Stop Saying ‘Next-Gen’ Now

The Laymen's Gamer talks about why journalists, vloggers, and bloggers alike should stop using the term next generation when referring to PS4, XB1, and WiiU.

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AngelicIceDiamond1267d ago

Next Gen until we start playing REAL next gen games. Not last gen ports like Assassin's Creed, COD, Watch Dogs and even BF.

laymensgamer1267d ago

It's still current generation. Using the term to take a stance really isn't going to do anything.

NewMonday1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

just call it New Gen

on the PS4 games like KZ, ISS, DC and the Order really give the new gen feel.

laymensgamer1267d ago

Say what you want, the console generation that's present is what we have, whether or not the games impress you or anyone else.
The games have looked great and performed admirably in spite of the criticisms, which will always exist.
However, none of this takes away from the fact that using that in articles is poor vernacular right now as... you know... that's what I was debating in this article, not whether or not the current generation's games have impressed me.

user56695101267d ago

And what do these next games have that the last gen games doesn't besides gfx? You do notice infamous as is just infamous with better gfx.

People hype up these next gen games like they are doing something different.

randomass1711267d ago

Don't all new generations start out with ports from the last one? Just because there are last gen games also on current generation doesn't mean that it isn't current. And now that all three consoles are out, we're officially in the current generation.

NexGen1267d ago

Being serious for a second here...arguing how to label something is pointless as you're arguing for the label, rather than any perceived issue at hand. The label is not the problem - it is your perceived quality of games.

If this is to be taken seriously, address the point directly instead of tap dancing around it in an attempt to be witty.

JBSleek1266d ago

That's not how generations are defined. You don't not say your children aren't the new generation until they are a certain age.

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laymensgamer1267d ago

Glad you could inject some life into the discussion.

Gh05t1267d ago

We are talking about not calling you for a while and giving you the silent treatment.

Its been great but I guess your just to current to be next now...

Its not you its me...

Applejack1266d ago

I thought you just made that account, too funny! + bubs

NexGen1266d ago

Nah, I had this name since 1990 back on old AOL.

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Chespin1267d ago

No game has done anything next gen yet...

laymensgamer1267d ago

What's your expectation? For the console to do your dishes for you? Whether or not the currently released games have impressed or not... that's not what this article is discussing. This article is talking about the overuse of an improper term to describe the current generation of gaming.
If you feel the currently released games for this generation are unimpressive, that's fine, but refrain from calling upcoming games "next-gen" just because they meet your expectations for what "next-gen" SHOULD be.

Ck1x1267d ago

As much as people hate to admit this, you are correct! There's not one game that's come out that couldn't essentially have been represented on the previous consoles. This is why publishers will continue to put out cross gen games, until that buying market has dried up!

randomass1711267d ago

What about InFamous Second Son? That's exclusive to PS4.

Chespin1267d ago

I'm gonna get shit for this but that game didn't impress me much. Sure it had the looks but did it have the touch? Now don't get me wrong,yeah I think it's alright. But that won't keep me busy in the middle of the night.

user56695101267d ago

What does this do that's next gen besides gfx. What is this next gen bar that y'all keep talking about because all I hear is gfx

Gh05t1267d ago


Half these people probably weren't born when that song came out.

And you deserve all the crap you get for that.

I thought it was clever though.

AngelicIceDiamond1267d ago

That's what I'm saying. Besides Infamous, Killzone and even Ryse are a taste of what to expect.

Third party are yet to truly jump on board. Assassin's Creed: Unity, are using 2 new studios. One for last gen and one for next gen. That's smart even MS Forza is doing that.

With that said Not all devs have that kind of luxury.

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Fizzgig1267d ago

Let's call it... "Latest-Gen"

laymensgamer1267d ago

There seriously is no pleasing some people! This article is discussing the term and its use, not whether or not currently released games of this generation are impressive.

rextraordinaire1267d ago

When the ps3 and xbox 360 will be dead, maybe. But both are still very alive and well, with many important titles coming exclusively for those, like Persona 5 , Tales of Zestiria, Borderlands the presequel etc.

ps4 and xbox one are still next, not absolutely current.

Codey471267d ago

Ahh least it isn't as bad as confusing Hard Disk space for system RAM......

Cus that's just a nooblet error.

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