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Mass Effect: Origins will begin new trilogy

Our sources from GameStop have confirmed that the new Mass Effect is called 'Origins', it's a new trilogy and not a prequel. (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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TacticAce  +   356d ago
I really hope that this is not true imo it would be a missed opportunity to move the series forward. I mean why have a trilogy on a story we mostly know already.
AiirJordann23  +   356d ago
I agree with you. I would really a new character story
crxss  +   356d ago
Claims it's not a prequel but it's called "Origins"?
ironfist92  +   356d ago
They claim that Origins is a codename for now, which I hope.

I dont want prequel, i dont want origins, I dont wanna anything before the original trilogy.
guitarded77  +   356d ago
I don't think GameStop employee is a good source. We see these all the time, and they're rarely correct... especially with GS as the source. Why would a GameStop employee know about any of this unless they were at a closed showing? GameStop in general doesn't get to know about announcements. It's not like they are selling the game that day, and they will get promotional shots/artwork by e-mail, and physical promo materials closer to game launch.

It seems like a likely game to be announced at some point, but every major franchise will get more games. So if it does turn up that there is a Mass Effect announcement, it wouldn't be this crazy thing that no one was prepared for. And if it doesn't get announced, everyone will have already forgot about all these "rumors" with super secret "sources", so there is no accountability of journalistic integrity.
Jeebus  +   356d ago
Who says it won't take place during any of the previous eras that were wiped out by the reapers?

Or the actual origins of the Reapers themselves?
AndrewLB  +   356d ago
A friend of mine works at Bioware and all i will say is it's not a prequel. And don't bother messaging me cuz i wont risk getting someone fired. Just wait a week and watch the preview.
maniacmayhem  +   356d ago

I don't understand your comment, it's not a prequel. So it will be moving the story forward.
NewMonday  +   356d ago
the subtitle is "origins" is sending a mixed message.
Darrius Cole  +   356d ago
The galaxy did kind of end, or at least take a MAJOR setback at the end of ME3. So maybe by "Origins" they mean the beginning of a new civilation.
mananimal  +   356d ago
they cant move it forward when alot of the talent has exited along with the founders of Bioware.....the only thing they can do now is attempt to remake Mass Effect in there own image, EA version of Mass Effect, prepare to be disappointed....there will snow in hell b4 anything EA does or makes is what gamers REALLY want.

Fortunate for me, i have a Looooong memory & i learn from my mistakes, EA sucks, simple, and the will ALWAYS disappoint, break your heart....RIP Mass Effect, RIP Bioware, you've been consumed and repurposed by the EA Reaper.

PS- and you know in your heart its true, Holding out hope? lol, to each his own...will be watching to see how it turns out.
bennissimo  +   356d ago
So you're saying that EA is "assuming control"?
showtimefolks  +   355d ago

i hate EA as much as the next guy but let's give them a chance before calling them out. The new Dragon age game looks awesome. Andrew Wilson is an awesome dude running EA.

also let's not hate on a new Mass Effect game before anything is confirmed. for sake of gaming we are taking a damn rumor from GameStop employee? seriously?
nope111  +   356d ago
Origins doesn't necessarily mean prequel, It could probably mean the beginning of something new.

Also, i can't see what possible threat can top the Reapers.... They should go back to the Prothean Empire timeline 50,000 years ago. The Protheans would mae great villains and 50,000 years in the past would make a blank slate for the series.
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mananimal  +   354d ago

well spoken , and good eye to see that the Reapers are the ultimate threat, cant be top which more than likely means prequel of some sort, Prothean suggestion is a good 1 too.

bubbles for you sir :)
geddesmond  +   356d ago
It's a space sci fi third person shooter RPG. They could easily do a new trilogy set in a parallel universe. Just my idea.
ITPython  +   356d ago
I really like the ME series, I re-played ME2 more than any other game last gen, around 7-8 times (and with 70+ hours for each playthough, that is quite significant). The trophies were reasonable as well, so I eventually platinumed it.

I didn't much care for ME3 though, it was too watered down and uncreative compared to ME2, and the ending really sucked.

