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I don’t care who’s winning the console war – Microsoft’s Xbox One is awesome

The “console war” is just as meaningless as the “smartphone war,” but that won’t stop passionate gamers from berating each other every chance they get. Competition is inevitable, and some aspects of this war are useful. Comparing sales of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, for example, gives investors a good idea of how each company is progressing during the early days of this console generation. (PS4, Xbox One)

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christocolus  +   356d ago | Intelligent
Nice article. What gets me so pissed is the fact that some carry the hate over to their personal lives and friendships too. Its crazy. I've never allowed my console preference hinder me from playing/enjoying games on other platforms.I remember borrowing my friends consoles to play some awesome games on other systems.before buying my very own game cube i would borrow my friends own on a number of occasions to play zelda the wind waker, star fox adventures and luigis mansion and my friends would borrow my ps and xbx to play some games they admire too.I always encourage people who can afford multiple consoles to go ahead and buy them. I would never want to miss out on great games like zelda, mario,uc4, tlou2,the last guardian or the order just cos I play more with team xbox. Its fun when you can discuss your favorite games with others out there without being called a traitor or fanboy.
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georgeenoob  +   356d ago
Amen to that. I never seen a company more dedicated to gamers than MS right now. In Phil we trust. They are indeed bringing the games. Expect heads to explode come MS E3.
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JoGam  +   356d ago | Well said
Lol. @ Georgeenoob, you always seem to make me laugh. Keep doing what you do.
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The_Eternal_one  +   356d ago
That's because Microsoft has no choice to because due to the fact that casual gamers plus people that just watch tv didn't buy into their whole vision of what the Xbox one use to be so now it's onto plan B.
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guitarded77  +   356d ago | Well said
@ georgeenoob

I know you do this for the LULZ... at least I hope you do. I cannot believe that anyone could have a cult mentality toward a video game console.

ON TOPIC: I don't think anyone hates the XBOX One, or the games that have and will come out for it. But gamers (in general) still have legitimate reasons to be cautious of MS. Yes, they have reverted most of their policies that most gamers didn't like... yes, they have changed Live to offering more as a service... and yes, they are making some interesting games right now. But did we not ask for these things throughout the last few years of the 360 hay day? It wasn't our voices that changed their tune, it was Sony. They were offering more with PS+, they didn't enforce restrictive policies, they were making more core exclusives. While I'm excited to play some of the new games on X1 (eventually), I'm still pissed at, and don't trust MS. It's not a fanboy thing... I want to play all games. It's a trust issue. As a consumer and gamer, I want to be somewhat respected for spending my money.
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Solid_Penguin-64  +   356d ago
Should have gone to spec savers then.
nicksetzer1  +   356d ago
Logical article, illogical fanboy comments from people who don't own the console (and supposedly don't care about it) ... I like my xbox one a lot, very satisfied with it. Everything that has happened in the last few months just make it even better.
its_JEFF  +   356d ago
@guitarded77 "cult mentality" on point!
zeuanimals  +   356d ago
Lol. I love the messianic throne people have given Phil Spencer, as if he's a saint who will make everyone's dreams come true because he tweeted "we're about games".

Sure, he got rid of the app pay wall and is bringing GWG to the Xbox One, but isn't that the obvious choice to make? Not doing either would be further condemning the Xbox One since the PS4 already has PS+ games, has never had an app paywall, and is doing much better in sales.

Phil Spencer wasn't very about the games when he became the General Manager for Microsoft Game Studios in 2008, just as they started churning out nothing but Halo, Forza, and Fable. People like to blame Mattrick but Spencer was General Manager for the studios... Was that just a title they gave to him while he sat around doing nothing and let Mattrick do everything?
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SpideySpeakz  +   356d ago | Well said
MS almost single handily destroyed gaming for everyone nearly a year ago with their DRM, 24h online check-ins. Are you crazy? Dedicated to gamers? Please, they're completely clueless on what gamers want. Sony had to lead, and MS took the bait. So, yeah, thank Sony and real gamers, because if it wasn't for them, you'll be sucking down DRM for the reason of your gaming life. Yeah, your Xbox would have been a plastic brick if it wasn't for Sony.
And NO, don't give me the BS that MS has changed. No corporation changes that fast. They're still *hinting* for an online only console.
nosferatuzodd  +   356d ago | Well said
its funny how xbox fans of to say these things just to sleep better at night ppl like ggreen noob and others if you love your system has you said why even mention that you dont care about sales if its not on your mind lol
((you don't care whose winning?))

ill believe that when pigs fly
Phatty  +   356d ago
It honestly doesn't matter to me in the slightest, I have always just liked Nintendo and Sony. And the PS4 looks like it would be more my cup of tea this gen. To each their own.

They are all just here to entertain us, that is why you pay them, they are not paying you to sing their praises online (I hope). I assume most people wage this "war" just to justify their purchase over the other system...
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agame914  +   356d ago
What about sony? I think they were dedicated from the get go?
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InTheLab  +   356d ago
Slow down there sport. Everything they're doing now is a reaction to the negative press and abismal sales. If they proactively catered to the gamer last summer it would be a different story.

I'll be buying a kinect less X1 this summer but only because they finally cut off the cancer that is Kinect.
chrisarsenalsavart   356d ago | Offensive
thexmanone  +   356d ago

Let me fix that for you:

"When Sony says jump you jump.
When Sony say eat poo you eat.
When Sony say jump in the river you jump and hit rock."

There all fixed now
Acadius  +   356d ago
You can go a day without starting a flame war, can you? Who cares if someone enjoys a system that you don't have? Does Microsoft or Sony send any fanbots a check for continually trolling the competition or their fanbase? The answer is no. We pity you because your life choices must be abismal in order for you to take to these forums and spout your malleable thoughts.
I own a Xbox One and a PS4 just to let you know that I'm not a "pony" as you so put it.
Copen  +   356d ago
You are the perfect MS customer you blindly follow the you let them rob you, lie to you IF you're not a MS shill or paid to post positive things about them (MS has been caught paying people to post positive things about them before) then you are exactly the kind of customer they're looking for. God bless you and other feeble minded people who blindly follow a company who fleeces you at every turn and you're too soft minded to even care congratulations.
Rimeskeem  +   356d ago
Go away
alexkoepp  +   355d ago
Owning both new consoles I can definitely say the Xbox One is awesome, the author is correct. It beats out the PS4 in almost every aspect.

