I don’t care who’s winning the console war – Microsoft’s Xbox One is awesome

The “console war” is just as meaningless as the “smartphone war,” but that won’t stop passionate gamers from berating each other every chance they get. Competition is inevitable, and some aspects of this war are useful. Comparing sales of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, for example, gives investors a good idea of how each company is progressing during the early days of this console generation.

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christocolus1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Nice article. What gets me so pissed is the fact that some carry the hate over to their personal lives and friendships too. Its crazy. I've never allowed my console preference hinder me from playing/enjoying games on other platforms.I remember borrowing my friends consoles to play some awesome games on other systems.before buying my very own game cube i would borrow my friends own on a number of occasions to play zelda the wind waker, star fox adventures and luigis mansion and my friends would borrow my ps and xbx to play some games they admire too.I always encourage people who can afford multiple consoles to go ahead and buy them. I would never want to miss out on great games like zelda, mario,uc4, tlou2,the last guardian or the order just cos I play more with team xbox. Its fun when you can discuss your favorite games with others out there without being called a traitor or fanboy.

georgeenoob1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Amen to that. I never seen a company more dedicated to gamers than MS right now. In Phil we trust. They are indeed bringing the games. Expect heads to explode come MS E3.

JoGam1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Lol. @ Georgeenoob, you always seem to make me laugh. Keep doing what you do.

The_Eternal_one1173d ago

That's because Microsoft has no choice to because due to the fact that casual gamers plus people that just watch tv didn't buy into their whole vision of what the Xbox one use to be so now it's onto plan B.

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guitarded771173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

@ georgeenoob

I know you do this for the LULZ... at least I hope you do. I cannot believe that anyone could have a cult mentality toward a video game console.

ON TOPIC: I don't think anyone hates the XBOX One, or the games that have and will come out for it. But gamers (in general) still have legitimate reasons to be cautious of MS. Yes, they have reverted most of their policies that most gamers didn't like... yes, they have changed Live to offering more as a service... and yes, they are making some interesting games right now. But did we not ask for these things throughout the last few years of the 360 hay day? It wasn't our voices that changed their tune, it was Sony. They were offering more with PS+, they didn't enforce restrictive policies, they were making more core exclusives. While I'm excited to play some of the new games on X1 (eventually), I'm still pissed at, and don't trust MS. It's not a fanboy thing... I want to play all games. It's a trust issue. As a consumer and gamer, I want to be somewhat respected for spending my money.

Solid_Penguin-641173d ago

Should have gone to spec savers then.

nicksetzer11173d ago

Logical article, illogical fanboy comments from people who don't own the console (and supposedly don't care about it) ... I like my xbox one a lot, very satisfied with it. Everything that has happened in the last few months just make it even better.

its_JEFF1173d ago

@guitarded77 "cult mentality" on point!

zeuanimals1173d ago

Lol. I love the messianic throne people have given Phil Spencer, as if he's a saint who will make everyone's dreams come true because he tweeted "we're about games".

Sure, he got rid of the app pay wall and is bringing GWG to the Xbox One, but isn't that the obvious choice to make? Not doing either would be further condemning the Xbox One since the PS4 already has PS+ games, has never had an app paywall, and is doing much better in sales.

Phil Spencer wasn't very about the games when he became the General Manager for Microsoft Game Studios in 2008, just as they started churning out nothing but Halo, Forza, and Fable. People like to blame Mattrick but Spencer was General Manager for the studios... Was that just a title they gave to him while he sat around doing nothing and let Mattrick do everything?

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SpideySpeakz1173d ago

MS almost single handily destroyed gaming for everyone nearly a year ago with their DRM, 24h online check-ins. Are you crazy? Dedicated to gamers? Please, they're completely clueless on what gamers want. Sony had to lead, and MS took the bait. So, yeah, thank Sony and real gamers, because if it wasn't for them, you'll be sucking down DRM for the reason of your gaming life. Yeah, your Xbox would have been a plastic brick if it wasn't for Sony.
And NO, don't give me the BS that MS has changed. No corporation changes that fast. They're still *hinting* for an online only console.

nosferatuzodd1173d ago

its funny how xbox fans of to say these things just to sleep better at night ppl like ggreen noob and others if you love your system has you said why even mention that you dont care about sales if its not on your mind lol
((you don't care whose winning?))

ill believe that when pigs fly

Phatty1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

It honestly doesn't matter to me in the slightest, I have always just liked Nintendo and Sony. And the PS4 looks like it would be more my cup of tea this gen. To each their own.

They are all just here to entertain us, that is why you pay them, they are not paying you to sing their praises online (I hope). I assume most people wage this "war" just to justify their purchase over the other system...

agame9141173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

What about sony? I think they were dedicated from the get go?

