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Submitted by mohsin2596 609d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Gets Better

Recent improvements clearly prove the Xbox One getting better. It was not a bad choice buying it after all, performance boost, DirectX 12, do they mean alot to you?

Cast your votes at the end. (DirectX 12, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   609d ago
It means that MS is really trying thier best to please the consumer:)
ThunderSpark  +   609d ago
Xbox One gets better = fact. PS4 also gets better? = fact. Truth is both consoles are getting better and better and will continue to do so throughout this generation of gaming. All that matters is that you get the console that has the games you enjoy. If you want multiplatform games that look the best, get it for the pc. If you only game on consoles, at the moment and maybe indefinitely, PS4 offers the better versions. In the end, it's up to you as a gamer. Options are always good.
user1439414  +   609d ago
Will Microsoft be the underdog for this whole generation and constantly play the catchup game or will e3 prove the Xbox can stand its ground and compete with other console like the Ouya and Wii U and PS3? Only time will tell.XoXoXo
4Sh0w  +   608d ago
@whathappened, Of course both will get better but I think the point is that micro has been adapting adding features, functionality and general improvements at a faster rate than sony.

It isn't all simply about power, kinect is a really nice addition to the X1 whether naysayers believe it or not but even at the very start of this gen there is no wii - type difference between ps4&X1 like you try to make it seem, hell wii has some 1080p beautiful games. As a software giant, Micro is rapidly adapting and improving things like the SDK and dev tools. Still multi games are near identical now to most gamers who aren't pixel counters, yet IF sheer pixel count above all is important you then you should have a pc and buy the pc version for every multiplatform game anyway, ironically that must not be what most gamers value above all else since each console version itself easily outsells pc version. Microsoft may play catch up in sales(still way too early to underestimate them) but they are delivering some great games and that's what counts.
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kickerz  +   608d ago
Xbox gets better every update which is great....
Xoxo gossip girl lol
kingmushroom  +   609d ago
....... Thanks captain obvious

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Copen  +   608d ago
MS fumbled "trying their best" when they gimped the X1 building the entire machine around the Kinect. The X1 is a great media box but it's at the cost of worse looking and playing games as their competitor. If you're really into games there's no debate the PS4 is clearly better at playing games. If you're a casual gamer the X1 is for you its got tons of appeal to casual gamers which was clearly Microsoft's focus but at 500 it's out of the casual crowds price range even without Kinect at 400 it's still overpriced and the sales disparity will continue to show what I'm saying. If MS realistically wants to sell Xbox ones they need to price it at 350 or less and until that happens Sony will continue to widen the gap.
brainfart  +   608d ago
Oh really..... The X1 is a great media box but it's at the cost of worse looking and playing games as their competitor. If you're really into games there's no debate 

You make it sound like ps4 games are all in Hd (which they are) and xbox1 games are In 8bit(which they are not), by your logic if every gamer that are into to games should own a high end pc to enjoy games (bs).No matter what system your playing on pc included enjoy your games.Dont listen to the nonsense coming from copen fingers!!!
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miyamoto  +   608d ago
Didn't Phil Spencer officially said himself that Xbox One is "BEST" experienced with Kinect?


"If consumers choose that they don't want Kinect, or they want to add it later, we're going to make that available. But this is about a continuum and in the end, I hope everyone sees that the experience with Kinect is the best Xbox One experience," Spencer added.

So how does having a Kinectless Xbox One "BETTER"?

How is a fragmented Xbox One installed base considered "BETTER"? Even if Xbox One sales take off without Kinect, how is it better for M$? This is practically ditching the million dollar investment they had with R&D , cable companies, TV networks, Kinect game developers, etc.
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SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago
Yes. They're really going out of their way to correct some things.