Xbox has got the OS/UI, games, functionality, controller, camera, online service, apps that just puts the competition to shame. Lol Sony's still trying to figure out how to keep their controller from running out of juice after 5 hours.
avengers1978  +   355d ago | Well said
@alex, this again buddy, everyone on N4G knows you don't own both systems... Just stop already.
Docknoss  +   355d ago
Lol at all your disagrees Georgenoob
SilentNegotiator  +   355d ago
I'm sure it's a mere coincidence that people who cheer the loudest for the least/less popular systems are always calling for supposed neutrality. /s

translation: "Stu-stu-stop making negative points about my favorite systemz and why it isn't teh most popular! I'm trying to live vicariously through its successes; you're hurting my feelings by saying anything negative about it!"
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CapraDemon  +   355d ago

stealth troll if ever i saw one

So ur saying that the xbone you own is better the imaginary ps4 you pretend to own, why not pretend to own a ferrari whilst ur at it or even prentent that u have walked on the moon or maybe have a girlfreind !!!
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Kingthrash360  +   355d ago
Lol George....lol wow...just ....man. No...just no....u never cease to surprise me with your bs.
U tarnished Chris's comment.
xtremeimport  +   355d ago

You must have never looked at Sony, like ever.
VforVideogames   355d ago | Immature | show
redwin  +   355d ago
I have them both and always get crucified for saying it. For now all Sony has is grafx and the Xbox has the games, I have about 7 Xbox one games purchased to one on the PS4, I like the feel on the box better. Oh, and I play league of legends in my PC, and Mario in my wii u. I've had them all from turbo fx16 to Atari 2600 to neo geo and 3do and genesis, you name me it I had it and by bar the best is MS Xbox , I do remember the days of turbo fx16 street fighter and Super Nintendo street fighter 2 and the first mortal kombat. And I'm saying this, Xbox is awesome.
GW212  +   355d ago
You're the idiot that guy is talking about.
SoulSercher620  +   355d ago

You feel you have to mention you own both consoles in almost EVERY comment as if you know anything about the console but clearly you don't. Thank you for once again showing proof you don't own a PS4. Oh and that picture you show everyone "proving" you own a PS4 is nothing.
USA007  +   355d ago
I don't hate the Xbox itself, it's a fine console with good games. MS on the other hand, I don't trust. They have made many moves to undercut or choke the opposition rather than just making a good product and winning the consumer's hearts. MS plays dirty, and by doing so, they're going to generate some hate.
DragonKnight  +   355d ago
For the love of gaming, I can't believe there are people who tried to turn what christocolus said into a PR ad campaign for Microsoft. Unbelievable.
k3rn3ll  +   355d ago
Casual gamers have not shown their choice yet. Casual gamers dont buy millions of consoles in the first six months of release except maybe wii but even then it didnt pick up casual gamers until later on.

There's a reason why if I look at my xbox live friends list, they are all still active. Of 75 friends 2 have bought the ps4 and not the one. But even in there case they were ps3 players primarily before November. Once the reasons to switch are greater they will switch as well. They didnt just stop playing video games. They just weren't as enthralled by all the ps4 hype to go out and buy one as quick as all the ps3 owners were. You have to remember all this. There is a reason why gamers are switching generations faster than ever. There is hype when it comes to hardware too not just software.
poor_cus_of_games  +   355d ago
Yeah George your bs always cheers me up
THE-COMMANDER  +   355d ago
255 Disagree!
Man that's a new record in N4G!
kickerz  +   355d ago
O_o *rolls my eyes at some of these comments
Come on guys lets just enjoy gaming and stop attacking each other like crazy people lol
jebabcock  +   355d ago

This is a crap article. Not because it favors the x1, but because it is an opinion by someone who admittedly skipped the last 2 gens and just recently bought a next gen console. Not that his opinion doesn't matter, but i'm tired of seeing all these opinions of people who know next to nothing about gaming or the gaming industry. We know MS, Sony, and Nintendo are all likely filling pockets to get these statements.

This is almost as bad as having a post for every single sony twitter message that announces that there will be an announcement, or 20 page dissertation every time Phil Spencer scratches his rear or takes a dump outlining how that is going to impact my gaming experience...

Seriously. It feels like I've got a front row seat to the video game paparazzi... I really just want to know when something important is going to happen or there is real information about new games and features. I don't want 30 articles announcing that there will be an announcement soon about something that we know nothing about but its amazing.

If it isn't something that actually makes me laugh, or is note worthy, I wish it would all fall into a bottomless pit of nothingness and be lost forever.

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Hellsvacancy  +   355d ago
"Expect heads to explode come MS E3" yeah when MS underdelivers like they do most E3s
MeterBreak  +   355d ago
I've got both, and neither one is awesome...yet.
y7jzdgy  +   355d ago
Wow 280 disagrees! Shameful really because it's the truth regardless of the underlining reasons for it.

* complete reversal on questionable anti-consumer policies
* management gutted and replaced with more capable people
* pay-wall removed from apps
* a sku without Kinect bring the X1 price point perfectly in line with the PS4
* new games for gold mirrored after PS+

MS are listening so now is the time to speak up!
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Morgue  +   355d ago
@ JoGam

28 disagrees all from separate greenoob accounts.
DealWithIt  +   355d ago
Thank you Microsoft for not raping me. Lets have sex.
Fgfttfgff  +   355d ago
To be fair George they would've never kissed the fans ass until they messed up so bad the fans would only come back or stay is this way ass kissing shouldn't be confused for a company actually being good.
Soldierone  +   356d ago
I've seen that too and I think it is crazy. People get all hostile because one friend doesn't have the same console. My friends would do that to me because they were all madly in love with 360, but two of us were PS3 gamers. Their excuse was "Microsoft is easier to develop for" because they were inspiring to make games.

Personally the only real issue I had was adjusting to the controller. When I see the screen pop up and say "press X" I naturally reach for where the PlayStation controller has it. Yet after playing more and more I eventually got the hang of it and got my own Xbox when I had the money.
irepbtown  +   356d ago
My friends always argued with each other which console was the best when playing football (Soccer for the Americans). I actually enjoyed the arguments, it was fun and just a bit of banter.
Ch1d0r1  +   355d ago
You should of asked your friend if he was a developer, why would he care if it's easy to develop? I always try to convince my friends to jump over to PS3. Once they realize what PS+ is all about they jump on-board. To me Sony should focus on advertising PS+, yes the PS4 commercials weve seen this and last year are pretty cool. But to me the heart and soul of the service is PS+. We hardly see anything about it on TV.
rainslacker  +   355d ago
Luckily none of my friends were fanboyish about it. I have one devout XBox fan, but he's cool with the rest of our group that prefer PS.

On a side note.

Having console preference because it's easier to develop for is silly. When you're playing a game, it doesn't matter how easy something is to develop for. That's something for the dev to worry about, and more often than not the engine will deal with the differences.

If they were aspiring game developers then they should be ready for a challenge The PS4 wasn't outright harder to develop for, it just required a different implementation to get the most out of it...and most developers were not used to that kind of thing. Nowadays, much of what started on CELL is commonplace in newer APU's. The programmers that took the time to master CELL tech last gen have a leg up with how the new systems handle many things. Luckily though everything can be in x86 instructions, instead of CELL assembly.
Locknuts  +   356d ago
People do that? I guess a lot of gamers are still kids. I hope adults don't carry on like that though.
Concertoine  +   356d ago
It is easy for people to disparage and hate what they dont ever plan on buying. Helps them justify their investment in something else. In the end every console this gen has something to offer.
NatureOfLogic_  +   356d ago
Really? Not everyone will support MS after what they tried last year with DRM and no used games. Deciding which companies I support or don't with my hard earned money, in my opinion, is responsible decision making. Only casuals and kids look at games and go "Wow" without knowing or caring(fanboys/loyalist) what crappy policies they're supporting by buying that device or game. I can guarantee that if Sony did what MS did last year, they wouldn't have my support right now.
URNightmare  +   356d ago
Kids don't think and argue just about games and mostly go for what's popular. An adult's argument would go beyond that I believe. They see what the company behind each product offers, how they manage its product, what benefits they offer for you as a consumer/gamer, their future plans and offerings and then make a decision and of course games matter too.

