Here Are the 2014 Games That Have Been Delayed to 2015

Is it just me, or does it feel like we've seen a bunch of games get delayed over the past few months? E3 2014 might be on the horizon, so we'll see a lot of titles unveiled for the 2014 holiday season next week, but here are some of the games that none of us will be playing until next year.

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jay21627d ago

So many already. we're only 6 months in.

christrules00411626d ago

I'm also expecting games to be announced for 2015 at E3. Seems like next year will be the year that next gen could really take off.

cleft51626d ago

Well this just means that the big name games coming out in 2014 have a lot of room to shine. I am hopeful that Bioware delivers on Dragon Age 3. They really don't have any competition right now so this is the time for them to shine.

djplonker1626d ago

"we're ONLY 6 months in"

luckly for you there is ONLY another 6 months to go until 2015 :P

Tetsujin1626d ago

My concern is all these delays, then in 2015 they get pushed back to "holiday season" for that extra sale. I understand some projects need time/planning however there's a difference between 'delay" and "we don't have enough confidence in our game so we're gonna wait until a dry season to hopefully get fans."

3-4-51626d ago

* Good news for Nintendo for 2014.

All those games are PS4 & XB1 games so that helps them.

* Also, these games being pushed back to 2015 means that most likely, ALL of these games will be much better for it.

* Delays suck, especially when you see the games being delayed, but these are games that "NEED" to be good, and the extra time will help ensure that.

AgentSmithPS41626d ago

"Here Are the 2014 Games That Have Been Delayed"

Wow I knew a lot of games were delayed but not 2014 of them! /s

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incendy351626d ago

2015 so far has been fun. I can't be mad. Forza 5 still has my full attention daily, same with Titanfall, Killer Instinct and Kinect Sports Rivals. Child of Light was brilliant, MGS Ground Zeroes was insane and Super Time Force was about as fun as a video game can possibly be.

And we still have Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, Evolve, Forza Horizons 2 and many more coming.

Plus this just means 2015 will absolutely epic!

troylazlow1626d ago

it's 2014... unless you're a time traveler

incendy351626d ago

Oops, oh well can't edit now. I am sure you understand from reading the comment.

troylazlow1626d ago

just messing with you dude!

1626d ago
Flipgeneral1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Better delayed than rushed/unfinished imo.

Early adoption may have been a bad choice. Should have waited in retrospect

thricetold1626d ago

You live and learn. Many of us know the cycle and when to buy. Hold off at least a year before buying or getting rid of your old gen for the latest paperweight.

Most games are gonna be cross gen and the few current gen only games available are going to only appeal to a certain fanbase. The system is also much improved by then as well as a nice backlog of cheap games to play/own and most importantly there is a much better VARIETY of games to play.

claud31626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Nothing new here,

well i am happy i never fell for the next gen hype crap

troylazlow1626d ago

I'm waiting for the day in 2015 when they announce these games will be pushed back to 2016... :(

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