its narrative story telling doesn't make sense anymore . It went the same path as COD, where they just develop game just for the sake of quick cash for both publisher and developer.
Braid  +   418d ago
I think it'd be a double edged sword to say that it's going downhill. With every installment they develop the gameplay even further, but the story and narrative gets worse and worse (especially with the modern day connection losing its touch and relevance). So you're both right and wrong. But as for the storyline, you're absolutely correct. It has just become "follow the historical story till you discover an artifact near the end, and the game ends shortly after" kind of story with every new game. It's the same formula with both AC 4 and Liberation. I hope the story gets better this time around but I'm afraid I'm not hopeful.
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Relientk77  +   418d ago
Like what I'm seeing from AC Unity so far
claud3  +   418d ago
dull dull dull old AC game as usual
Psychotica  +   418d ago
Let me guess, you have to climb towers to reveal more of the map, you have to follow guys without them detecting you, there is some kind of trinket floating around to collect, there are different colored outfits to buy and different swords to buy. Yes, I think I have this game already..
starchild  +   418d ago
What you said would be true of any game series. Yes, you can find all kinds of similarities from one game to the next in a series, bravo! But that is what makes them part of a series and not just random unrelated games.

There have been just as many improvements and changes to the Assassin's Creed games as nearly any other game franchise. How different is Uncharted 3 from Uncharted 1? How truly different is Killzone Shadow Fall from Killzone or Killzone 2? How different is Gran Turismo or Metal Gear Solid from one game to the next?
Psychotica  +   418d ago
None of those games you mention are open world games like AC. A better comparison would be between GTA 4 and GTA 5 where there are many new and different things to do. GTA 5 has multiple characters you can play as, Jets, multiple cars to own, property you can buy, submariness etc etc. They didn't just plop Niko from GTA 4 in a new city and called it a new game.
chuck826  +   418d ago
I thought Unity wasn't the real name
claud3  +   418d ago
it is the same boring missions and nothing that makes sense

Also the fact they actually are still making this crap. Goes to show they just want the money and do not actually care for us the gamer
Plagasx  +   418d ago
A lot of Leakage lately.
SuperBlur  +   418d ago
we need a valve to shut everyone down
leemo19  +   418d ago
Looking forward to this cause it looks promising and Ubisoft seems to have gone back to making it about being a Assassin again.
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lyvon  +   418d ago
What's with all the leaks?

Can't wait to see this reveal at E3. Those talking about milking, GTFO Black Flags was amazing.
Harmonizer  +   418d ago
I loved the Caribbean setting. Not sure what to think of France...I doubt there will be any more ships now :(
wirapuru  +   418d ago
I'll not lie, the main character looks like a bunny to me. /Kappa

(That said, I'm really into that game. Black Flag had a very good gameplay but I miss the historic appeal the other ACs had.)
Gamer-40  +   418d ago
The best games waited for me.

Assassin's Creed Unity.
The Witcher 3.
Batman: Arkham Knight.
renerak  +   418d ago
I just wish they pause ac for a year and release prince of persia instead, i am terribly missing pop.
rawshack  +   418d ago
Tell me boys which is the best assassin creed
MasterD919  +   418d ago
AC is a massive game for Ubisoft. This game will be nothing like Watchdogs. This is also the 7th or 8th AC game.
AiirJordann23  +   418d ago
Didnt get a chance to finish black flag cause someone broke into my home but will be playing soon and pickin this up day 1
breakpad  +   417d ago
every time Ubisoft makes a game is unimagined and quality mediocre at best this review describes them perfect http://games.on.net/2014/06...
BlakHavoc  +   417d ago
Black Flag may have been my favorite game so far, wasn't a fan of AC3 but BF has returned my faith in the franchise, cannot wait to hear more about this, especially since it's exclusive to next gen consoles!
Emme  +   417d ago
That palette looks a bit boring, all those browns and greys...

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