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Are Vita owners too accepting of performance issues?

The Vita Lounge ask whether the critical mauling that Borderlands 2 received was too harsh, or whether we - as Vita owners - are too accepting of performance problems. (Borderlands 2, PS Vita)

GribbleGrunger  +   452d ago
Some games perform badly on consoles too ... so why does the Vita get singled out for an article like this?
NukaCola  +   452d ago
Media loves to make a negative from anything. You didn't get half the praise from KZ or UC than you heard "this doesn't look as good as the ps3 versions." Funny because many feel Golden Abyss and Mercs were just as good as their console version.
JBSleek  +   452d ago
That's not entirely true. When BF4 came out it was literally ripped to shreds. People are very harsh on games and systems that they feel underperform.
GribbleGrunger  +   452d ago
That's not the same thing at all. This is suggesting Vita owners are accepting of badly performing games, not that there ARE badly performing games. We didn't see, and don't see, articles titled 'Are XB1 owners too accepting of performance issues?'. It inherently suggests an 'overall' lack of quality.
3-4-5  +   452d ago
Because there are a lot of games with flaws where they shouldn't be for Vita.

I love my Vita, but there just aren't a lot of games that appeal to me personally for it.

I've tried out like 12-15 games and most of them weren't anything like what people online or the reviews were saying they were.

There are some awesome games, but at the same time, as a Vita owner, I need to have awareness to know when things aren't as good as they could be.

There are a lot of "awesome" games for Vita that turned out to be "ehhh" or "kind of decent".

Most are TOO Niche, in that they have 1-2 things within the gameplay elements that are just basically annoying and ignorant, yet you have to put up with that for 40+ hours.

Vita needs more games that appeal to wider audience, and more original games as well. NOT CASUAL, but more appealing.
raymantalk1  +   451d ago
it is made by sony Grib so its ok isn't it
ArtificiallyYours  +   452d ago
Are some journalists overpaid?
Baka-akaB  +   452d ago
Are there even journalists in the field ? (Nope)
nameen  +   452d ago
Its Sony's fault they market the Vita as "Console" quality games on the go. Thats why media is so harsh on PSV.
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Kirnisorey  +   452d ago
But it is console quality on the go. Can you play borderlands 2 on your phone or 3ds
nameen  +   452d ago
Too many dislike i see cant stand the truth.lol
I own a PSV played over 100 of hours on Toukiden, SS, Dragons Crown, Fifa 13, KZM and many other games. I freakin love this handheld and i aint hatin. It just the media really love to bash almost every PSV games.
DanielGearSolid  +   452d ago
Vita games made for Vita work fine
STK026  +   452d ago
Yes they are. I'm a Vita owner, have been since its NA launch. And I've bought plenty of games despite what some reviewers said. Some reviewers would say that a game performs badly, but some would completely ignore the issue, and since many people on forums and gaming websites like N4G's comments section would say that "it really isn't much of an issue", I did buy the game. And guess what, performance would usually be pretty bad, and would negatively influence my enjoyment of the game.

But it's not on the Vita, the same happens on the 3DS. Just like it did on the DS and the PSP. It seems that for some people it is expected for handheld games to have bad performance. And they usually close their argument with something along the lines of "hey, stop complaining, you get to play game X on the go!".

And in the end, the Vita (and the 3DS for that matter), is a powerful device. If developers were willing to cut back on the graphics a little bit, performance would be just fine. But some developers seem to think that they much make the game look as good as possible on screenshots, sacrificing performance. It's unacceptable, may it be on a handheld or a console; it's just a shoddy way to sell the game.

@GribbleGrunger The main difference I see is that when a game performs badly on a console (or a PC), people are much harsher on the game and call the developer lazy and accuse them of rushing out an unfinished, unpolished product. On handhelds, for some reason, it's the other way around.
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Spotie  +   452d ago
And it's on every console, too. So the point is: why is the Vita getting an article like this as if it's some phenomenon that doesn't occur elsewhere?
Baka-akaB  +   452d ago
Yeah it's that weird logic and syndrom leading to the "not bad for handheld game/mobile game /indie game" expression , wich i hate .

Either it's good or it's not . We arent supposed to think so much about the hardware , staff and financial limitations "poor devs" have to overcome . Not our problem , at least not in a way that should lead to acceptance and lower standards
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1nsomniac  +   452d ago
The problem is publishers don't want to put the time & money into their Vita games because they're too woried about not making it back so they take the lacklustre approach & release a shoddy rushed copy while giving themselves a pat on the back.

Problem with this is it's a vicious circle as your not going to gain any ground or sell more systems with shoddy releases!
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eferreira  +   452d ago
Any other handheld gets praised for being close to a console and gets pass because it is a handheld. Vita gets bashed for not being exactly like the a home console system. I know Sony was trying to provide that reality but it is a handheld.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   452d ago
..? No, I think most of us are kinda pissed at these rushed jobs and cash grabs.
vergilxx3  +   452d ago
Yeah there is no excuse for borderlands 2 on vita to run at 8-15 FPS in sanctuary "proved by youtube video and a guy with capture card"
So pleas don't call me a liar guys

Kirnisorey  +   452d ago
And I still play it more than I ever did on the ps3
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   452d ago
This game is broken regardless.I have a 770 gtx and a 3870k. Still get horrendous frame drops(like sub 30fps). It sucks because I like the game a lot too, but it's so poorly programmed.
vergilxx3  +   451d ago
Kirnisorey I play it more on vita as well if you want play co-op add me my psn is same as n4g nick
Remy_S  +   452d ago
I'm waiting til the latest patch before I go back to playing BL2, where they'll hopefully iron out performance and control issues. They really shot themselves in the foot releasing this game in its current state, its makes both Sony and the vita look bad. That being said, for the most part I have found that vita games usually run well, its just rush port jobs like jak and daxter, that mickey mouse game, ratchet and clank: full frontal assault and god of war that are just unpolished and have performance and resolution issues. If Sony is going to release ports they should have better quality control than they currently do, its pretty sad that third parties have a better record at quality porting than Sony itself.

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