InTheLab1173d ago

Slow down there sport. Everything they're doing now is a reaction to the negative press and abismal sales. If they proactively catered to the gamer last summer it would be a different story.

I'll be buying a kinect less X1 this summer but only because they finally cut off the cancer that is Kinect.

thexmanone1173d ago


Let me fix that for you:

"When Sony says jump you jump.
When Sony say eat poo you eat.
When Sony say jump in the river you jump and hit rock."

There all fixed now

Acadius1173d ago

You can go a day without starting a flame war, can you? Who cares if someone enjoys a system that you don't have? Does Microsoft or Sony send any fanbots a check for continually trolling the competition or their fanbase? The answer is no. We pity you because your life choices must be abismal in order for you to take to these forums and spout your malleable thoughts.
I own a Xbox One and a PS4 just to let you know that I'm not a "pony" as you so put it.

Copen1173d ago

You are the perfect MS customer you blindly follow the you let them rob you, lie to you IF you're not a MS shill or paid to post positive things about them (MS has been caught paying people to post positive things about them before) then you are exactly the kind of customer they're looking for. God bless you and other feeble minded people who blindly follow a company who fleeces you at every turn and you're too soft minded to even care congratulations.

alexkoepp1173d ago

Owning both new consoles I can definitely say the Xbox One is awesome, the author is correct. It beats out the PS4 in almost every aspect.

Xbox has got the OS/UI, games, functionality, controller, camera, online service, apps that just puts the competition to shame. Lol Sony's still trying to figure out how to keep their controller from running out of juice after 5 hours.

avengers19781173d ago

@alex, this again buddy, everyone on N4G knows you don't own both systems... Just stop already.

Docknoss1173d ago

Lol at all your disagrees Georgenoob

SilentNegotiator1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I'm sure it's a mere coincidence that people who cheer the loudest for the least/less popular systems are always calling for supposed neutrality. /s

translation: "Stu-stu-stop making negative points about my favorite systemz and why it isn't teh most popular! I'm trying to live vicariously through its successes; you're hurting my feelings by saying anything negative about it!"

reaperofsouls1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )


stealth troll if ever i saw one

So ur saying that the xbone you own is better the imaginary ps4 you pretend to own, why not pretend to own a ferrari whilst ur at it or even prentent that u have walked on the moon or maybe have a girlfreind !!!

Kingthrash3601172d ago

Lol wow...just No...just no....u never cease to surprise me with your bs.
U tarnished Chris's comment.

xtremeimport1172d ago


You must have never looked at Sony, like ever.

redwin1172d ago

I have them both and always get crucified for saying it. For now all Sony has is grafx and the Xbox has the games, I have about 7 Xbox one games purchased to one on the PS4, I like the feel on the box better. Oh, and I play league of legends in my PC, and Mario in my wii u. I've had them all from turbo fx16 to Atari 2600 to neo geo and 3do and genesis, you name me it I had it and by bar the best is MS Xbox , I do remember the days of turbo fx16 street fighter and Super Nintendo street fighter 2 and the first mortal kombat. And I'm saying this, Xbox is awesome.

GW2121172d ago

You're the idiot that guy is talking about.

SoulSercher6201172d ago


You feel you have to mention you own both consoles in almost EVERY comment as if you know anything about the console but clearly you don't. Thank you for once again showing proof you don't own a PS4. Oh and that picture you show everyone "proving" you own a PS4 is nothing.

USA0071172d ago

I don't hate the Xbox itself, it's a fine console with good games. MS on the other hand, I don't trust. They have made many moves to undercut or choke the opposition rather than just making a good product and winning the consumer's hearts. MS plays dirty, and by doing so, they're going to generate some hate.

DragonKnight1172d ago

For the love of gaming, I can't believe there are people who tried to turn what christocolus said into a PR ad campaign for Microsoft. Unbelievable.

k3rn3ll1172d ago

Casual gamers have not shown their choice yet. Casual gamers dont buy millions of consoles in the first six months of release except maybe wii but even then it didnt pick up casual gamers until later on.

There's a reason why if I look at my xbox live friends list, they are all still active. Of 75 friends 2 have bought the ps4 and not the one. But even in there case they were ps3 players primarily before November. Once the reasons to switch are greater they will switch as well. They didnt just stop playing video games. They just weren't as enthralled by all the ps4 hype to go out and buy one as quick as all the ps3 owners were. You have to remember all this. There is a reason why gamers are switching generations faster than ever. There is hype when it comes to hardware too not just software.

poor_cus_of_games1172d ago

Yeah George your bs always cheers me up


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