But I would really love to see another ME game, cause along with Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, ME was a series that really got me into sci-fi RPG's. And it's a shame there isn't more of them out there.
BlakHavoc  +   355d ago
Wait what? Where does it say that it will continue upon the story of Shepard? It's going to be a new trilogy that has nothing to do with shepards story according to this article.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   356d ago
Mass effect 1-3 were enjoyable experiences overall!
Godmars290  +   356d ago
Speak for yourself. To me it was a TPS vehicle wrapped up in pulp sci-fi novel with 2/3s of it written by a 12 year old.
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ELpork  +   356d ago
Yes, because you've written better books right?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   356d ago
A 12 year old? Smack yerself for me.

I've only played the first two, and a non-continous 3/4 of the first I may add, but I thought the views of the other races toward humans and , just as importantly, each other was well fleshed out in the game and story line.

Plus it was pretty deep in addressing Drake's equation and Fermi's paradox. The story is good enough to spawn a number of different comic book series. And visiting other alien cultures really cemented the goals of the characters.

And where are you going to find a game with a black female, lesbian protagonist. Well mine anyway, I guess that might be where the libidinous 12 year old part comes in.

Mine and many other's top 5 series for last gen.
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randomass171  +   356d ago
@Godmars290 How many twelve year olds write subplots involving racism and forcing the player to choose which of their own allies to kill off? It's flawed, I admit, but I think it's not nearly that bad, even in Mass Effect 3.
ginsunuva  +   356d ago
ME3 was, not the first two.
Godmars290  +   356d ago
ME2 was good - decent - at character presentation, but otherwise did nothing to advance the overall story. In several cases things happened simply because they happened.

The shuttle scene. the capturing and boarding of the Normandy with it not being damaged.

@Sheikh Yerbouti:
Did it really matter in the context of the story what the main protagonist was?

Someone's Shepard could have been a left handed albino dwarf - if customization could have handled it - and it wouldn't have mattered.
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onyoursistersback  +   356d ago
relax there "Harper Lee" (To Kill a Mocking Bird)

Mass Effect had a great story to it.
Lord_Sloth  +   356d ago
The only real issue I had is a game about choice retconed the decision to side with TIM at the end of 2. Beyond that I really have no qualms with the series and it is quite enjoyable.
TheSaint  +   356d ago
Wow, didn't expect the opinion to be so split on this game, I thought it was just me that didn't like it.
anticlimax  +   356d ago
Don't worry, it mostly is.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   356d ago
Please be true, let it be something fresh and not a prequel. Not only do I hate prequels but there's no point for it in ME.
yazter  +   356d ago
No one will ever replace my Sheppie </3

But I'll get this game anyway xD
randomass171  +   356d ago
I'm still bugged about how 90% of the limited choices for the ending basically

spoiler alert because why not

Resulted in Shepard dying. My Shepard deserved a happy ending, gosh darn it!
AussieBadger  +   356d ago
More mass effect. Sound's great to me. Better ending's please.
skydragoonity  +   356d ago
Just hope we can choose/create other alien races and not just humans as our lead character
TrollingKoala  +   356d ago
Am i the only one that thinks it might not take place within the Milky Way, i mean sure there is things to explore there but they probably would have to cater to the different choices that the players made unless its so far into the future.
ironfist92  +   356d ago
Would be cool for a Mass Effect game set in an entirely new galaxy, seperate to the Milky Way, but have allusions to their being connections to the Milky Way.

New Races, New Stories, New Planets, New Characters, and New Threats.
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TrollingKoala  +   356d ago
Exactly, they could do so much more in a different galaxy but at the same time there could be some things to explore far into the future in the Milky Way so who knows.
randomass171  +   356d ago
If the player option lets you be a variety of species instead of just human, I'd be so down with another galaxy being the setting! :D
SpideySpeakz  +   356d ago
NOT A PREQUEL. Thank god! But I wonder what the 'origins' could mean for this.. Origins of the Reapers, maybe? Since that wasn't fully expanded upon.
deafdani  +   356d ago
The origins of the Reapers are explained on the Leviathan DLC. Did you play it?
randomass171  +   356d ago
I didn't. Although I plan on buying one of the trilogy packs. ME1-3 was another series of games I had to borrow since I had little cash on me. But I loved it so much I would love to own one of the trilogy packs, most likely the PS3 one.