That's why I go with Sony and PlayStation.

I love gaming and there are games on Xbox that I would like to play but I will never support Microsoft, at least not for now. I was so ready to give them my money this time thinking this gen was going to be different but no, they took their greed to new levels and left me really disappointed. Trust is gained with time and actions. Let's see how things turn out to be a couple of years from now. As of now, everything about the Xbox One is a mess and lies, beginning with their so called "exclusives". Like I said, in a couple of years we will see where Xbox really stands. So far it's all smoke and mirrors.....and clouds.
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bloodybutcher  +   355d ago
You give too much credit to adults. After all there's lots of creationists out there.
darthv72  +   356d ago
Its natural to gravitate to a side if you are someone with the means to play them all.

but it is also natural to try and justify your preference by putting down the opposition. Quite frankly, i dont see opposition. i see opportunity.

Opportunity to play games for the sheer principal of fun. That is how it started, that is how i play today, that is how my kids play. We have fun no matter the platform.

I didnt always have a ps3 or wiiu or xb360 but when i did get them then the opportunity to play the games available was presented and i have taken advantage of each moment. not everyone can afford to play the field and i can respect that. This isnt a cheap hobby that you can just jump in and catch up.

i belong to a few different FB groups and it is quite telling to see new posts from people who were always siding with one company to finally obtain something different. Its like a whole new view of the platform has been discovered and they say...why didnt i try this before.

the opportunity was always there, they just chose to not take advantage of it. But now that they have there is room for everyone to be in the middle. We wont turn you away.
Rainstorm81  +   356d ago
Well said, I share your same view

Its fine to voice concerns or not but a console because of policies, but these people who worship/condemn a piece of plastic because of emotions and not logic are crazy
insomnium2  +   355d ago
People have values. MS was working their butts off to ruin gaming as a whole when they revealed the Xbone. Now they are scrambling and going against everything the original xbone stood for for the sake of money. No backbone whatsoever.

It is not an option to support MS if you value gaming atm. They need to work long and hard to gain the trust back. I say they need atleast 5 years full of fresh new ips for me to even consider buying the xbone. No BS PR where they take jabs at competition all the time. The gen with x360 turned me off from MS and this new gen is even worse.
geddesmond  +   356d ago
Unless you spend every waking minute of your day playing video games then you don't need to own more than one consol. Each consol offers more than enough games to keep a person entertained throughout its life cycle. I would discourage people from buying more than one consol. Just make your choice on what games are currently available and look at the history of each consol manufacturer to see how well they support their machine and what IP's they own,

By doing that you would know, MS have Halo Forza and Gears of war. While Sony has Uncharted, Gran Turismo and God of War. Go with whatever exclusives get you interested.

I have more important things to be talking about out in the real than video games. Thats what my PSN buddies are there for
deathtok  +   356d ago
Agreed! Choose games over branding...

I'm discouraged that so many disagree with that sentiment.
realplu  +   355d ago
At what cost? If it's my rights as a consumer then no thanks.
Rainstorm81  +   356d ago
This is the new thing I dispose.....I have a group of friends like that,,, they love Xbox and refuse to play anything PlayStation or look at PS games as inferior no matter how much universal praise they get

People like that shouldn't play video games , too emotionally invested IMO

No matter my preference, I would never let that hold me from playing a good game
No_Limit  +   356d ago
Nice post again Christolus.Totally agreed, what is awesome is in the eye of the beholder...Armchair fanboys talking smack and disagreeing doesn't change that fact.

"If you limit yourself to a single brand or console, you're cheating yourself"
That is why I have all three but I like my XB1 games the most.
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christocolus  +   356d ago
Thanks bro. They can disagree all they want. The article is a really nice one and fanboyism is plain stupid and childish. Looking forward to e3.
aragon  +   356d ago
holy at your disagrees for such a neutral point why r u getting disagrees again? @christoculus
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christocolus  +   356d ago
I guess some people want the fanboy wars to continue.
Copen  +   356d ago
Keep propping up a media box where games are obviously not their focus. Everything about the xbox one is media first games second. Underpowered over priced and the suits at MS will lie to your face if they have to just to sell you on it and they have lied.
GordonKnight  +   355d ago
That's why I have the Wii U, PS4, & X1.

All three systems will have exclusives that I must have, but Nintendo has the most. Right now the PS4 is winning all my 3rd party games, but that could change.

Can't wait to see what the future bring to gaming, but I should be fine because of my backlog of games.

Happy gaming!!!
360ICE  +   355d ago
Slightly crude language, but:


Apparently over 60 people, but hey...
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Trekster_Gamer  +   355d ago
Can't believe this. You would have to be the most blind fanboy or simply retarded to really disagree with your statement.
Elit3Nick  +   355d ago
sadly that's the state of people on N4G, on a positive xbox article with high hits, the trollish or negative comments get the most agrees by people that never comment
snipab8t  +   355d ago
Why does this post have so many downvotes?
VsAssassin  +   355d ago
@ guitarded77, I totally agree. Though competition is always good, and businessmen do business better with it, I
can't shake off the fact that MS blatantly wanted to cheat on their faithful Xbox consumers with the original policies they released.

Now, MS is just being reactionary - almost completely copying what Sony does. For Sony, this should put a smile on their face.
#1.15 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
warczar  +   355d ago
There's a lot of Microsoft history that needs to be overlooked before one can purchace an XBOX.
y7jzdgy  +   355d ago
MS realized their mistakes and have spent the better part of this gen trying to make up for it. Continuing to hold a grudge against them is just silly. By comparison, I guess holding a grudge against Sony for PSN being hacked and down for almost two months would be a reasonable argument against Sony as well? Many gamers including myself forgave Sony for that and moved on, there is no difference here unless someone is just hating on the brand.
#1.15.2 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
VsAssassin  +   354d ago
@y7jzdgy, I usually don't respond a second time in a topic chain but I felt compelled to by your comment.

First of all, there's a big difference between the evil intent of hackers done to Sony's PSN, and the evil intent of MS itself to try and trick people. Saying the hacking of the PSN and MS's intent to trick its consumers are comparable is very unfair to Sony. Oh, and Sony did say they're sorry for the hacking of the PSN that they didn't really do. They even gave away games for free as a peace offering. Did you ever hear a Microsoft Exec apologize for what they wanted to pull off? Even Mr. Spencer didn't make one.

Second, holding a grudge against MS about what they did is the prerogative of the people. MS wanted to force these policies on its loyal fans, and they thought they could get away with it.

Last, but not the least, I'm all for forgiveness, and everybody can change, but the fact still remains that it's gonna take a while for them to bounce back after their self-inflicted injuries. Let's just hope MS stays strong.
#1.15.3 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
bullymangLer  +   355d ago
sure it is
warczar  +   355d ago
A self proclaimed non-gamer writes a whiny article because his chosen console gets bashed too much, what a waste of news space.

