République Goes Free in Fantastic Weekend of Sales – Save $35

Grab It has a run down of some pretty awesome game sales for the weekend.

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SlappingOysters750d ago

Three no brainers in there for me with Leo's Fortune, Limbo and République!

CoyoteHunter750d ago

Man there are some gems on sale. Republique for sure!

SlappingOysters750d ago

Have you played the second Episode yet? Curious as to what it's like.

CoyoteHunter750d ago

I can't say I have actually. Just sinking my teeth into Ep 1. I didn't really hear as much hype around the second episode though. Anyone else played it yet?

Cookiebex748d ago

Not yet. Might do so. I noticed that the new Watch Dogs game (XboxOne) has some similar features to Republique with the switching between cameras and hacking etc. Wonder who came up with the idea first