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New DualShock 4 With Possible Different Battery and Wireless Certified by the FCC: Label Discovered

DualShockers recently reported about the new PS4 model CUH-11xxA, and apparently there’s also a revised DualShock 4 controller incoming, as made apparent by a new Federal Communications Commission certification published recently. (PS4)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   316d ago
Sweet a new dualshock controller too, Sony is really bringing their A game this year:)
1nsomniac  +   316d ago
You seem to be missing the reason why the majority of revisions are produced... Especially in this instance...
crxss  +   315d ago
If Sony released a DUALSHOCK 4 PRO version sometime with better triggers that'd be nice. Mine are squeaky as sh!t
agame914  +   315d ago
Why especially in this instance? Because the light bar? What's so,bad about the light bar anyway? I never can understand that. When I am playing a game I am not looking down at the controller I am looking at my tv
1nsomniac  +   315d ago
There's nothing wrong with the light bar in my opinion either. I was hinting at the thumbsticks & shoulder buttons.

I'm on my 3rd replacement in 6 months of owning the console. Luckily this 3rd pad seems pretty solid though & sticks are still looking new.
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MRMagoo123  +   315d ago
Maybe Its because I am in Australia and we got the PS4 a couple weeks later but my 2 controllers that I got at launch are both in mint condition still , I guess the sticks may be slightly smoother but thats to be expected with all the gaming done on it and the fact rubber wears.
system22  +   316d ago
They didn't bring all of their "a game" if they are already issuing a new controller with a better battery. That means they recognize the battery sucks in the current controller. So we will have to pay an additional $60 to have an "a game" controller 6 months later.
redknight80  +   316d ago
Not like it will be coming out anytime soon, mate...could be years even.
Copen  +   315d ago
That's exactly NOT what this means. System and spec revisions happen all the time if you wanted a better product you shouldn't have bought a launch console. Since you did you did so knowing that better stuff is on the way so you don't get to complain about it now. You know launch consoles aren't flawless there are hiccups and that's all part of being an early adopter.
Randostar  +   315d ago
Or you could buy a battery that last 50% longer off Amazon for 6 dollars.
maniacmayhem  +   315d ago

Don't Sony controllers have internal batteries? How would buying a battery for the controller solve that problem?
Drakesfortune  +   316d ago
oooo a new controller yayyyy meanwhile all those things that we play using a controller you know the actual games keep getting pushed back...Awesome.
MAULxx  +   315d ago
They were pushed back for a reason. They aren't ready.
ifistbrowni  +   316d ago
not so happy about this news. I bought a 2nd controller a couple weeks ago and still haven't really used it.

Recently the left analog stick on my primary controller is getting roached from playing Trials Fusion (it's like deteriorating). I'm afraid to use my second one, because it's still pretty much "right out of the box" new and do not want the same thing to happen.

So, im kinda torn. I want Sony to make a controller with a long lasting battery and more durable analog sticks, but i dont wanna pay for another $65 controller.
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sic_chops  +   316d ago
I got some grip-it analog covers. They work good and give more grip.
Copen  +   315d ago
Then sell your spare for 40 and you only pay 25 for a newer controller. It's really not that big of a deal.
jidery  +   315d ago
I wasn't aware that as soon as the new one comes out yours would break.
Randostar  +   315d ago
On Amazon you can buy X1 analog sticks for $10.
A battery that will double the life of you controller is 6-7 dollars.
ifistbrowni  +   315d ago
@jidery, im confused by your comment. Are you implying that im lying about my left-analog stick?

@Copen, that is an option, but it's kind of annoying that I already spent $65 on a new controller, just for a better one to come out (probably at the same price). I should've had the hindsight.

@Randostar, I have an XB1, and while the analog sticks feel "tougher" they're just not as comfortable as the DS4's (or 360's for that matter). Plus, im not opening my controller and replacing them.

I was just watching a trials stream on Live from Playstation and 3 people were already talking about how Trials ruined their left stick. The one guy said that you can get your DS4 replace under the PS4 warranty and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Maybe i'll wait and send my controller in to be replaced after this "new controller" is confirmed/released.
ratchet426  +   315d ago
All DS4 controllers are still under 1-year Sony warranty. So if your left stick is showing "unusual" wear and tear 6 months in, just send it back to Sony for a replacement.