Trust me when I say your whining falls on def ears, Playstation fans just went through 8 years of having to hear every XBOT scream about how great the 360 was and now that the shoes is on the other foot XBOTS want to bitch and moan. Carma is a bitch.
condemmedman  +   355d ago
hold on I think i can hear a baby crying.

grow up
warczar  +   355d ago

I'd rather be a baby than a bitch like yourself.
#1.17.2 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
showtimefolks  +   355d ago
awesome its your money, your time and your life. Play whatever you like and don't let anything or anyone tell you anything different.

I am a pro sony/ps4 and will always be that. I love PlayStation brand but owned xbox and xbox360. Without Healthy Competition companies don't have to try as hard. Right now we have a real xbox one vs ps4 battle going on, both companies are trying to earn our hard earned money so they will try to out do each other

Without MS:

there wouldn't be a psn or psn plus as robust as it is right now

therw wouldn't be a better controller

without sony:

there wouldn't be bluray
built in wifi
without ps4 we would be stuck with a DRM full of an xbox one
with psn-plus MS wouldn't try to make improvements t xbox live gold free games

both companies push each other to improve
Infamazdre  +   355d ago
I agree for the most part except one little thing, without Microsoft Sony would have Drm
showtimefolks  +   355d ago

i guess it could be but sony just isn't that kind of a company, but maybe who knows. without competition you can do anything and people have no choice but to buy into it
TheRealHeisenberg  +   355d ago
Sony is that kind of company. They were planning on DRM until they saw the reaction MS got for it and made the smart play.
condemmedman  +   355d ago
82 disagreess ? where do sad people come from ?

solar  +   355d ago
this "Console Wars" are for children who think their opinion matters. MS and Sony and Nintendo just want your money.
CannonB8  +   355d ago
Well said. I'm all for a little bit of competition, purely because I believe it provides a little motivation to make the best possible game.
I have been a visitor to N4G for years and some of the stuff I have read borders on insane. Fanboys vs Fanboys vs Fanboys. And it usually gets personal.
Yes, Sony started out (and will probably remain) in the lead, but from what I have read the Xbox One is about to get a little push (and I'm not talking about "Special Sauce" or hidden GPUs). The removal of the Kinect was a bold and brave move by Microsoft and it looks like it will pay off. Good on them for listening to their customers and taking criticism on board.
I currently own a PS3 and a PS4 (and a Wii which hasn't seen action in years). I would love an Xbox One to play Ryse and Sunset Overdrive. And with E3 just around the corner it looks like things are about to heat up again (I'm crossing my fingers for The Last Guardian).

To sum up. Everyone should just relax. The whole resolution-gate thing blew up way too fast and, at times, made me ashamed to own a PS4. The vitriol some Sony "fanboys" (trolls) spouted was shameful.
The sad thing is, this generation seems to consist either of level-headed guys like me who just feel lucky to be able to play games with near Pixar quality (Infamous:SS I'm looking at you), or the snotty little 10 year-olds who were the laughing stock of CoD and Battlefield a few years ago, who have unfortunately just grown up with the same attitude.

It's a great time to be a gamer. Enjoy it!

TL:DR - Everyone should just grow up and chill the F@ck out.
kenshiro100  +   355d ago
The same crap was done with PS3 owners. Now it comes down to XB1, people are crying foul?

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   356d ago | Well said
Either way why are we still talking about the "console" war if either way both sides will win and survive like generations before it. The term Console war is so irrelevant is not even funny. So I say let's start the Neutral Gaming Force or NGF for short we stand for the unbiased, non fanboy point of view of gaming, let's bring peace and actual sense back into gamers everywhere so who's with me?


OT: Xbox ONE is fun people, you guys got to understand that
#2 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(47) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
admiralvic  +   356d ago
WTH?! A Sasuke comment that is coherent, relevant and without a stupid Naruto reference... I never thought I would see the day.

Slightly more On topic~

Most people don't know about the "console war" stuff, nor do most people care / support it. It's just one of those ongoing terms the media uses in order to drum up views (sensationalism), which is no different than when they say Kill, Save, Doom, Next-Gen, Genre Redefining, System Seller, to a degree A - AAA and the like. The funny thing is that while these companies are competing with one another and such, there isn't always constant hate / anger between them and at times you'll see a rival company say something good about another company and so forth (like Legend of Zelda being featured on the Xbox Twitter).

On Topic~

While I don't own an Xbox One, I can certainly see why some people like it and its awesome that you're enjoying yours. I think too many people get sucked into a game of absolutes and quickly forget that there can be room for both or at least thats how I've always felt about the Vita vs 3DS. I mean, in terms of power / specs, the Vita destroys the 3DS. But despite that the 3DS still has many unique aspects, games and more content, which many is more than enough to justify the purchase over a Vita.
Mega24  +   356d ago
People change for the good!

OT: People miss out on many games, last gen was a good one, but I think we had way to many fps games. Its a matter of opinions. People are taking this way to serious, I'll buy an X1 soon, don't have a reason right now as the games don't call my attention. Halo 5 tho, as soon as I see a release date I'll start saving up!
THE-COMMANDER  +   356d ago
LOL man i actually understood what you said, i thought that's impossible!

And yes you are right, we gamers should enjoy the games regardless of the platform.

You deserve a bubble Sasuke!
#2.2 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   356d ago
Well said my friendly ninja.
Oagoz  +   356d ago
Don't try to be a Sasuake..
LightDiego  +   356d ago
Sasuke, i'm a huge fan of you, you are doing a great job.
christocolus  +   356d ago
Sasuke is this truly you? You seem reborn, NFG all the way bro.
Oagoz  +   356d ago
Did... Did he just make a real post? RIP Sasuake 2014
Elit3Nick  +   355d ago
Everything I though I knew was wrong...
#2.7 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LordMaim  +   355d ago
He wasn't first to comment.

ZodTheRipper  +   356d ago
With a title like that you'll spark some discussions. Just my two cents:

"But then, there are other areas where the Xbox One tops Sony’s new console, such as in cloud computing support..."

Well one company did a lot of talking about the cloud and the other is about to launch a cloud gaming service in a few months so...

"... as well as the quality and breadth of game selection in these early days."

What do you mean? There are much more games available on PS4 already (with the gap increasing almost weekly) and every multiplatform game runs better on it so I can't follow your arguments. It's like you're trying to justify your purchase by making up stuff.
MELMAN26  +   356d ago
When you say more games...you are talking indies correct??
ZodTheRipper  +   356d ago
So indies are not games to you? Towerfall, Outlast, Don't Starve, Mercenary Kings, Fez? If so then I really pity you, pretty sad mindset.
BlackTar187  +   356d ago
also with Murdered Souls i think the retail exclusives is +1 to ps4.

it was even with MLB
tinynuggins  +   356d ago
I personally do not consider indies as games in the sense of retail but to each his own.
JohnJ  +   356d ago
Potential for xbox one to run all windows 8 apps in the future, that's a lot of games.
Realistically though, if for the sake of your own delusions and misguided hatred you're willing to miss out on the great exclusives either console offers, then you probably need to ask yourself if your really allowing yourself to enjoy gaming ,and life) asuch as you could be.
I'll be playing Halo5 AND Uncharted4.
-leave fanboyism behind and open yourself up to a wider range of amazing experiences!
GameDev1  +   356d ago
I don't get this, was there a secret gamer's convention meeting where it was finally decided small or big indies aren't games anymore
Rainstorm81  +   356d ago
Geometry Wars was one of my favorite games til Gears 1 launched. As well as Super Stardust......Who says indies aren't games???

