Bethesda “Extremely Excited” About Their Next Game, Waiting to Reveal it to “Surprise Everybody”

OnlySP: Todd Howard talks about their upcoming project in a new interview.

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ZodTheRipper1565d ago

Probably but they wouldn't surprise anyone with Fallout at this point ...they almost owe it to us :D

YellowTempes1565d ago

How about a single player Elder Scrolls with the the entire Tamriel? *o*

MysticStrummer1565d ago

@YellowTempes - The first ES was that way. I'd love to see it happen again but I imagine we'll get another province for the next game. I'd rather the new game be ES and not Fallout, but that won't happen. I'd also like co-op for the next ES, which also won't happen. Bleh,

sinspirit1565d ago

I have a feeling it's something new that is big in scale like ES and Fallout, just because they've released a lot for those games already and probably want another colossal money maker like those two.

theDivision1565d ago

I would very much enjoy a local or 2-4 player fallout or ES game. I love the single player versions though so either would be amazing!

zeee1564d ago

I hope I'm wrong but I've this bad feeling that it won't be f4

Sevir1563d ago

Doom 4 or Dishonored 2.

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TacticAce1565d ago

Bethesda needs to take a long hard look at witcher 3, just saying.

Aleithian1565d ago

Sure, but Witcher 3 took a long hard look at Skyrim. Place everything in its proper historical context.

AnotherProGamer1565d ago


yeah they looked at Skyrim and saw what NOT to do

Matt6661565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )


There wasn't anything wring with Skyrim. Execpt for the bugs but to be fair Fallout 3 & NV also had bugs. Hopefully Fallout 4 will be bug free.

AnotherProGamer1565d ago


there was a lot of things wrong with Skyrim like the linear repetitive dungeons, shitty combat system, forgettable story and characters, and the terrible UI

iHazelwood1564d ago

@AnotherProGamer Nah Skyrim was a great game.

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Matt6661565d ago

Please Fallout 4, Please and say it be released this year.

BallsEye1564d ago

Usually when they can't wait to announce some game it ends up with stuff like Brink or Dishonored. Both great games but I just wish bethesda do only Fallout and TES...

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Hellsvacancy1565d ago

I only want one game for you right now Bethesda

Dudebro901565d ago

Come on... Wet 2. Are you stupid?

Brink 2 is obviously where its at.

SolidGear31565d ago

Hell no .. Rogue Warrior 2, fool!

MysticStrummer1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Brink2 : Again

porkChop1565d ago

If they're planning on surprising everybody then it won't be Fallout 4 because that would surprise no one. Too soon for an Elder Scrolls game though. Maybe a new IP?

PockyKing1565d ago

Eh, he might me "surprise" by like, OH LOOK it's Fallout 4 and OH LOOK its not as buggy as Skryim! :P

WeAreLegion1565d ago

They were given a chance to work on Game of Thrones before Skyrim. I wonder if they were given a second chance on that one. Then again, we're already getting a GoT Telltale series.

porkChop1565d ago

If it was PS4/XBO/PC only, and using their new engine, then I'd trust them with an open world Game of Thrones RPG. The old Gamebryo engine they used was the source of all the bugs and issues.

k3rn3ll1564d ago

I dont see any reason why those two couldn't co exist. I'd buy both. Hell id buy most from his group

HonestDragon1564d ago

We shall see. For the most part, I like Bethesda's work. I can wait for the reveal, though.