Watch Dogs NPC AI Is the Most Realistic AI Ever

What happens when 2 AI players crash their car? This does! This has to be the smartest AI I have ever seen! It is very realistic with both coming out of the car and discussing insurance claims and all. Also the way how the other AI players react to the collision!

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GamersHeaven1650d ago

LOL thanks for the laugh.

UltimateMaster1650d ago

I didn't see the laugh. Did I missed something?
The only thing I've noticed is the last guy he scan near 1:17 says: Asexual.
Too much detail... *turns off phone*

Meltic1650d ago

Good AI and World gameplay but like Always they dont give a shit about the actually story. Why not focus on the story too and not on the freaking AI only.

starchild1650d ago

It does have great AI in general. The behaviors and actions of the NPCs are more diverse and believable than I have seen in most games.

iamnsuperman1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

I hate to break it to you (unless you're being sarcastic) but this is just a standard animation (this, exact reaction.... happened to me today). I wouldn't call it realistic AI as their not really reacting to anything

GamerEuphoria1650d ago

I've seen people walk into traffic, cars just stop, enemies decide they'd rather look at the floor. Yes, great AI. The greatest AI since perfect dark zero

iamnsuperman1650d ago

I have seen guys walk into a fence several times before doing the climb animations (same with people in cars)

Ashunderfire861650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

In Perfect Dark N64 version, the enemies actually acknowledge that an enemy guard is dead. They will even pick up their guns if they drop it. Perfect Dark was ahead of its time.

GamerEuphoria1650d ago

Great, but I was talking about Perfect Dark Zero.

brainfart1650d ago

Who approved this bs? But I will say the AI is alot better in watch dogs than most games!

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The story is too old to be commented.