Funny thing is most people that complain about indies...loved Summer of Arcade and games like Braid Shadow Complex, and Limbo in my experience
#3.1.6 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report
rainslacker  +   355d ago
Hmmm...I see this argument a lot.

Perhaps the people that use it can give us a number of retail releases for both the PS4 and the Xbox one. This would exclude indies and stuff since the only list out there I know of does include indies.

Currently released. Then maybe a separate list of known upcoming titles.

Oh heck, I know no ones going to do that, so I'll do it for you.

Just retail released. Sourced from gamefaqs. I selected each system, filtered by retail, then copied to excel. Did a count, and then took out the titles that hadn't been released yet, and removed multiple entries for things that had two entries(due to translated titles for other regions or special editions that had it's own entry).


40 retail released games so far
137 total released and upcoming(some rumored)

Xbox one
38 retail released games so far
114 total released and upcoming(some rumored)

care to say why you think MS has more games? Seriously...if people are going to use this argument, they should at least be able to back it up.

I'm not one for posting lists here on N4G, but should I do it? A full list and not just what people can come up with off the top of their heads? If I did, would people who use your argument stop using it? Somehow I doubt it.
#3.1.7 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
kenshiro100  +   355d ago
So do you not play indie games? What, you just stare at the screen?

Whether you want to admit it or not, indies are games.
MELMAN26  +   356d ago | Well said
I never said or thought that indies where not games, I play indies, but I personally am not and never have used them in a gaming discussion in order to justify or tout them as big exclusives. Indies are and have always been icing on the cake for me, not the main coarse meal. By your logic my cell phone has a better line up than the ps4, also using your logic the 360 had a bigger and better line up than the ps3 as it had THOUSANDS of indies and had a lot more than the ps3.

Lets be honest here, the only reason why Sony fans are bragging about indies is because of the lack of big titles Sony has at the moment. Where was this "love for indies" last gen???
#3.2 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(33) | Report | Reply
ZodTheRipper  +   356d ago
What did I just read??
"I personally never have used them in a gaming discussion in order to justify tout them as big exclusives"
Are you playing list wars or games? If someone claims that the Xbox has more games, which simply is not correct at this point, I'm not allowed to point out that this is not true? Just because the difference is mostly because of indies? Well then let's take a look a look at the AAA titles shall we?

Xbox One
Killer Instinct
Forza 55
Dead Rising 3
Titanfall (not really exclusive but whatever)
PLants Vs Zombies (soon not exclusive anymore)

Killzone SF
InFamous SS
Final Fantasy 14
Dynasty Warriors
PS4 F2P:
Warframe, DCUO, War Thunder, etc.
PS4 Remasters:
Dead Nation, Flower, Sound Shapes, etc.

So what now? Would you like to take a look at the release schedule for both? You certainly won't like what you'll see there.
ats1992  +   356d ago
@ ZodTheRipper

You left a few games off of the xbox list. Plus final fantasy 14 and Dynasty warriors are not really exclusive because they are on PC but whatever. Also all those free to play games are also on PC.
#3.2.2 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(27) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   356d ago
If that's the case, he would need to take Dead Rising 3, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Titanfall off the XBO exclusives list. Now, the Xbox One is down to very few games.
Exies7  +   356d ago
I don't know why people bring up indies to justify the PS4's position on games atm. There just aren't that many triple A or stand out titles on the PS4 that can't be experienced on the XB1 or PC.

I have all 3 main gaming consoles (And a Wii u as well, but I digress), and I have more exclusives that I love on PC and XB1, but I do play my playstation a lot. I played Infamous quite a bit and now I'm playing FF14 (you can play on both PC/console with 1 account) and Watch dogs.

Both great systems though. But in my eyes, XB1 is winning the console war.
nycgamer4ever  +   356d ago | Well said
I don't really care who is better but I lean towards PlayStation for my gaming experiences. I had an xbox 360 and a ps3 and Wii last gen but now I only have a ps4 and a 3ds and a vita.

One thing I notice from the xbox camp is that they are the biggest hypocrites. Last gen its ps3 has no games, then when games came its graphics are better on xbox, then when the ps3 caught up on the graphics and got better with the exclusives it became graphics aren't important its the online that is better on xbox. PS plus came and it became well you rent only and on xbox you keep the games. last gen it was xbox has the great indie games.

Fast forward to this gen. Graphics are better for just about every multi game (and by a bigger margin than last gen) on the ps4 but its gameplay trumps graphics, likes they are someone mutually excusive of each other. Its xbox has AAA games (not really true and very subjective) and someone indies are shit and don't count. Xbox live gold on the one is like ps plus (subscription) but that is alright.

And now all you xbox guys just keep pretending like you guys are not fanboys and just the victim of Sony fanboys. Article after article with the only purpose of trying to justify your console allegiance. If it didn't matter then why all the BS. Wake up and smell the coffee people. This console war BS is all in your head. MS done played Jedi mind tricks on everyone.

I'm planning on picking up an xbox one in the future when the price drops and more games come out because right now there are not enough to justify getting all consoles. I know from last gen that I will MOST likely get more support from the Sony consoles as have been proven three generations in a row now.
rdgneoz3  +   356d ago
"Where was this "love for indies" last gen???"

2 examples that come to mind are Walking Dead winning the Spike game of the year in '12, and all the awards the Journey won.
No_Limit  +   356d ago

What a bias list...why isn't these exclusives listed on XB1:
Zoo Tycoon
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Halo: Spartan Assault
Kinect Sports Rival
Crimson Dragon

And PS4 Remasters, and Dynasty Warriors(not really exclusive but whatever)are?

#3.2.7 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(23) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   356d ago
Let's be honest here, last gen indies were a bragging point for XB fans.

PS4 has the higher reviewed lineup of games. PS4 has the most award winning devs working on it. At this point that's what we know.

XB1 isn't going anywhere, but PS4 is winning for a reason and it's not price or Kinect.
ZodTheRipper  +   356d ago
@No_Limit: I listed all that I know of, I knew there were some left that's why the questions marks were there. And this was a direct comparison of course, doesn't matter whether some of them are available on PC ...or do you want me to take away Titanfall, Dead Rising and PvZ which are actually some of the best X1 games?

But we wasn't arguing about the quality of these games, it was about quantity and even with your games added there are more games available on PS4 and more in development - that's a fact which was spinned in this article to justify his purchase.
#3.2.9 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report
MELMAN26  +   356d ago
You conveniently left out a few exclusive titles for the xbox one, but whatever that is beside my point. I am talking NEW NEXT GEN TITLES. Games that justify our reasoning for upgrading to NEW HARDWARE. If you bought a next gen console to play indie titles the go ahead and do you...I didn't.

Side note: resogun is an indie, also quality is a part of this discussion which is why I never brought up games like LocoCycle, peggle, etc... No one is buying consoles for Indies stop trying to pretend like they are.

