Watch_Dogs - New Videos Show Modded 'Real Ultra Quality Settings'

Guru3D’s member ‘kadzait24′ has released two new videos, showing off the updated ‘Real Ultra Quality’ settings that were achieved via its modded XML.

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ratrace1444d ago

wgas wgaf, crap game, glad it's over.

Codewow1444d ago

Now now. This is for game ethusiasts not troll enthusiasts. You need to wait your turn.

vishmarx1444d ago

17th comment in your 1614 days at n4g and this is what you have to say.

tee_bag2421444d ago

Hahaha.. its true! well played.

Ratrace.. the natural born troll

traumadisaster1444d ago

Thought his comment was one of the best in the last 1614 days.

bixxel1444d ago

I see u've been busy.

hiredhelp1444d ago

Crap game glad its over... Hey kid get out here

AndrewLB1444d ago

Had Watch Dogs been a PS4 exclusive, I guarantee most of you would still be singing it's praises even at 900p. I"m just glad it showed people how truly weak these "next-gen"consoles really are.

hiredhelp1443d ago

Why disagrees i quoted Ratrace because he talking rubbish.

GamingTruth1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

and yet the outdated ps4 exclusives are still troucing anything on pc visually oh well

starchild1444d ago

Such a nice looking game. I'll have to try out these XML settings.

cfc831444d ago

The game looks very good at specific locations, and average in most parts. Modding it so you can walk about the main centre is no big deal.

starchild1444d ago

I don't see it that way at all. It looks good in the worst locations in bright sunlight and looks amazing in other locations at night or when it is raining.

cfc831444d ago

Fair enough. They have had to make sacrifices with draw distances on certain aspects, such as water etc... the game is a good game, and yes the graphics are good. I think though that the old e3 show has sort of created dissapointment with some folk. Some of us knew what to expect, but never knew exactly how much of a downgrade there was going to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.