NatureOfLogic_  +   609d ago
"It was not a bad choice buying it after all"

This explain the increase of Xbox One articles trying to justify it. I think some actually have a hard time enjoying Xbox One because It's not as powerful as competition.
ats1992  +   609d ago
This would also explain the increase in negative xbox articles on n4g trying to downplay that xbox is getting better.
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gamerfan0909  +   609d ago
So was the PS2. I have zero clue why this is an argument this gen.
SuperBlunt  +   608d ago
During that generation graphics werent a priority, games and gameplay were. Face it the xbox one will be the ps4's whipping boy for the next decade and there isnt anything anyone can do about it unless sony decides to derp which isnt going to happen anymore.
4Sh0w  +   608d ago
"During that generation graphics werent a priority, games and gameplay were."

lol, oh really? That says alot about you as a gamer. Well you can make this gen about whatever you like but Im not a follower for me its ALL about the games I want to play and overall package, X1 imo has better games, a better online infrastructure and I know micro will continue to push that going forward. A few early games at lower resolution that still don't look much different vs a better game library, kinect integration, better tv media hub, and constant push of software services & console functionality is why I think X1 is the better console...I don't mind if you or others disagree but at least offer something more substantial than pixel count.
Pogmathoin  +   608d ago
Graphics were not a priority? Jeez h christ..... Now its reso-gate right? Were graphics not important because original xbox walked all over PS2? Do you people ever do anything other than move the goal posts??
aiBreeze  +   609d ago
Well I have a high spec gaming laptop that can play pretty much everything on max settings and I can safely say that the Xbox One's power hasn't negatively effected my experience playing on it what so ever. I have Titanfall for both X1 and PC and to be honest, you stop noticing the graphical differences after about ten minutes in the game anyway.
SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago
Then why play on max settings?

You purchased a max spec machine and it doesn't matter.

Your entire statement is the poster child for cognitive dissonance.
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marlinfan10  +   608d ago
Lol the only people that care about the "power" are sony fanboys like you. Ive got both consoles and can honestly say theres hardly a difference in graphics and its not even close to what you guys make it out to be. Yeah the ps4 exclusives (infamous) have looked slighly better, but ive never once turned on my xbox and thought "wow those ps4 graphics are soo much better". If anyone chooses the ps4 for the graphics difference then theyre making a huge mistake. Games should be the deciding factor in the end
Copen  +   608d ago
Games that are 1080p vs 720p or 792p or 900p vs 792p are big differences even if you choose to ignore them. The differences are bigger than they were last gen when MS trolls like you brought up the minimal differences so you don't get to now say it doesn't matter when we're seeing the biggest graphical differences in over a decade. I'll respect your biased opinion although you're wrong but the differences in games is real and that's not my opinion that's a fact the games released so far have shown the gap so while you choose to ignore the differences they are never the less there.
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Docknoss  +   608d ago
Copen  +   608d ago
You're correct. X1 buyers have started to question their purchase because the power difference is the biggest between 2 consoles that launched together in over a decade. The tables have completely flipped from last gen when the differences were negligible yes MS fans hit Sony fans over the head with that at every turn. There's subtle differences that matter like MS not supporting cross play games meaning the PC games that the PS4 is getting like War Frame and War Thunder and Planetside 2 will never come to the Xbox one so those types of games right there are console exclusive to the PS4. You look at your local Craigslist listing and see how many people are selling or trading their Xbox ones and it's a lot of people way more than people selling or trading their PS4's it's telling that people aren't happy with their purchase no matter how many fabricated positive X1 articles are posted on N4G the truth is the X1 is losing the battle against the PS4.
n4gamingm  +   609d ago
got my xbox one at launch and still use to this very day. No regrets here :)
incendy35  +   609d ago
Same here, I love it! And it just keeps on getting better.
GodGinrai  +   609d ago
Same here. The price was a bit steep( for a console..with its specs). But TitanFall, forza 5, DR3, super time force, BF4 with friends, eased any buyers remorse. And the constant updates and the games coming out on it over the next 18 months, coupled with better leadership of the XB team, make me feel better about the future of the console. Not saying they are going to "win"..I dont care if they do or dont. Only that they keep a steady stream of good games coming to the console, 1st, 2nd and 3rd party.