I'm pretty sure this was a bad batch of launch controllers and that Sony has since (quietly) corrected the problem, but anyone with a controller experiencing this problem can get a free replacement.
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Sloth-Eater  +   316d ago
I think the controller will just be a change of analogue sticks. Can't see it being anything else.
supes_24  +   316d ago
Why would they change that? I prefer it the way they are over my X1 controller.
IcicleTrepan  +   316d ago
probably because a lot of people complain that the rubber comes off of them
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   316d ago
I agree. When I first unboxed my XB1 and felt the analog sticks I didn't like them. I love the DS4 analog sticks. They are perfect for me, never had a problem with my DS4.
Sloth-Eater  +   316d ago
I was meaning they will make them more robust. A lot of people have had replacement controllers because of the rubber wearing away.
Liefx  +   316d ago
The rubber falls off and they bruise my thumb.

They may be better than X1, but they still aren't as good as the DualShock 3
ramiuk1  +   316d ago
the rubbber is crap
WilDRangeRrfc  +   316d ago
Really??? Each to their own my X1 controller is still miles ahead of my DS4,battery life and thumbsticks position and durability,thumbs still slip off them they are not concaved enough and material is slippy,infact I ordered some thumbgrips off Amazon they make the DS4 way better for me but X1 controller is BEAST
ratchet426  +   316d ago
I thought I read that the issue with the analog stick's rubber coating coming off was a bad batch of units from the initial launch production run and that Sony has since corrected it. (?) Wasn't it mostly the packed-in controller that comes with the PS4, not individual retail units?

Anyway, I don't see why they wouldn't try to put in a higher mAh rated battery in newer models if it doesn't increase their manufacturing costs. I think the current battery is a 1000mAh 3.7V but 1800mAh parts are readily available. In fact, if you want to get improved battery life from your DS4 right now you can replace the battery with one from a DS3 (same size and voltage, higher mAh)
Copen  +   315d ago
The stick placement will never change so if you're hoping for that it's not coming. Sony debated and consulted with developers on this very subject and after all the feedback they decided to keep the sticks where they are so that change won't happen.
uth11  +   316d ago
Different colors maybe?
Special editions for certain games?
supes_24  +   316d ago
My goodness, and you'd go along with that? A new controller for different games? Talk about a money grab. I know it wouldn't be required, but seems a bit ridiculous don't you think? Colors maybe but really, whats the point of that?
SuperBlur  +   316d ago
what is the matter? dont buy if you dont want ? i'm still using the controller that came with my ps4 and im just awaiting for a redesign of the rubber thumbsticks and battery life to come along and if it also come in a special edition for a specific game , why not? they usually cost the same as the normal controllers anyway
Spotie  +   316d ago
The point is to have different colors genius. It wasn't a problem last gen, or the generation before that. But now it's an issue?
uth11  +   316d ago
No i meant like how Nintendo does special "mario" edition red controllers. They still work the same.

Its not inconceivable that sony could produce special editions.

Personally i dont need that stuff
Tetsujin  +   316d ago
The DS4 controller to me doesn't feel the same as the DS3 does; and I hope this revised DS4 is more fighter-friendly. I do like how the DS4 is much better in the sticks and triggers, however the DS3 I can play fighters and certain racers way better. I also hope there's some sort of universal patch to allow PS3 arcade sticks on the PS4 so when I start preparing for Evo I don't have to worry about spending $ on something I don't need.
weirdo  +   316d ago
sony, i love u
ShAkKa  +   316d ago
xJumpManx  +   316d ago
Give me AA batteries please. Never have to worry about charging that crap and can change it when they need to be changed. If you want to charge then you can always get rechargable batteries.
supes_24  +   316d ago
I like the battery idea too. I play close enough to my console and tv that charging isn't a problem but I do prefer batteries. With the light would they die and need changing just as fast? If that's the case then we'd go through a heck of a lot of batteries, not to mention cost. I love the PS4 controller but why does the led light have to be so huge? Maybe a new controller with a smaller light?
liquidhalos  +   316d ago
The lights are small, the little perspex window is big. Also the LEDs dont use up all of the battery power, they are LED lights hence very power efficient. The main culprit for poor battery life is the touchpad coupled with a battery with an insufficient mAh rating (milli Ampere hour)
ratchet426  +   316d ago
It's a larger light"bar" instead of just a small indicator light because it was/is intended to be tracked by the PS4 camera like the ball on the Move controllers.

As many other have suggested, if there is no camera attached to your PS4 and/or the game doesn't use motion tracking then the light should be off by default to save (admittedly a small amount) of battery life. The games that use the camera/motion control should just turn on the light when needed.

