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Mario Kart 8 is not as good as Angry Birds Go!, and here's why...

"I've created a factually accurate three and a half minute long video for you, so that we clear this matter up once and for all.

If you still think Mario Kart 8 is anywhere near as good as Angry Birds Go! after that then, well, I'll eat my hat." (Android, Angry Birds Go, iPad, iPhone, Mario Kart 8, Mobile, Wii U)

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Starbucks_Fan  +   296d ago
What a f***ing joke
RankFTW  +   296d ago
You're correct, it is a joke.
Chrischi1988  +   295d ago
Hahahahahaha, oh... the author is serious...

What a joke this video is^^ Who wants to play a fat dude in its costume? But playing a fat brid is ok and fun?

All he bases it of, is that there is a similar game for a tablet... Like there are no Call of Duty clones for smartphones^^ Should we stop playing ego shooters because of this?
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Metallox  +   296d ago
Says the iPad gamer. By the way,
no buttons, no way that I can consider this "Angry Birds Go!" better than anything with a standard controller.
mikel1015  +   296d ago
I sense some sarcasm
RankFTW  +   296d ago
I'm glad somebody else did.
NaughtyDogs  +   296d ago
ZainreFang  +   296d ago
Fishin 4 clicks
gerbwmu  +   296d ago
That was amusing.......I'll stick with MK8 for now though
fatneal  +   296d ago
the bait is real
M3TR01DFANBOY  +   296d ago
It warms my heart to see the large amount of dislikes on the youtube video.
RosweeSon  +   296d ago
Two words and the second one is Off!!
RTetro  +   296d ago
secretcode  +   296d ago
Chespin  +   295d ago
People getting angry because they can't tell this is an obvious joke... :/
Milesprowers  +   295d ago
Sega all stars racing transformed trumps them both.
meganick  +   295d ago
That is a very fun game, but I think MK8 is a bit more fun.
SliceOfTruth888  +   295d ago
People didn't pick up on the joke like 5 seconds in? It does make sense coming from this site
SirDjss  +   295d ago
Lol. Are you seriusly comparring angry bird to mario kart , since you clearly arent as old , i have news for you. EVERY KART GAME ARE A RIPPOFF OF THE MARIO KART SERIES. Christ what a stupid article
eworthington0  +   295d ago
Stupidest thing I have ever heard.
eworthington0  +   295d ago
Angry birds doesn't have a proper death stare feature.
DC777  +   295d ago
Start eatin'
Summons75  +   295d ago
Mario Kart has more Gameplay in the Menu than Angry Birds has it All it's games combined. Sorry you're an idiot and can't appreciate a real game
LightDiego  +   295d ago
Great bait, mate.
Husky818  +   295d ago
This is a joke right? lol it must have been because tjis video had me cracking up!
megagamer21  +   295d ago
This guy is a dumb ass!!!!
Geekman  +   295d ago
Thought it was a joke until later on in the video where he sounded serious. I don't mobile game much, so I'm not familliar with its fanboys, but if THIS is what they're all like, PC fanboys have Swag.
frezhblunts  +   295d ago
Must be a joke watched the vid, he doesnt even like mario lol no wonder why. Angry birds come on LOL

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