The Witcher 3 Shows Next Gen Difference: The Witcher 2 Pales In Comparison

We compared similar character images from yesterday's The Witcher 3 E3 trailer with The Witcher 2, highlighting the massive difference brought by next gen hardware.

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DxTrixterz1628d ago

Triss what happened to you?

Alexious1628d ago

If you ask me, she looks a lot better! Also, that part when she closes her eyes...

boskoz1628d ago

Honestly guys she isn't better or worse, she is just different, because the overall graphics is different...Geralt is Gerard Butler now.

ArchangelMike1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

She's probably just upset that Geralt's now got Yennifer at his side. I'm sure he wouldn't mind still squeezing in some time with Tris ;)

Alexious1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Why not both?

*little indian girl meme*

So fitting.

LightofDarkness1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Uh, I think that girl is clearly of Latin origin. You know, like Mexico. Considering that after she says it they're all shown jumping for joy among cactuses, sombreros and all, I would have thought that was quite obvious, not to mention the fact that she really doesn't look Indian.

That said, this is The Witcher, so I can imagine they'll work this into the game somehow, so long as you play all your cards right.

Lord_Sloth1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )


The word you're looking for is "Latino", not Latin. Latin is a Language which was spoken by Romans.

FalloutWanderer20771626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

She doesn't even look all that different.

New engine allowing refinement and improvements.
the trailer is a mix of in-game,cinematic cut-scenes that I'll assume is using the game engine yet rendered in better quality and some CGI.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a few characters along with some monsters,undergo changes up until release.

Watch the trailer closely,slow down and pause at key moments ,you will see what looks like 2-4 diff. variations although subtle of Geralt.

user56695101628d ago

Is right to say next gen difference when the witcher 2 looks better than next gen games. People funny

Alexious1628d ago

Uhm...No, it doesn't.

It still looks good, but the difference with The Witcher 3 is clear and that is the hallmark of the new generation.

Festano1628d ago

it is clear, I hope that my video card takes this graphic.

FalloutWanderer20771626d ago

You play Witcher 2 on console or medium settings? Sincerely curious.Did you even play Witcher 2?

Hey, that's your personal opinion,I respect it. I just hope that opinion is coming from actual experience playing the game.Otherwise it's moot.

die_fiend1628d ago

Is this what illiteracy feels like? Or do I mean stupidity?

Are you saying this looks worse than Witcher 2?

Raf1k11628d ago

He's saying that Witcher 2 looks better than some of the next gen games that have released so far.

He wasn't comparing the two Witcher games.

user56695101628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

people clearly havent played the witcher 2 maxxed out, or even tried to to understand what i was saying.
{reads replies}lol

thanks Raf1k1 you clearly get it. bubz

R6ex1628d ago

Not many systems can handle Ubersampling.

My GTX 670 is already shitting in its pants in the face of Witcher 3. Maxwell can't come soon enough - and I'm talking about GM100/200, not some cut-down GM204 GTX 880.

brainfart1627d ago

I'm on chapter 3 in witcher 2 the game is awesome.Witcher 2 game still looks next gen compare to most games thats on xbox1/ps4.I have a7950/7870 still cant max with uber enable.I havent tried amd profile yet so maybe there's hope for me:)

Guwapo771628d ago

I would pick this up on PC but Witch 2 on Ultra settings caused my SLi 580s to overheat and crash my computer. My cards were like "We not ready~~~". I'm playing it safe this time around and picking up the PS4 version.

R6ex1628d ago

Same here. My GTX 670 surrendered as well (1080p20fps).

I'll probably buy the XBone (w/o Kinect) for Quantum Break, Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3.

LamerTamer1628d ago


Except that the xbone will give you even worse versions of Dragon Age and W3 with lower resolution etc.

DoctorJones1628d ago

My 670 was fine with The Witcher 2. Obviously without ubersampling, but it looks amazing without it anyway, it's unnecessary.

Guwapo771627d ago

@ Doctor Jones - I mean I had ever setting possible maxed out. I'm that person when I build a "monster" computer ($2500 at the time), I expect to be able play the most beautiful games with every setting known to man.

I was unsuccessful...even with an highly overclocked liquid cooled system. ...yeah.

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Aurenar1628d ago

Best 2015 for me, from now. Get over it.

Debaitable1628d ago

Was it console footage in the trailer?

Aurenar1628d ago

I think that is a Pc High-Specs with Nvidia high-rated card.

ArchangelMike1628d ago

Yeah it is probably high end PC footage. We'll know more at E3 at to which version was the trailer. I'm sure the fanboys will have a field day with the graphical comparisons across platforms.

FalloutWanderer20771626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

That was 100% irrefutable Maxed out PC footage.I have no idea how good the console versions will look. I know the devs are doing everything with their wizard-like programing skills to get Witcher 3 to run and look as close to the PC version as technically possible.

There will certainly be some compromises though.My guess will be in the resolution and fps department.

They want all the bells and whistles on all 3 platforms.The only way that they will be able to get close to that goal is by reducing resolution and fps.

Neither console can handle the game maxed out @ 1080p 60fps.

olliec94931628d ago

Article says the witcher 2 Geralt looks sick. That shot is actually from the 52 and a half trailer. At that point he is tripping all sorts because he has downed a bunch of stimulants and potions before entering battle. The technique is common and a core mechanic in the witcher games. When we see w3 Geralt in full bats*** crazy mode, I think he will look somewhat more akin (albeit much better quality)

Scrooge1628d ago

I agree. I actually liked his unhealthy look in Witcher 2. After all, he drinks a lot of poison.

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