They have learned some hard lessons. And they needed it. Going forward, I think they get it, now...

And to those that say things like "I cant trust M$"...Well...good for you is all I can say. MS have made their they have to rebuild, the right way. There is nothing more to be said on it, than that.

To those that say "They changed their policies because of lack of sales"..Good! The consumers spoke with their wallets..The saying "money talks, and bullshit walks" springs to mind...Im pretty sure, MS know that phrase too.
strickers  +   609d ago
Can't we all just look forward to games?
I hope everyone gets the right console for them.
RjK311jR  +   609d ago
I have all three consoles and basically all AAA games as they come out... The console I use everyday no matter what? Xbox One! Why? Easy, TV connection, Xbox On and Voice controll TV, Works like a charm for me.. yeah sometimes its not perfect but neither are we... Also, I like the darker feel to some of the games that are multi plats... this can be seen on comparison videos... To me it makes game seem clearer... IDK.. Im not lighting and techy know-it-all but I do know what my eyes and hands like to play and see... The PS4 is amazing too, short and sweet, Infamous was too short but a beauty... As I find myself starting to try and enjoy indies... As of now PS4 is great for that.. Heck I call it my indieStation sometimes... But the AAA games are being made and cant wait to enjoy MORE of them... Xbox has the variety but with less indies... Wii U is awesome fun for all console... Love MK8 and Nintendo knows what it does and what it does well.. All three are great unique consoles that are truly fun and entertaining... "Can't we all just get along!" For me both x1 and ps4 need more games... which theyre both working hard at... the wii u has to do what Nintendo has done for many years make great games and keep on trucking, developing their backwards compatible (wii U) successor as to not hurt there loyal wii u consumers! They could blow the other consoles out the water with a remote play, mobile gaming console that can play its own games but also connect to a base console to create a powerhouse on its own... Like described in the Nintendo Fusion Rumors... Id buy that too... Again no favoritism at all but Nintendo would have to do that fast and quick because we know Sony and MS are already working on their own successors, and waiting too long may lead to Nintendo making a stronger console for the time being (1-2 yrs) but weaker console because of the under development sony and MS ones. This all plays out for US the GAMERS!!! What we need to worry about though? Free 2 play, pay to win games that, sometimes costs us $40 for digital weapons out of our hard earning money... Id rather pay for games one cost, then choose DLC, or pay increase pricing for everything (Season passes - Great move) But cmon the gamers and developers are robbing us blind with these free ro play games... they reel you in and then let you try a free weapon for a round (thats over powered) then we buy it.. its insane and unfair... Some levels cant even be beaten with the weapons they provide.. we need to stand against the Free 2 play model... not the console war!!
Okay... Im blabbering but just wanted to share a thought! I hate the micro transactions, they should be DLC packages or ultimate edition. An option to pay to unlock everything like the season passes.. Opening the game like other video games we have grown to love and enjoy. the Free to play model could end up sucking parents and kids, teens and gamers a like dry of hard earned money... Cmon some of these fake digital weapons are getting pricey!! IS THIS EVEN FAIR to us the CONSJMER!!! OR are we fools! Play for free only... for me!! The DUAL Currencies are rip offs and need to be, dealt with accordingly, developers want to make money off gamers by ripping them off.. why not give out demos for free, like they used to, then have consumer to unlock the rest of the game... charging multiple prices, at different rates is theft, and those who do this should be placed in jail.. They need to reconsider how this is handled... Or Games will suffer!! Thats the real war here peeps not the consoles...
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Webbyy  +   609d ago
Respect from me for an honest view.
RjK311jR  +   608d ago
OpieWinston  +   609d ago
I'm with you, I love the design of the X1. It just speaks to me...I LOVE Snap...

