Phil Spencer Teases “Something New” at E3, Explains X1's Perf Increase; Looks Forward to Sony’s Show

The new Xbox division head honcho Phil Spencer is about to depart for Los Angeles and today he dropped a few more hints on what you’ll see at the press conference and afterwards.

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ats19921171d ago

Phil should have been promoted to the head of xbox a long time ago.

Abriael1171d ago

Agreed, he's probably the best thing that happened to the brand in ages.

Kingthrash3601171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

I second that motion. He is really on a mission to turn things around. So far I give him a A.
E3 will be awesome for all gamers. Sony, MS and nintendo news will have n4g crashing left and right. This may be the best E3 in years.

Septic1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

"My goal is to own what we fund."

That is a 'noble' goal and one that would enhance the value of the Xbox name.

UltraNova1171d ago Show
TheRedButterfly1171d ago


Don't act so mighty. Sony had the same approach YEARS ago. We're just so used to their exclusives that we 'forgot' where they came from. Lord knows the company didn't build each of their first-party studios from the ground up. They acquired almost all of them, either by standard purchasing procedures or in exchange for publishing agreements and whatnot.

UltraNova1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )


Who's acting mighty here you or me?

The simple fact here is that shit like this are happening right now with no sign of stopping. So I would rather point the finger at the bad guy who is actually doing that shit rather than give history lessons no matter how true they might be.

By being actively vocal of their bad habits now, maybe just maybe we can avoid some.

Just look at MS and their total 180 since last E3, are you saying that all that fan reaction/rage to MS plans was a collective act of 'mightiness'??? (for lack of better English)

Or maybe its just about offending your favorite company?

Please dude take it somewhere else.

@truefan1- below

Again, that's history.

I prefer MS bought those 3rd party studios and getting it over with rather than paying them just to keep a title away from the competition and leaving fans hoping and waiting for that exclusivity deal to run off.

Why is it so hard to understand that MS's way of doing things is foul; they do not invest on a studio, they simply deny a lot of fans of good games they would otherwise get to experience.

truefan11171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Something new at E3 huh. I thought he was just talking about the after presentation interview. 3 more days and it's GAME ON. Looking forward to seeing what the first part studios have been working on, he said they have never had this many games in development.

PS @Ultra you must forget that sony does the same thing Sucker Punch-BOUGHT, Naughty Dog-Bought, Guerilla Games-BOUGHT, Media Molecule-Bought. This is years after buying their exclusives. I could go on, these companies buy smaller companies or develop working contracts with other companies. Very few of sonys internal studies were actually built.

OldDude1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )


So a company trying to reinforce their software lineup and make their brand more attractive to end users is evil huh. This is what happens when one company has money and one doesn't. Its business, you don't think Sony would be buying studios and exclusives if they had the cash? I seriously doubt Kaz sits in a board room and says "We need to make sure we don't hog all these games!". Get real.

Pogmathoin1170d ago

For a guy who has Dr Manhattan as his avatar, a big blue dude who likes to walk around naked swinging his dlck everywhere, nuff said.......

UltraNova1170d ago

And you just made sure everybody knew where you were looking ..nuff said

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christocolus1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

@angelic, ats & abriael

Amen indeed. I hope Phil is still incharge by the time the development of the next xbox starts.

The guy is so down to earth , very laid back and got class. I wish J allard would come back and work with Phil. They'd make a great pair. I wish Phil and the team all the best. Can't wait to see what team xbox have planned for us. I hope they reveal the new 1st party studios and shows us what they've been working on too. 3 days more.


Yeah..shane kim and ed fries wbere greqa too, ed fries was incharge of game content for the original xbox. Those were great times indeed,


I agree, maybe he should have been.

My guess is that MS's big surprise for E3 is a price a discount for all digital games.

tgunzz1171d ago

Man, the way things is going in prep for E3, it looks like even the fan boys of each camp will have a very tough time trying to create negative feed back... I am truly excited to own all 3 consoles....

dasbeer881171d ago

Phil Spencer sucks. He didn't keep Dead Rising 3 as an Xbox One exclusives. So much for the "7 new exclusives" for the Xbox One. Pretty much four or five of them ported or will be ported to different platforms.

demonddel1170d ago

Exclusives is only use for fanboys bragging rights I an Xbox fan have no problem with a game going multi-plat

ALLWRONG1170d ago

Is Dead Rising on the PS4 or Wii U?

scotmacb1171d ago

Buy an external hd for x1 in some cases it halfs the load times because usb3.0 is alot faster than the internal connecter sata thats why the ps4 can't match these times

ZodTheRipper1171d ago

Not if you have an internal SSD or SSHD in your PS4.

GameDev11171d ago

You are so wrong it is not even funny

You see your external hd only works on games on the drive, the internal drive works on the OS as while as the games, plus the recommended SSHD 1tb has faster times than the external drives for Xbox

alexkoepp1170d ago

Haven't seen any comparisons yet but who cares? Speeds are close enough either way. I'd definitely take 16TB of space over a 1TB solid state though in a console. You don't see the big performance gains a SSD provides say on a PC.

XiSasukeUchiha1171d ago

Phil is the saviour, the meiash of Xbox :)

R0n0rve1171d ago

The what of Xbox? I assume you mean messiah*.

Docknoss1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Phil gets down, with the get Down.

ovnipc1170d ago

I agree, I love xbox, I like phill but i cant stand major nelson, that guy its so fake. Next step for phill ceo.

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gameon19851171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Sony fans should really pay attention to this comment

"We don’t own 2nd party IP. In first party, it’s a mix (like it was with Gears). My goal is to own what we fund."

No longer will they be able to claim that Microsoft exclusives will eventually show up on PS4. another arguing point loss. Hell the way things are going the absolute only arguing point Sony fan boys will have is the power difference which is barley noticeable.

And for the people who really think Sony is going to mop the floor with Microsoft with games and studios this gen this Phil says other wise

"I can say we keep investing in 1st party"

BitbyDeath1171d ago

That is a good thing for everyone.
Hopefully means less-timed exclusives and more of them actually owning their own IP's which would give people more of a reason to buy the thing.

Phil is doing everything right.

choujij1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

That's great and all, but considering Alan Wake made the jump to PC from 360 along with several others, and the fact that Xbone is running a stripped version of Windows 8, call me crazy but I think we'll be seeing more MS exclusives hitting PC this gen.

JeffGUNZ1171d ago


They are MS exclusives made by MS studios, of course they will play on MS compatible devices. When console gamers talk about exclusives, they basically mean I can play this game on Console A and you can't on Console B. PC is not in the equation.

Illusive_Man1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

They really need to lockup Titanfall 2 and Sunset Overdrive (at least keep it X1 only). MS pumped a ton of money into assisting with development and marketing, especially for TF.

Ghost_Nappa1171d ago

EA got smacked hard enough to go multiplatform with titanfall 2. Ps4 owners are in for a helluva good game.