I'm Done With Video Games

Decades in a Digital World writes: The flames of passion that burned fierce in my stomach for over three decades are out, the cindered remains of my little gaming empire have crumbled and been blown away on the winds of change.

And it feels great!

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UltimateMaster1477d ago

"The flames of passion that burned fierce in my stomach for over three decades are out, the cindered remains of my little gaming empire have crumbled and been blown away on the winds of change."

I can only imagine which console he was most fond of...

kalkano1477d ago

I've been like this for a while, now. I just keep playing retro games. Every once in a while, I'll poke my head up to see if the modern industry is doing anything interesting. "Nope". *goes back to retro gaming*

moomoo3191476d ago

The gaming industry is exponentially larger than it used to be, and none of it interests you? What then do retro games have exclusively that keep your head in the sand?

kingdip901476d ago

For me personally it has a lot to do with the focus for online features/game modes/DLC/patches.

I want to buy a game, have it be the whole game and have it shipped in working order. I want to play alone and not be limited because I don't want to use the Internet in games.

I want a game to be story driven and have a lot of character like breath of fire 3 and suikoden. The closest game I have played in recent years that appeal to me are the tales series, the elder scrolls/fallout games (yes I know they need patches and have dlc) and Ni no Kuni and for the last gen that's about it.

This gen I have yet to see a game that would make me want a ps4 or xbox one. Not one at all.

kalkano1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Turn-based RPGs, and turn-based strategy RPGs. There is no other genre that can match that type of experience. Modern games, compared to those, are the most shallow experiences imaginable. The rare games that exist in this genre, today, are either:

1) For phones
2) Tiny, digital-only (look like Super Nintendo)
3) Handheld games

3 is the best-case scenario, nowadays. It's sad. But, I really believe the problem is that the industry is BLIND. They could make a modern game along the lines of Final Fantasy 6-10, and sell about 10 million copies.

I know. I know. They have access to a lot of data that I don't. But, I'd be dumbfounded if a game like that didn't come close to 10 million.

I'm also disgusted by modern business practices. But, they don't affect me much, because I have to be interested in the game in the first place.

moomoo3191476d ago


I agree completely this DLC nonsense has to stop. however, the new consoles are fairly new so you cant expect a huge library, but i think infamous and watch dogs are definitely worth your time

Spotie1476d ago

You sure do comment more than "once in a while" on this modern stuff that doesn't interest you.

kalkano1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Ok. Maybe not the most accurate description. ;)

I browse through news constantly. But, I skip past most of it. And, when I do comment, it's normally stuff like this. Bashing the industry/company/series I used to love, and wishing for a return to the "good ol' days".

As far as "poking my head up every once in a while", I was referring more to considering playing a newer game.

Flavor1476d ago Show
AceofStaves1476d ago

My gaming life has certainly changed a lot over the decades. I don't have the free time for games that I used to have, for example, so I've found that it makes more sense for me to buy only the consoles that suit my needs rather than owning all of them per generation.

I also enjoy casual games now as much as the "hardcore" titles, especially since it's easier to set aside a smaller block of time for casual games. The days of me pulling late-night gaming sessions to finish the newest titles as quickly as possible are long gone.

I'm still a gamer, but I don't have the time or energy for the gaming 'fandom' that I once did.

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