I personally never took part in those discussions as I find bragging about indies or blades of grass in a game quite hilarious, coming from both sides.

To go along with @Exis point, I am and always have been (since the early 90's) a multi console owner. I have no allegiance to ANY of these companies, I buy all of the consoles every gen. I go where the big games are and as of TODAY I have had more fun and getting more use out of the XB1 and Wii U, because of their exclusive GAMES. Nothing against the ps4 or indies, but as of right now, the ps4 is not justifying the $400 price tag. Maybe that will change in the future.
#3.2.10 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(14) | Report
dantesparda  +   355d ago
@ melamn26

Zod never said that indies are the reason to buy the system, yet the system is still selling alot more than the X1. The argument was over which system has more games. And Zod is right, the PS4 does have more games. Thats a fact. And I too have always been a multiconsole owner (owned a 360 and PS3 and a Xbox and GC the gen before that). So i too go where the big games are, and there is nothing worth buying the X1 for right now, maybe in the future, but nothing right now.
Spotie  +   355d ago
... And then I see a comment like this get upvoted, and I wonder why I bother with this site anymore. Actually, I HAD given up; I was just gonna read the articles, or people's impressions of them. But then I saw garbage like this being promoted, and I came back.

Hypocrisy, lies, and fanboyism all in one, and it's well said.

Considering Sony fans were praising Housemarque, thatgamecompany and others last gen, the love for indies is nothing new. But to hell with that: you've got a point to make, and you won't let reality stand in the way of that.

You say you have never used indies as a bonus, but I get the feeling there's some Minecraft and Titanfall in your comment history. Oh, forgot about those, did you? Gears, too? Yep, Gears.

The "lack" of big titles is present on both consoles, too. Unless you're trying to say a 1-2 game advantage is overwhelming... and it wouldn't surprise me if you were.

You say he claims a better library for the PS4, but he doesn't. He claims a LARGER, MORE DIVERSE library that features better multiplats. That does not imply ANY "logic" that would give a smartphone a better library.

And you imply that he is touting smaller indies as big exclusives, but he never does that. He simply counters the "no games" implication of the article.

Somehow, with ALL that wrong, you get bubbled up. That's so stupid it's offensive.
DigitalRaptor  +   355d ago
@ Melman and @ No_Limit

No matter how you spin it, PS4 has more games. A LOT more games and it always will.

It also has the better rated lineup so far, and always will.

It has the most diverse lineup and always will.

Sony have focused a lot more on games than Microsoft and are reaping the benefits of doing what is in the best interests of the industry and gamers from day zero. The sooner you stop trying to find games out of nowhere, the better.
#3.2.13 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
Bigpappy  +   356d ago
If that's the case that indie games are the ones to get, why don't we all just go buy Ougo or what ever that thing is called and save our selves a whole lot of money? I am sure there are no Xbox owners thinking they could have gotten the PS4 instead because they are missing out on indie games. There are indie games on Xbox too, but that is not why I went out and spend $500 for it.

Zod, Zod, Zod... you can't do what you are doing. You can't pick only the top exclusive on X1 and Top plus the kitchen sink for PS4. People buy these consoles mainly for AAA games.

Those X1 game you listed are fine for the AAA exclusive on the system. The PS4 list on the other hand needs to be edited to see your Xbox owners think be are getting the better choices at the moment.

Xbox One (All AAA games!)
Ryse (Show piece for X1. Great hack and slash game. Only exclusive on any system)
Killer Instinct (only exclusive fighter)
Forza 55 (only exclusive race available)
Dead Rising 3 (Great action adventure)
Titanfall (not really exclusive but whatever)Not on PS4
PLants Vs Zombies (soon not exclusive anymore)But it is now.

Killzone SF (AAA shooter. debut strong ).
InFamous SS (AAA Show piece for the console). Shooter
Resogun (Best rated indie so far. Too small,not AAA)
Final Fantasy 14 (AAA MMO. )
Dynasty Warriors (AAA. )
PS4 F2P:
Warframe, DCUO, War Thunder, etc.
PS4 Remasters:
Dead Nation, Flower, Sound Shapes, etc.
#3.3 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
uth11  +   356d ago
The Ouya has almost no AAA titles

It's about variety. One reason I went with the PS4 over the Xbox was that the Indie focus meant there should be a better selection of types of games. That and the summer slump we are entering means there will be plenty of games to play before the fall blockbusters arrive.

My favorite games right now are Watchdogs and Don't Starve. One AAA one Indie but both add up to an awesome experience.
98xpresent  +   356d ago
Ps4 Recycled games that runs better on PC that have been on PC for the longest
DLConspiracy  +   355d ago
Online for each console is different. You may not know it but you would have to own both to fully grasp it. It is a different experience and that is not just opinion. So while it may look better on one console it may perform differently as far as online is concerned. These things make a difference for mp gamers.

Cloud computing has been used for a lot of things and its being used currently for gaming on xb1. Ps now in all fairness needs some work. This coming from my friends who have used it. Not sold on the idea yet until it works without lag and it also has a price tag. Idea is great just not sure about its delivery.
y7jzdgy  +   355d ago
Look, indies didn't matter last gen on the 360 so why now? Because Sony are doing it?

People don't drop a few hundred bucks on these consoles for indie games or games that can be played anywhere else and I think you're smart enough to know that.
#3.6 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Silly gameAr  +   356d ago
To many unnecessary opinion pieces on N4G anymore.
snookiegamer  +   356d ago
I agree, it only encourages 'Tribal Behaviour'.

PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, PC all have great experiences to offer...and that's all that really matters at the end of the day :)
#4.1 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
truefan1  +   356d ago
Most important sentence in the article many of you can learn from. I decided to purchase Microsoft’s next-generation console over the PS4 last November, and I’m very happy with my choice — not because the Xbox One is “better” than the PlayStation 4, but because the Xbox One is better than the PlayStation 4 FOR ME. Many people on these gaming sites act like purchasing something other than their console of choice is wrong or stupid.

Look at Zod The Ripper above, some ps4 fans just can't help themselves, it has to be everything positive sony and ps4. You are literally getting mad because he likes the XB1 games. Most unbiased people would admit XB1 currently has better options than ps4. He specifically mentions QUALITY and BREADTH. Simple way to answer this is for you tell me what quality fighting, or racing game you can play on your ps4 that I can't play on my Xb1, the caliber of Killer Instinct and Forza. REREAD THIS QUOTE "There is one truth that will never change, however: the PlayStation 4 will always be better than the Xbox One at some things and worse at others. And vice versa."

XB1 is an awesome console to some, just like ps4 is amazing to some, and Wii U is amazing to some.
#5 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(44) | Report | Reply
Neonridr  +   356d ago
I agree, my choice of console has nothing to do with you. It's based around my preference of games and features that suit my gaming style and hobbies.