Does anyone know if the trilogy packs come with all the story related DLC?
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deafdani  +   356d ago
Randomass: if I remember correctly, the trilogy has all the DLC for Mass Effect 2 included already. Most of it is already on the disc, but I think you may have to download one or two things with a code that comes inside one of the manuals.

Mass Effect 1 also includes one piece of DLC on disc (the Bring Down the Sky mission and a couple of related sidequests; it's pretty great, I must add).

As for Mass Effect 3, sadly it doesn't include any DLC. If you want to buy all the DLC that matters (meaning, actual MISSION dlcs, not weapons or armor packs), you will have to spend around $45 extra, I think. MAYBE less.

If you ask me, it's completely worth it. The extra missions add a lot of meat to the games, particularly ME2 and 3.

Don't hesitate to send me a PM so I can help you as a DLC guide if you buy the Trilogy. :)
anticlimax  +   356d ago
It means you will get to choose your race and class, and it'll be a great game.

Then in the second game of the trilogy, they will kill off some rpg-elements, fasten up the gameplay and re-use a lot of environments. Massive fanhatred will follow.

Luckily the third game will try and make up for the mess.
MatrixxGT  +   356d ago
Lets hope we get lucky with their 3rd game of dragon age.
Maninja  +   356d ago
That's what I was thinking. Imagine your character trying to stop the reapers being built throughout the trilogy, but in the end it's pointless and we see the first cycle happen
aLucidMind  +   356d ago
The Trilogy comes with the Bring Down the Sky mission for ME1, all the DLC that came with the original PS3 port of ME2 (Shadow Broker, Kasumi, Cerberus Network) with only weapon/armor/skin packs and the Arrival mission separate, and ME3 alone.

ME3 DLC is all sold seperately, in my opinion, because "f*** you, give me money".
ded1020  +   356d ago
god. damn. it.

I can't buy this now just on principle. I WANT them to deal with that shit ending and not run away from it.
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deafdani  +   356d ago
They did, and they expanded on it.

It's you who can't deal with it.
randomass171  +   356d ago
Hear, hear! The ending was disappointing, sure. But it's the ending we got. Let's move on and just enjoy our games.
Dfooster  +   356d ago
Oh jump off the bandwagon the ending was nowhere near as bad as people like you make out.

Granted I only saw the extended version but it made perfect sense to me. Even if the original was much worse everyone is sick of hearing the constant moaning about it now anyway.
aLucidMind  +   356d ago
Look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

It isn't an explanation from a fan, it is simply a side-by-side comparison of all the original (pre-extended cut) endings. So no worries about listening to pissed-off rants as there is no sound beyond what you hear from the game itself. All six play at once. Only 2 minutes, this should show why people were so pissed. Keep in mind that, prerelease, BioWare stated there would be "16 drastically different endings" (verbatim) based on your choices and that was far from what we got. Don't tell people to "jump off the bandwagon" when you don't even know what the bandwagon was about.

People have a right to continue criticizing BioWare for the original ending. The extended ending is still bad, despite being A LOT better (I'm content with it; Mass Effect Trilogy is still my favorite story despite the ending). But it's the fact that the original required the extended cut. Fans didn't require it, "idiots" didn't require it; they demanded for what the GAME required.
#9.2.1 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
aliengmr  +   356d ago
You actually saw "an ending" instead of 2 min of random footage that made no sense, was full of holes, and came with 16 laughably minor variations. Entire galaxy is at stake, but my war assets determined if Big Ben got destroyed or not.

So of course you are going to say its not as bad as people say it is.

I expected a lot more than just "pick a color" from Bioware.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   356d ago
I have the first three but never managed to get more than 2 hrs into the first one.
Ill try it again this gen, glad its a new story so I don't really miss out.
ironfist92  +   356d ago
I've played the first game twice and while the story is really good, gameplay feels slow and outdated. The latter two in the trilogy are certainly much better, so if you can manage to get through ME1, you wont be dissapointed with 2 and 3.