Just got to wait till E3 for the games to be shown off. Only 2 more days now.
JBSleek  +   609d ago
It' refreshing that these updates have been coming at a rapid pace. I really just want cheaper digital prices, pre ordering, and preloading.
Software_Lover  +   609d ago
Well, my next gen purchases are complete. I just got an XBone with Kinect for $300. I couldn't pass it up. See you guys/gals online.
SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago
I guess 6 ppl won't be seeing you online??
Godmars290  +   609d ago
What new, released, title honestly proves that this not one month old change has done anything in terms of functionality?

Neither system has yet to prove what it can do with what games that have actually been put out, so why this pointless insistence that one of them has noticeably improved because of a software upgrade - that has yet to be implemented - and the removal of an accessory?
Spotie  +   608d ago
It's because of a need for justification, for assurance. In another article, I saw someone say they liked the XB1 for the updates that the individual admitted should have been there all along.

What the hell?

When your fanbase is using such reasoning to say why they like your product, something is seriously wrong.
marlinfan10  +   608d ago
yeah since one guy speaks for the whole fan base. I'm sure i could find countless comments of ps4 people giving dumb reasons to like the playstation

both consoles are worth buying. if one doesn't interest you then so be it, but theres definitely reasons to enjoy both of them.
Goku781  +   608d ago
When Xbox One stays 1080P 60/30 Fps with every mulitiplatform game that comes out toe to toe with PS4, then lets have this conversation.
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marlinfan10  +   608d ago
Theres loads of people that enjoy their xbox more than playstation despite not reaching the magical 1080p
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ger2396  +   608d ago
How's that possible if there are more ps4' s sold than Xbox one's?
marlinfan10  +   608d ago

how'd you get that from my comment?

idk if i worded it wrong but i meant theres people who own both consoles, yet still enjoy the xbox more even though it doesn't hit 1080p.
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SuperBlunt  +   608d ago
Because xbox fans will justify their purchase through death. I jumped ship to sony after 40k gamerscore and 7 years of owning like 5 360's. And 1080p aint magical on the ps4 btw. Ot: of course microsofts xbox is getting better. Good to see they are dedicated to making it work
marlinfan10  +   608d ago

"xbox fans will justify there purchase through death"

so will sony fans lol

and once again, how'd you get that from my comment? I'm talking about people that own both consoles, not only xbox owners. or are you trying to tell me its not possible to like the xbox more so they're just lying to justify getting the xbox?
Septic  +   608d ago
What does the xbox one getting better have to do with parity with the PS4.

There's no point having a conversation with the likes of you because you'll no doubt move the goalposts to something else even if that did happen (which it won't).

Unlike you, most GAMERS don't just write off experiences based on resolution and frame rate. They actually play games. When you start doing that and stop being so incredibly close minded, then approach us and maybe we might start a meaningful conversation.
thexmanone  +   608d ago
Let me know when PS4 Stays at 1080P 60/Fps also
Father__Merrin  +   608d ago
how is this even news? justification clicks
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   608d ago
I love both my PS4 and Xbox One. I got my PS4 for multiplats and Sony's awesome 1st party. And I got my Xbox One for awesome exclusives like Halo 5 Guardians, Halo 2 Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive, and Quantum Break. (Even tho I bought Wolfenstein on my XB1 and not my PS4). Its good to own both. And if Nintendo impresses me at E3 it looks like I'll be getting a Wii U for Nintendo's exclusives.
JediDiah  +   608d ago
Competition is a GOOD thing!
B1uBurneR  +   608d ago
Can't wait for 3 years from now MS release a update that allows kinect to do chest and mouth x-rays... it'll bring down healthcare cost lower than obamacare. Keep up the work MS.
assdan  +   608d ago
Directx 12 will likely not make a large difference outside of PC.
jjb1981  +   608d ago
I've invested in both and I can say I'm happy with both, just one a little more than the other.... Ahem...
thricetold  +   608d ago
Going to enjoy when the other shoe drops on these idiots.

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