Gaijin Games Rebrands to Choice Provisions, Announces Two New Titles

Effective immediately Gaijin Games will be changing its name to Choice Provisions. The rebranding will be effective in all future titles, two of which are listed in the article.

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seupai10851450d ago

Yea. Interesting decision by them, but understandable.

AceBlazer131450d ago

It's okay to not comment when you can't think of anything to say you know. At least throw 1 of your Naruto references in there or something, Cool.

seupai10851450d ago

I dont even watch Naruto... ???

1449d ago
jmac531449d ago

Wait, are these guys related to the guys who made War Thunder at all?

STK0261449d ago

Don't think so, Warthunder is developed by Gaijin Entertainment. On the other hand, Gaijin Games was an indie publisher. Hopefully this name change will avoid confusion in the future.

1449d ago
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