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PlanetSide 2 Gets Coming to PlayStation 4 Trailer

Sony Only Entertainment has released a new PlanetSide 2 trailer with the statement that it's "Coming soon to PlayStation 4". (Planetside 2, PS4)

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Rickgrimes95  +   487d ago
It was supposed to be out early 2014
ZodTheRipper  +   487d ago
And it's still just "coming soon" so probably over a month away... the later such a game comes out the smaller my interest is in it. This should've been a PS4 launch title to actually "wow" people from my point of view.
MysticStrummer  +   487d ago
"This should've been a PS4 launch title to actually "wow" people from my point of view."

I disagree. When the game finally does release on PS4 there will still be nothing else like it on consoles. Also, the game has a reputation for needing fairly strong hardware to run so if it looks great on PS4 it will be a very good thing. The game being free is another factor. I think a strong showing of Planetside 2 on PS4 during E3 could be a really big deal.

OT - not a bad video, but I like this one better…

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   487d ago
im not excited for this crap game at all
brightlight  +   487d ago
The game is great but this montage video is just awful. And also we didn't want another BF4-like experience.
DialgaMarine  +   487d ago
@PSN-JerzyzFinest: Ok. Then why the hell are you here?

OT: I can NOT wait to play this on PS4. I remember when PC fans were claiming this could never run on any console, but now not only is running on a console, but it's running at Ultra Setting, according to SOE. This game is going to be epic.
BigBosss  +   487d ago
So excited about this game, me and my mate used to play this game on steam, fun as hell :)
S2Killinit  +   487d ago
how does Sony keep releasing info on all these games? At this rate what do they have to show as a surprise for E3?
elazz  +   487d ago
With thousands of people going to the cinema I wanna bet that they'll have more than enough to show. It is an obligation that they'll probably fulfill.

And besides. They haven't given us a lot of information these last weeks, not even teasers or whatsoever.
LAWSON72  +   487d ago
Where is all this information they have been releasing? I have seen hardly any news relating to Sony news for PS4.
SuperBlunt  +   484d ago
Did they surprise you? lol
brighthand  +   487d ago
good video, but this one is among my favorites:


all of that footage is taken from live sessions. Currently there are no other games competing directly with Planetside 2's offerings.
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barb_wire  +   487d ago
Yeah, coming soon in 2015
EverydayGuy  +   487d ago
It's free, doesn't matter when it comes out. The only thing you have to worry about is "do you have anytime to play it?".
rivencleft  +   487d ago
Haven't gotten to play it yet so this will be awesome.
chaosx  +   487d ago
they will release it when MS releases Halo2 .so I'm guessing Nov.
BlingBlaine  +   487d ago
ExMaggots are salivating for a concrete release date.

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