Also, I think the internal speaker probably contributes a bit to the battery drain as well. Not sure what Sony was thinking when they added an always-on lightbar, touchpad, AND internal speaker to the controller, then put in a smaller mAh battery than the DS3.
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dantesparda  +   316d ago
I dont get it, what is so bad about havent to charge it for a couple of hrs? You can charge it with your phone charger. Is that such a inconvience? Besides, isnt that way more expensive? to have to be buying batteries for it all the time. Also, it would make the controller heavier and bulkier.
xJumpManx  +   316d ago
Convenience. I know I will get disagrees for this but give the consumer options like Microsoft does with its controller you can have recharge packs that Sony could make money from and have the option to use AA batteries as well. With both options available no one loses.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989   316d ago | Personal attack | show
LordMe  +   316d ago
No. The last thing I want to do is have to spend a small fortune in batteries. Get a new game and forget to by more one time, it would suck.
amiga-man  +   316d ago
Keep your batteries, keeping my controller charged has not been a problem, I have two so even if it did run out of charge which it never has during play at least I have another ready to go.

Messing around with batteries is stupid in this day and age.
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ratchet426  +   316d ago
Yeah, I'm not really getting the whole 'convenience' factor of AA batteries vs. and internal rechargeable. To me, having to replace AA batteries every once in a while is a lot more inconvenient than just plugging the controller in to charge when I'm done playing, or using a long USB cable for those rare times when I forgot to charge it.

I mean, people live and die by their smartphones these days and NONE of those have replaceable batteries. Everyone is just in the habit of charging their cell phone, so no big deal.
kparks  +   316d ago
Why the hell would u want to bother with battery's, what a stupid comment go get a extra controller and switch when one dies or take a 10 min break and charge it.. This idiot has everyone running out buying batteries every week!
marlinfan10  +   316d ago
Some people prefer batteries, its all opinion. You calling them an idiot for stating his opinion just shows how childish you are. I prefer batteries too, its much more convenient to switch then out whenever it dies. Plus my xbox controller literally last about 4-5x longer on batteries than my ds4 does with a charge.
SuperBlur  +   316d ago
no , quit polluting the planet
bobsmith  +   316d ago
dam me for getting lanuch ps4..
Sitdown  +   316d ago
The changes for now don't appear to be anything major to warrant disappointment for getting a launch console.... But should they be major, it's our own fault.... We didn't learn from the ps3 launch.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   316d ago
What are you talking about the launch 60gb ps3 was the best ps3. Had way more cooling vents, high quality plastic, ps1/ps2 backwards compatible, 2 more USB ports, only negative was the six axis controller fiasco but that was due to people that patented the rumble technology sueing Sony hence why the dual shock 3 controller was delayed, but even with that buying the launch 60gb ps3 was by far the best choice. Every revision after that just cut build quality and features to lower the price I compared my launch 60gb to my buddies 80 gb and it had cheaper plastic less cooling vents, no b/c. 2 less USB ports. Then the slim ps3 got super cheap lost high quality shiny plastic lost vents. Then the super slim lost slot loading BD drive.
Sitdown  +   316d ago
Slow down and follow the thread. Bobsmith showed despair because he purchased a launch console... Which given the article, we can assume is because of an updated controller. I followed up by saying he should not have despair, and if he does, we should have learned from the ps3 launch that Sony has no problem updating/upgrading the controller shortly after. You then ask what I'm talking about, go on a rant about the ps3 specs that was not even the issue, simply to come back full circle of my point concerning an updated/upgraded controller.
EverydayGuy  +   316d ago
Maybe improve rubber analog sticks and battery life
player002  +   316d ago
battery life sucks on both my controllers .XB1 has far better battery life with batteries i change once a month just bought plug and play lets see how good they r.XB1 has a far better controller than Ps4 but Ps4 controller is huge improvement over ps3.Sigh early adopters fucked again..Don't understand the ass kissing to sony lets b honest battery life sucks and the should have had option to add batteries don't let me get started on anolog sticks.
weirdo  +   316d ago
batteries hell no! keep the lithium controller the same, just give it a bigger battery pls
troylazlow  +   316d ago
How about fixing the rubber on the analog sticks.
Lucas22  +   316d ago
hopefully they added a stronger rubber which wont peel off and added a better battery
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Relientk77  +   316d ago
I'm all for increased battery life
sk8ofmnd  +   316d ago
Am I the only one who games sitting near a electrical outlet? When my battery starts to die I just plug my wall charger from my cell phone into my ds4. It charges while I play.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   316d ago
Hopefully they got rid of the flashlight and improved the battery and the poor build quality.

But yeah, if you're an early adopter you just got screwed hard.

Sony has updated their controllers for three out of their four consoles.
MegaRay  +   316d ago
Hey, Sony, where are the pc DS4 driver? XP

The unofficial one sucks :/
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Lucas22  +   316d ago
when do you think this will come out? will it come out with the new PS4 Model Certified by the FCC.
OutcastMosquito  +   315d ago
I so called this. After two DS4 controllers breaking In the exact same spot (R2 hinge) Sony needs a new design that's not so cheap and poorly made.

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