Global Weekly, 31st May 2014

The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

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Geobros1572d ago

So, about 4,000,000 Watchs Dogs and 1,200,000 Mario Kart 8. Predictions were real finally and vgchartz confirms that.

aceitman1571d ago

Watchdogs on ps4 out sold x1, 360 and ps3 combined , nice.

Gamingcapacity1572d ago

1.8M sold on PS4 first week?? So according to VGC the PS4 had almost 50% of the 4M confirmed sold by Ubisoft.

The X1 also had a "Watchdog" boost but outsold by the PS4 4:1. Crazy numbers for Sony right now.

Gamingcapacity1571d ago

Also VGC figures so could be way off.

Codey471571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

For arguments sake lets knock off 500k for the PS4 version and leave the Xbox One version as it is.

Still leaves a 500k advantage.

Gamingcapacity1571d ago

I know. The PS4 version, according to VGC, sold 1M more worldwide than the X1 versions. That's insane.

Bigpappy1571d ago

The game has a special deal with PS4. It is marketed to be better played there by Sony and Ubisoft. If also doesn't hurt that it is a GTA type game, and PS is where most of those fans play.

This reminds me of COD when it was Sold on 360 on a much larger scale than PS3. PS guys would say it is because Xbox only plays shooters.

Gamingcapacity1571d ago

COD only really sells a couple million more on Xbox over its life time. GTA IV sold about the same on each console while GTA V sold more on PS3 (about 14M to 17M).

What's happening here though is something more extreme. The PS4 sold over double of what was sold on the X1. If this trend continues we're looking at a 10M to 4M split. Plus Watchdogs pushed the PS4 up about 80k ww to 200k for the week while the X1 sold 50k. Thats a 4:1 split in sales.

If these figures are true then I think the X1 will need a lot more than the Kinectless (un)bundle.

SilentNegotiator1571d ago

Yeah, it had nothing to do with how many of the 360's best selling games were shooters compared to the Ps3 and Wii. /s

In b4 "bu but COD was best seller on Ps4, so that means there wasn't more variety of best selling ps4 games!"

imt5581571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

PS4 version have sold a ton. For now, ~50% of all sales are the PS4 version in UK. PS4 hardware sales up 94% in UK.

PS4 (49%)
Xbox One (27%)
Xbox 360 (13%)
PS3 (9%)

Waiting for NPD results for US market.

Well, this time VGChartz numbers are OK.

Bigpappy1571d ago

Come on. This is only first week sales. When COD was hot the disparity was similar 360:ps3.

This it the only game performing in this manner and it is simply because the hype for this game is higher on PS4. Several reasons for that but mostly hype from Sony and the publisher themselves giving extras.

Gamingcapacity1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Not true. The average first week figures for all the Modern Warfares and Black Ops are about 4.5M on PS3 and about 5.5M for the 360.

This is just a rough average which is about 45%-55% split to 360.With watchdogs is about 65%-35% split to the PS4.

But the biggest reason it sold more on PS4 and pushed more PS4's is because it's cheaper than the X1. Simple as that really. And yes the Sony push would of helped a lot too.

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HappyWithOneBubble1572d ago

PS4 is a unstoppable monster. It can't be contained.

incendy351571d ago

It is the Justin Beiber of video game consoles!

HappyWithOneBubble1571d ago

Beiber is done for after those racist videos of him. More suppose to come out too.

T21571d ago

It is not a talentless, boring, onenote Canadian system actually

SilentNegotiator1571d ago


I really doubt that whoever listens to his music these days is going to stop because he made a racist parody song when he was 14.

SuperBlunt1571d ago

Your username is symbolic

josephayal1572d ago

flawless victory for sony

Theyellowflash301571d ago

Other than the PS Vita flopping....

randomass1711571d ago

Not in Japan. Success in one region can lead to success elsewhere.

Spotie1572d ago

Great numbers for Mario Kart. Playstation consoles seem to be the place to be for multiplats.

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