How can I be wrong for choosing a PS4 over an XB1 or a 3DS over a Vita? The only person that knows and understands my personal tastes is myself.
ZodTheRipper  +   356d ago
Oh please, you're a joke. Don't make me search your comment history and post dozens of links where you bashed Sony, the PS4 or "PS4 fanboys", we all know why you only have 1 bubble.
There's a difference in stating opinions and stating facts, and I was bringing up facts, nothing else.
#5.2 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(36) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
sic_chops  +   356d ago
You don't have to. We already know.
Gozer  +   356d ago
Amount of bubbles is irrelevant on this sony biased website. Just like you relate him with being an xbox fanboy and having one bubble, I can obviously see you are a sony fanboy by the amount of bubbles you have. Or do we need to search your comment history for proof?
ZodTheRipper  +   356d ago
^Go ahead, search mine if you have nothing better to do. You will find that I always add reasons for liking or disliking anything, unlike others here I'm not trolling just for the sake of it or to justify my purchases. Do you seriously think that you have so few bubbles because there are more Sony fans here? That's funny to say the least and delusional to put it straight.
Why o why  +   356d ago
Lol, gozer.... you both represent your factions. Dont be a hypocrite. There are no victims here. There were more 360 guys when I first signed up and little by little their arguments evaporated as they did. Now there are more sony supporters here and many of us remember what n4g was like from the days of 'waitstation' to the 'no games' and 'no triple a' to the 'sales' to the multiplats etc. Now the shoe is well and truly on the other foot, many of them same old skool vocalists are now morality kings....'resolution doesnt matter' .....lmao.
What I'm saying is don't give it or stay silent when your side are giving it if you cant take it.

Its a shame we cant all just get along all the time but whats wrong with a bit of banter.... its one of the reasons we come here whether we admit it or not. If the bs isn't your thing then I'm sure there are other, more sophisticated sites to get your gaming fix from.

N 4 G "Are you not entertained"
#5.2.4 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(7) | Report
Unreal01  +   356d ago
Oh, I always throw up a little whenever I read truefan1 comments.

Can you not leave a decent comment without your Microsoft fanboyism leaking through?
SCW1982  +   356d ago
You lost all credibility when you just had to throw in there that MOST unbiased people would admit that Xbox has better options than PS4. That is clearly your opinion and a very BIAS one at that One I strongly disagree with as well. Both systems have there pros and cons get what you prefer and get off your soap box.
ziggurcat  +   356d ago
@ truefan1:

"I decided to purchase Microsoft’s next-generation console over the PS4 last November"

you're not fooling anyone. you were never planning on purchasing a PS4 to begin with, so your "xbone is better for me" argument is moot.

"Many people on these gaming sites act like purchasing something other than their console of choice is wrong or stupid."

and here you are, again, criticizing people for doing exactly what you do every single time you post on this website.

"Most unbiased people would admit XB1 currently has better options than ps4."

there's not a single unbiased person here who would say that - an unbiased person would say that both systems have their pros, and cons. only xbox fans say this, and they (you, included) try to pass it off as fact instead of it being an opinion.
chrisarsenalsavart   356d ago | Trolling | show
Copen  +   356d ago
You rip the ps4 every chance you get so don't be a hypocrite.
rainslacker  +   355d ago
Zod is pointing out that PS4 has more games, because Melman is trying to say that PS4 only has more games due to it's indie selection. This is just false. I posted above a count I did...which took all of 5 minutes, to disprove this assertion.

PS4: 40 retail releases, 97 more upcoming (some rumored)
X1: 37 retail releases, 76 upcoming(some rumored)

The argument was not the quality of the games, but the number of games. People such as yourself start pulling the quality card like every big game PS4 has out now is crap or something.

If the Xbox one is good for you then more power to you. but please don't try to take this high road because you are one of the worst offenders in talking down to people who prefer the PS4. You never...ever have anything good to say about PS, and praise MS no matter what.

Personally I think both systems have quality games. What's better for one person just depends on what they're looking for at the moment. I'd personally take infamous over KI any day of the week.

I do think the XB1 is an awesome console. I just am not a fan of MS. And I'm not a fan of Xbox fans such as yourself who keep retreading the same tired arguments which most of the time are either subjective or outright wrong.
GW212  +   355d ago
You do realize you're the kind of jackass the article is referring to, right?
LAWSON72  +   356d ago
I enjoy my Xbone, I got it to play games with my Xbox fanboy friends. It is a great system so far, and I look forward to play many games on it. The Kinect was a pleasant surprise when it comes to voice commands, but I feel the OS has a ways to go for example I would love being able to run a music app in the background and not have it snapped at all times.
#6 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
DC777  +   356d ago
Kudos to you for saying it, regardless of which console it is.

Enjoy what you like
Illusive_Man  +   356d ago
Games are great and looking better. Newer titles are generally 900p or 1080p which is fine by me. Even Watchdogs at 792p looks great.

Price drop coming soon for those who don't want Kinect.
Robust OS
Major monthly OS updates
Games with Gold has Improved
Paywall is gone
Snap and NBA playoffs.
TV Integration is great and under-appreciated
Smartglass is crazy good for controlling TV, Cable Box, Chatting in game, launching PINS.
Skype is awesome with the family.
Kinect isn't used much for gaming but still provides good value to the ecosystem overall.
External HDD support.
Apps, Apps, Apps.
Phil Spencer is the MAN!

Heavy Hitters like Sunset Overdrive, Halo MC Collection, Quantum Break, Ryse 2, Halo 5 are coming soon....new IPs and new exclusives.

X1 is my gaming/media hub. It gets better almost daily and don't understand the flak it gets.
#8 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
SoulSercher620  +   355d ago
Of course you don't. Because you failed to mention anything before all that happened. It's like you're being oblivious on purpose.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   356d ago
Proud owner since day one. AMEN.
WeAreLegion  +   356d ago
At this point, I could easily justify owning all three of these consoles. I just don't own an Xbox One yet for personal reasons. I'm sure nobody is regretting their purchase though.
aviator189  +   356d ago
Just enjoy what you like and be done with it.
Its just technology and companies, after all.
Goku781  +   356d ago
One shall stand, and one shall fall. Last year it was Sony that saved us and Microsoft from themselves in the darkest hour Xbox One was about to take us toward. Were it not for Sony, Xbox One would have continued to be a 500 dollar DRM kinect machine.
Fireseed  +   356d ago
Is this an excerpt from your fan fiction or what? Sounds like you're making two companies competing a lot more glorious than it actually is.
N8  +   356d ago
I'm one of those guys that gets all of the consoles. I love gaming to much to miss a game over brand loyalty.
ar00043  +   356d ago
I don't disagree really. I just believe PS4 is way more awesome, that's all.
BlackTar187  +   356d ago

I'm pretty sure ps4 has one more retail exclusive out there with murdered souls. When MLB drooped i thought it was even.

The truth is people claiming lack of games due to a Qty. 1 difference have reached so far they are now pulling their head out of their A**
RzaDaRazor  +   356d ago
Murdered Soul is on Xbox too, buddy.
BlackTar187  +   356d ago
ohh okay so now it's even?

Doesn't defeat my point. How does a system lack games like is stated in this article or by people?

That's what my point was. Is 1 more game drastic?

Do they even have 1 more game?

Did i offend you buddy?

Can you provide a list? Can anyone provide a list of retail exclusives games they each have? Or are you content with caring on the same unsubstantiated claim?
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rainslacker  +   355d ago
Assuming you mean NEXT-GEN CONSOLE exclusive retail games, and include PC and cross-gen into the definition, here you go. This is worldwide and not just for one region. Also assuming you mean 3rd party support as well. I also assume it means currently released, and not ones that will be coming out on the other system at a later time.

