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Submitted by racoone 614d ago | news

The Elder Scrolls Online 50% off 2 Months After Release

Twinfinite writes, "It's been 2 months since The Elder Scrolls Online brought Tamriel to the MMO scene, and retailers are marking the occasion with a 50% discount." (PC, The Elder Scrolls Online)

ZodTheRipper  +   614d ago
Surprise surprise, only Michael Pachter didn't see that one coming.
Webbyy  +   614d ago
lol yup... free to play here we come soon :-p
LordMe  +   614d ago
Hope so. I hate paying $120 a year just to play a game. This why I am not on this or FFXIV.
bsmith61  +   614d ago
Pachter doesn't know shit about video games
parentoftheyear  +   614d ago
I would love nothing more in the world to play, eso when it comes to ps4. But for sure as shit not paying ANY monthly fee.
ZodTheRipper  +   614d ago
Destiny seems to be 10x better anyway even without having seen much of it. ESO was a total disappointment in my eyes and having a monthly fee just made it that much worse.
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parentoftheyear  +   614d ago
Excited for destiny too. I think Bethesda could have a new fallout this winter if it wasn't for wolfenstein and evil within and eso. Which most likely would have easily out sold all three titles combined. Hope I hear ANYTHING at e3. I really doubt it though. Even a war never changes teaser would be awesome.
Anthotis  +   614d ago
Sounds like ESO's death rattle.
ovnipc  +   614d ago
I preffer $9.99 a month before f2p and hVe everything, that maybe at the end its more expensive to play. Game should be $19.99 + $9.99 a month. Or like guilds wars 2 $60 once and free to play.
LordMe  +   614d ago
I am fine paying $60 and no fee, I don't mind that at all. But if it's a monthly fee, why not make it a free download?
Ghost_Nappa  +   614d ago
To hell with consumers, thats why.
BX81  +   614d ago
Hope it still makes it to consoles
ZodTheRipper  +   614d ago
I for one hope that they just forget ESO and start working on TES:6.
barb_wire  +   614d ago
Anyone get the feeling, that they may not release this on the consoles now.. heck, if it's dead on the PC, I don't see how the console versions are going to make up the shortfall or revenue.
jukins  +   614d ago
Yea but at the same time they're so far along might as well go through with it
GamerEuphoria  +   614d ago
It's been half price for the past two months in the uk.
hellzsupernova  +   614d ago
Ouch Wildstar is next too fall. Pay to Play MMO's are dead unfortuantely
KonsoruMasuta  +   614d ago
Not true. FF: A Realm Reborn is actually doing pretty good.

The Elder Scrolls Online is just a bad game, sadly.
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hellzsupernova  +   614d ago
Yeah it is doing good but by what standards? can it sustain it? I would honestly like to give FF a realm reborn a shot looks fantastic I have a friend who plays on playstation but I cannot justify the monthly sub
Ghost_Nappa  +   614d ago
Yep, no way in hell im gonna pay 15 a month for an online elder scrolls game that makes it difficult to play story coop
pennywhyz  +   614d ago
Realm reborn is awsome.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   614d ago
Sorry. Double post.
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Zeixama  +   614d ago
or overpriced MMORPGs... They have to invent a new balanced play & payment method between pay to play and free to play or play to pay or whatever...
KonsoruMasuta  +   614d ago
"Yeah it is doing good but by what standards? can it sustain it?"

If Final Fantasy XI, a game released almost 10 years ago, can still sustain it; Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn should have no problem.

Look at W.o.W, it's still successful.

Pay to Play is far from dead. People will be willing to pay as long as the game is good. I I stated before, Elder Scrolls Online is just not a good game.
Zeixama  +   614d ago
Expect ESO: A Realm Reborn version. Bethesda, will you give me that 10$ horse free? will you? *wink wink*
ShadowKingx  +   614d ago
think everyone saw this coming, the whole reason they delayed it on consoles for another 6 months.
Saryk  +   614d ago
F2P is not the future, if a DEV makes a damn good game, it will sell and make money , plus people will pay a subscription. Look at World of Warcraft!
Parhelion69  +   614d ago
Aaaaand... I still don't care.

Waiting for a proper Elder Scrolls game :)

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