Wow, Gamers Sure Have Gotten Spoiled Over the Years

The author remembers a time when the video game industry was very different, and wonders why gamers today still find a way to complain incessantly.

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Applejack1650d ago

Good read, a lot of gamers nowadays really are spoiled and feel entitled to everything. Game prices have always been around the same there and there were no patches to fix broken games either. I understand some companies releasing broken games on purpose but that's another subject.

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ExposingLames1650d ago

most games were released as a complete and finished product. that was the difference. Today we get works in progress that we pay full retail price. Add that to the fact gaming is for everyone now and not just little kids anymore and now you have people that expect a good product for the money they worked to get and have actual standards for their purchases. There are developers that are so bad I refuse to buy games with their names on the box.

Army_of_Darkness1650d ago

I think this would have been the same THEN as it is NOW if most of us had the INTERNET back in the days to complain.
These days there are plenty of ways to get your concerns across, unlike back then with mainly snail mail.

ElementX1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Games years ago were the in the MB file sizes. Now they contain 1000000x more coding and there are a lot more gamers so bugs are discovered and patches released. Plus the additional features like physics, shading, lighting, freedom of movement, middleware, etc can create more problems that a couple hundred beta testers may not discover but a couple of million gamers will.

avengers19781650d ago

IMO there is a fair amount of "spoiled/entitled gamers". I also feel that there's a generation gap, I think older gamers, people who grew up gaming are less " spoiled/entitled" than younger gamers... Really back in the day there was no real advanced notice of games releasing, you basically found out about games that were already released, or on commercials. So now you hear about a game when someone trademarks a name, and a screenshot gets leaked on the net, not really knowing how far into development the game is. Another thing games haven't gone up in price... Cartridges games were pricy... The original MortalKombat was like 70-80$(today that be like 160-190$) Spider-Man Maximum Carnage was like 80-85$. I mean we'd all like cheaper games, but hey I want cheaper gas, cars, food, houses, and pretty much everything to be cheaper.

The Internet has just brought a lot of stuff out there... Back in the Nintendo vs Sega days we had those arguments on the play ground or in the neighborhood, that is if you knew any other gamers, cause back then it was no where close to mainstream like it is today.

Godmars2901650d ago

At one point during the HD/PS3/360 gaming era, less is more somehow became a thing. Then horse armor and on disc DLC. On disc *PAID* DLC. Game publishers egotistically announcing that their industry was recession proof shortly before the recession nailed it right in the berries. Now they're trying to both retain right to what use to be a retail product, and continue to be paid for it in the form of subscriptions and microtransactions.

And despite all of that mess we're the ones suffering from a sense of entitlement.

3-4-51650d ago

It's not GAMERS, it's PEOPLE.

PEOPLE have become worse people.

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iNFAMOUZ11650d ago

i pay 65 for a disc, i think im entitled to how a game is bought and made quality wise

starchild1650d ago

No, you're really not. They produce a game and you can choose to buy it or not. You aren't entitled to anything else.

ExposingLames1650d ago

true, but the then don't be surprised when they go put your company on blast and yell from the rooftops about how trash the game is and don't waste your money to fellow gamers.

If you wanna act mature for a second you should CARE about the people that buy your games and keep your company going and you having a job and make a good product. One of these days more people are going to stop buying from trash devs and it will good for all gamers.

TheWackyMan1650d ago

If they advertise their game, you are entitled to the game that was advertised. It's that simple. So when I'm lied to, I'm going to raise hell.

cooperdnizzle1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Starchild. That is a very negative way of thinking about it. First I agree that you do have the choice of buying which game you would like, but to the same token it's very different when the people making the game lie to you and false advertise.

Second I think if people go out and spend 400$ on a console and then 60$ on your game it should at the very least not be broken. How can you tell if a game is good or not off of a trailer? Sure you see things that you might like about it and grabs your attention. Same goes for games you might not like. The main point is, if a game is broken or false advertized you should be able within a acceptable time line to get a refund, other countries other then the U.S have this.

Last if everybody had your mind set people would be getting ripped off all the time. Imagine going and seeing a movie and the hole movie is out of focus? Or you buy a CD/MP3 and you are missing parts of the songs, or the last half of the CD/mp3 simply is made at 48khz 16bit sample rate. While the first half it was at 128khz and 24 sample rate. At least in other art forms they finish the product even if you think it sucks, they still keep the quality. As a person you are entailed to more than just to buy or not. You shouldn't be played for a fool and lied to. You want a good product and they want money. If people never demanded things we would still be using land lines. Knowledge is power, not your black and white mind of thinking.

starchild1650d ago

Give me examples of games that weren't what they were advertised to be.

Don't say Watch Dogs because we've known exactly what that game would look like for over a year and a half. We've also had plenty of time to see the gameplay and read previews to decide whether it is something we will like or not.

I literally never feel ripped off about games. I always know pretty much what I am getting because I pay attention and research things that I am going to buy.

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SolidDuck1650d ago

It's not just gamers who complain now tho. It's the way the internet and social media have exploded over the last 5 to 10 years. Everyone can easily complain about everything, so they do.

admiralvic1650d ago

I agree about the delays, but at the time I understand why people don't are miffed about them. The general consensus seems to be that people don't want to hear about something until they're ready (think Super Mario 3D World, which was announced at E3 and released like 5 months later)), which is a fair and understandable concern. Especially when you look at games like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV (formerly Versus XIII), which were announced a number of years ago, yet they're still not ready to release.

I disagree with the amount of games out there part. Lets face it, sometimes we want something that there isn't exactly a lot of (third person shooter like Vanquish) or nothing seems to scratch your itch the same way a certain game did (like classic Zelda, which is really to only 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PS3). Sure, if you have unlimited resources, every console and don't care where / how you play, then it certainly isn't an issue, but at that point you might as well say every complaint is invalid because there is a theoretical solution.

I would certainly say you're one to talk on the last one Fathom. I've seen a number of articles you've either written or submitted to N4G that come off demanding or disgustingly entitled. Heck, this article itself comes off this way, but I digress.

fathoms1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

You've never seen me write anything that's even remotely entitled. It's the one trait that's essentially killing mankind as far as I'm concerned; I would never practice it. As for you, every word you write on here is loaded with egocentric lecturing, and I can't figure out who you think you are, or why you think you can talk down to everyone.

As for the second part, it makes no sense at all. Hundreds more games are released today than before. We had to wait years for a new Zelda, and many months before anything of even the remotest quality released. Maybe you're not old enough to remember or maybe your memory is fuzzy; either way, the multitude of games and genres today is ten times that what it once was. If you want to somehow argue that this is a bad thing, by all means.

It'd certainly fit in with the rest of your wildly inaccurate rants.

STK0261650d ago

Maybe it's because we have higher standards? If a studio like Naughty Dog can create something as great as The Last of Us, isn't it normal for us to expect an even bigger studio with a bigger budget to at least come close to matching The Last of Us' overall quality?

And it's not only Naughty Dog, there are plenty of great studios. Bungie is amazing, Blizzard has created plenty of awesome games, Nintendo has some incredible development teams, including Retro. So if these guys can create games with a decent camera, high-res textures, balanced multiplayer, engaging single-player campaign and responsive controls, shouldn't I expect other so-called AAA games to match them?

We complain because we've seen better. And honestly, if we didn't and simple accepted whatever the publishers are willing to put in the stores, we'd still be paying 60$ for some 50 minutes long beat 'em up.

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