1. inFamous: Second Son
2. Killzone: Shadow Fall
3. Knack
4. MLB 14: The Show
5. Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition
6. Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
7. Nobunaga no Yabou Online: Tenka Mugen no Shou
8. Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin!


1. Dead Rising 3
2. Ryse: Son of Rome
3. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
4. Kinect Sports Rivals
5. Forza Motorsport 5
6. Fighter Within

I think that's all of them. I didn't spend a lot of time really verifying each release or making sure I didn't miss one.

If anyone notices I missed a retail exclusive for either system, please feel free to add it.

Quality of the titles is up for debate, but most on each system would be considered good titles...maybe not kinect sports rivals or fighter within. Guess it depends on what people consider quality.

I have a couple posts up above which break it down into overall games. I noticed when making this list for you, that on each currently released ones above you could take off a couple titles for each, due to the way gamefaqs lists titles I added titles weren't actually released to retail, but were TBA.
Tyrus_91  +   355d ago
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare isn't Xbox One exclusive. It's coming to the PS4; it was announced by EA a week or so ago.

Dead Rising 3 is also headed for PC, announced three days ago. So not truly Xbox One exclusives.

To be fair, Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn for PS4 is also on PS3 and PC.
rainslacker  +   355d ago
Right. That's why I assumed he meant current console gen exclusive. Timed exclusives that were on one console but not the other were included. I included PC and cross-gen titles. I also assumed he meant currently released games.

There's a lot of ways to make a list like this. I took the easiest approach.
BlackTar187  +   353d ago
Thank you sir.
Goodfella78  +   356d ago
Look at it this way if there was no microsoft xbox then the odds are sony might do an intel or a microsoft (the latter meaning attempted xbox one launch tactics)and try to take the urine regarding d.r.m strategies and pricing......
starchild  +   356d ago
Yep, competition is important. I've seen a better Sony these past few generations thanks to the competition from Microsoft. And Sony spurs Microsoft to do better. We all win in the end.
Funantic1  +   356d ago
Like the guy in the article mentioned, I was looking forward to the Illumiroom sometime in the future with the Xbone. It's all on getting it down to a consumer friendly price. Phil Spencer is the type of guy that'll realize the sales potential of the Illumiroom and really push it out to the market.
josephayal  +   356d ago
I am loving mine so far, is a cool piece of alien Tech, thank you Microsoft
kewlkat007  +   356d ago
Like many, I get best value currently with the xboxone because I'm that type of gamer that wants it all. I'm a techie, so all those extra features besides gaming the xboxone provides is awesome to me.

Waiting on a few AAA games and that Plex app to drop and I am dropping all my other media streamers. All my entertainment in ONE box.

I was playing a few rounds of powerstar golf while watching the NBA finals last night. Times like those, I doubt I'm worring about console wars.
younglj01  +   356d ago
Where was this logic last-gen? I wonder what change so many minds this-gen....hmmmmmmmmm
user4693217   356d ago | Spam
gamerfan0909  +   356d ago
It's a great system that's constantly getting outstanding updates that make it even better. The people that hate on it would on it for any reason they see fit. Some times you just have to play what you play and just stop listening to trolls and idiots online.
KinjoTakemura  +   356d ago
@The author of the article

"Microsoft’s recent move to offer a Kinect-less Xbox One option for $399 so soon after the console first launched is a clear sign that many gamers have recognized these PS4 advantages. But then, there are other areas where the Xbox One tops Sony’s new console, such as in cloud computing support as well as the quality and breadth of game selection in these early days."

Cloud computing and quality of game selection? Really?
Microsoft hasn't implemented anything as it relates to cloud computing other than offering dedicated servers for online gaming. That's hardly new or revolutionary. (The author seems to be forgetting about Playstation Now) As for having a selection of quality games, The PS4 has more games to choose from and the Xbox One only has 1 more "exclusive" title than the PS4. If you're going to write a story demeaning the "so called" console war, try not to allow your own biases to taint your OPINIONS.
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supes_24  +   356d ago
I don't care who wins either, as long as they are both increasing the quality of gaming because I own both consoles. As farnasnthe comment about better quality games, well I have to disagree. Im not too fond of MP games but I do love MS exclusives as i also love Sonys exclisives. As for multiplats I get them for PS4. One thing I do like is broadcasting my gaming with the Kinect. It's so fluid just by saying it during gaming. I love both consoles but I give the edge to Sony by a narrow margin. Oh, and I just bought Watch Dogs today for PS4 and it's friggen amazing.
Speak_da_Truth  +   356d ago
All I know is Sony has always delivered the games that i want that's why I've never owned an Xbox console but that's just me and in all honesty i think the author of this article is just justifying his purchase.
marlinfan10  +   356d ago
"sony has always delivered the games that i want"

stop trying to justify your purchase
Demoa  +   356d ago
I love my xbox 360/one. Deal with it
wynams  +   356d ago
stopped reading at confessed non-gamer
Rainstorm81  +   356d ago
X1 target demographic...... At first
Visualift  +   356d ago
The authors first two reasons for choosing the Xbox One over the PS4:

– Hoping for IllumiRoom
– Not being a gamer

Father__Merrin  +   356d ago
the article author more than likely last gen was cheering 360 ftw due to its initial software lead and having a higher sold amount for most of the gen, now he can't anymore lol so he has changed his tune to the expected "I don't care about console war" LOL
jnemesh  +   356d ago
News flash, the console war is already over. PS4 is almost 2:1 right now...and judging by last weeks numbers, it's barely selling at all in the EU (excluding the UK), and hasn't been selling well for months!

Fans of the Xbox will defend it saying that resolution doesn't matter, frame rate doesn't matter, and the TV integration and apps and Kinect voice control make it all worth the premium price...but guess what? Most people are intelligent consumers who know bullshit when they smell it! It doesn't help that the TV integration doesn't work well in Europe, or at all for that matter in most markets. It doesn't help that NOT ONE WORTHWHILE GAME has been released to justify Kinect's existence. It doesn't help that EVERY SINGLE GAME available on both the PS4 and Xbox One looks inferior on the Xbox One. It doesn't help that SIGNIFICANTLY more games have been announced for the PS4, either! Subtract the early adopters that bought the console right at launch, before the evidence started coming in, and you will see some HORRIBLE numbers. Want a real picture of how bad they are doing? Subtract the numbers from November and December last year and compare JUST the numbers from January onward. It's downright bleak for MS!

Why is it so hard for people to believe that the inferior product isn't selling as well as the superior competition?
#30 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Belasco  +   355d ago
Sooo what's your point?
timotim  +   355d ago
Hmmmm....I guess this article is saying, despite all that you wrote to down Xbox One in units sold vs the PS4, that Xbox One is still an awesome console. Where is the defense? They are saying that units sold is an entirely different discussion, but when it comes to the actual quality of the console itself...the reality is that its great.

The article speaks on X1 on ITS OWN MERITS....comparing it to nothing but its own quality. All you can think of is X1 in relation to something else. The article is not about sales...its about quality of a gaming console.
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