Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 9 new screenshots and new engine detailed

Advanced Warfare is building itself up to be the Call of Duty title that might stands apart from its predecessors, by bringing a brand new style of gameplay to the franchise, thanks to its brand new engine. Today MWEB GameZone will be taking a look at what exactly Sledgehammer have to say regarding their 'new engine' as well as 9 new screen shots that have just been released.

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CongoKyle1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I loved the trailer for this game! Never been a massive fan since the Call Of Duty 4 days, but I'm definitely going to give this a try!

HoldenZA1653d ago

I think it warrants another try, at least this COD title is looking to be innovative. Hopefully the gameplay we see at E3 will showcase exactly how this title will stand out from others in the series.

plut0nash1653d ago

How much does Sledgehammer have in common with Treyarch?

CongoKyle1653d ago

You know me, if it's not Dota 2 I need a real push. Kevin Spacey was a big enough one to peak my interest here, but I will check the other titles for sure :D

TOTSUKO1652d ago

If this game is still using the IW engine then I won't expect anything innovative. They tuned and modded this engine for a decade already.

Why can't Activision cut a year or two of COD and make a more innovative engine resembling the IW engine.

maddskull1653d ago

I am excited for this cod because its the first 3 year development and they can make it innovative. i hope they don't make the same mistake like ghosts they ruined the game by making it slower. I trust in you sledgehammer.

Joey_Leone1652d ago

How many chances are you "gamers" going to give to this franchise? It's dead already, even the little kiddies are tired of this franchise lol.

horndog1652d ago

But that's why it's the best selling game on ps4 right and I wouldn't be surprised if it is on x1 too. Yes people are tired of it but just can't help to buy it.

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Plasma9001653d ago

Looks like a bit of black ops 2 with some Crysis 2 and Titanfall thrown in, but I will definitely give it a try

HanCilliers1653d ago

Now that sums it up perfectly :D

plut0nash1653d ago

For sure. I'm actually keen to try this and Hardline.

snookiegamer1653d ago

Except Titanfall looks like COD with Mechs, and Black Ops is an extension of the actual COD I don't know why you made those comparisons.

Crysis is probably the only series mentioned, to have it's own Identity.

Zefros1653d ago

It might be good, hope so, just hope it feels fresh.

Would also love some zombies, but it looks like we have to wait untill next year.

HoldenZA1653d ago

Zombies would be great but I think its best to leave that to Treyarch.

plut0nash1653d ago

Not a fan of zombies in everything. Monsters maybe :)

lord zaid1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

How about Dinosaurs.

No seriously. No one was expecting the Zombies in World at War, so why not Dinosaurs?

TOTSUKO1652d ago

Dinosaurs for sure.

There are not enough dinosaur games.

We've had our fix with zombies. Time for Dinosaurs to take over again.

HanCilliers1653d ago

I am glad there aren't zombies, that market is a bit oversaturated imho.

Zefros1652d ago

It's not something you have to play, just because you don't like it, let the guys who loves the zombie part have their fun :P!

scotmacb1653d ago

Buy an external hd for x1 in some cases it halfs the load times because it uses usb 3.0 which is really fast not the internal one sata thats why ps4 can't match the load times it uses sata

Ripsta7th1653d ago

Still don't get what your comment has to do with CoD. And ps4 runs laps around Xbox loading times

scotmacb1653d ago

Lol no it doesn't theres comparsion videos up on youtube and thats both with the standard hd the x1 with the new usb 3.0 hd's smoke the ps4

GodGinrai1653d ago

"Lol no it doesn't theres comparsion videos up on youtube and thats both with the standard hd the x1 with the new usb 3.0 hd's smoke the ps4"

Ok, But seriously...what does that have to do with this COD news?

plut0nash & Sillicur

You can put a SSD into a USB3.0 of both worlds.

SSD prices for 1TB are still pricey. So I ordered one of these...

plut0nash1653d ago

Interesting. Faster than SSD though?

Sillicur1653d ago

Dont think it can be faster than SSD can it?

Golden_Mud1653d ago

What does this have to do with this article ? you're not for real , right ?

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