Why the Wii U Can be the Gamecube's Comeback

The Gamecube's controller of old is coming to Smash Bros. this E3, and we ought to be playing more with it on Wii U than just a few titles.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1477d ago

It could be neat to see some games that are sequels or remakes of GameCube franchises use the controller for an authentic feel.
I wouldn't mind seeing remakes of Lost Kingdoms I & II and Baten Kaitos...

keegamer801477d ago

I liked the GameCube controller. Never loved it though. It never felt right to me. I would give best controller of that gen to the remodeled xbox controller.

Applejack1477d ago

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but wow I have to severely disagree.

2pacalypsenow1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Yeah the new Xbox 1 controller sucks the 360 is so much better than the XB1 IMO

BattleN1477d ago

GameCube was a badass lunchbox full of quality games for our eyes to feast upon! So it would be awesome to see!

Good-Smurf1477d ago

It still is to me!
An orange box of fun!

SpiralTear1477d ago

F-Zero GX on Virtual Console please, ideally in HD!

Summons751477d ago

I really hope they give windwaker hd a GC controller patch when it releases.

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