Or just skip the first, they retell the overview of ME1 in the beginning of ME2 anyway.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   356d ago
I would play them, but I have such a big backlog always being updated with new games and so little time.
anticlimax  +   356d ago
It's just a shift in genres. The first one is an RPG with shooter elements, the last one is a shooter with RPG elements. The original fans stuck with it for the story, but someone who is more action-oriented might indeed have trouble going back.
ElementX  +   356d ago
ME should go back to it's RPG roots. I really missed the ME1 character skill system
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   356d ago
I call bullshit until BioWare announce it themselves. Mass Effect Origins sounds too generic a name for a Mass Effect game.
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MatrixxGT  +   356d ago
Yeah it doesn't scream legit to me. Biowares other IP dragon age already had an Origins subtitle, I just don't believe they would do the same with mass effect.
Myst-Vearn  +   356d ago
It would be strange to code name it 'origins' if it isn't a prequel. I am not usually against prequels, for example DMC3 was great story-wise but I really don't want a prequel for the new ME because I don't want the events to be pre-reaper invasion because we all know how that ends , in a rather vague and un-satisfying way.
WeAreLegion  +   356d ago
I totally agree.

And DMC3 is perfect.
Jon61586  +   356d ago
Hopefully it talks about dark matter. There was a lot of talk on halestrom when you first recruit Talk About It and It Never Really Got Expanded On.
ELpork  +   356d ago
I'd love it to have a set main character... let the team makes some properly good looking cut scenes.
Harmonizer  +   356d ago
Will there be space magic ?
qwe2232  +   356d ago
Yeah because some niche website scubtrovers.com.br from brazil have legit sources that no other bigger websites have.


Don't fall into it, it's a clickbait
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LightDiego  +   356d ago
Despite of all the dlcs that i didn't play, i had a great experience with the Mass Effect trilogy, for me it's one of the best games from the last generation.
Mass Effect 2 is my favorite.
Can't wait for more.
millerj2740  +   356d ago
If this info is accurate, then great. I personally hope it's not a prequel, in fact I think I'd almost prefer it to be set so far across the in-game universe that the original trilogy has minimal impact on the new trilogy. That or it will have to utilize previous save game data (I would buy a remastered collection just for this) or some sort of decision-based storyboard intro.

However, and no offense to individuals working at a GameStop, any time I've gone to one of these stores in recent years I always try to have a polite conversion about upcoming games or hardware but I always leave feeling like I knew more about those things than any of them do. Maybe it's just at my locations, but I'm not puting much stock in these particular resources.
tamulmol  +   356d ago
shut up and take my money.
TRD4L1fe  +   356d ago
a new trilogy would make sense, and would explain the crappy/identical endings in ME3
aLucidMind  +   356d ago
Explain in what way? The endings themselves or why BioWare released them? The former is explained by the Extended Cut DLC, which is more a small band-aid over a stab wound. The latter, because Casey Hudson and Mac Walters wrote them together and wanted them as their endings and pushed them through with no peer review (as stated by one of the members of the ME3 dev team him/herself).
LAWSON72  +   356d ago
Oh great Origins subtitle how original.
SaintAlpha101  +   356d ago
No matter what its called or when its set, I'm always ready for more Mass Effect.
My only hope is that the game still have Asari, Quarians, Krogan, Salarians and Turians.
Apart from that, they can do what they wish with everything else.
Iltapalanyymi  +   356d ago
i really hope its true! i love mass effect and i even liked the third ones ending :3

really unpopular opinion i know.
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Sketchy  +   356d ago
They need to make the Yahgs a playable specie. They make Krogans look squishy.
ForgivenZombie  +   356d ago
I wouldn't mind a trilogy based on the rebuilding of the mass relays or their replacement with a new technology and the rebuilding of a universal civilization after the events of mass effect 3
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taintsniffer  +   356d ago
Give me some man on man action. Please.
HonestDragon  +   356d ago
How is it that this would be called Mass Effect: Origins, yet it's not a prequel? Doesn't Origins imply events earlier in history being followed? Seems to be a conflicting statement.
LAWSON72  +   356d ago
I just want that kickass MP from 3
ginsunuva  +   356d ago
They could've made some new IP that could've been better than ME, potentially.
But we'll never know because EA has to milk this series that ME3 brutally killed.
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