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E3 2014: What to Expect from Nintendo

Nintendo are, by all accounts, in a dire situation. The Wii U is doing dismally, and the 3DS’ sales aren’t much better. Although they’ll be somewhat encouraged by strong MK8 sales, Nintendo’s executives will be going into E3 with an air of trepidation: this could well be their last chance to save the company. Will they pull it off, or will this be the last we hear of them? Talkingship takes a look at what you can expect from the struggling gaming giant at E3 2014. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii U, Zelda Wii U)

guitarded77  +   55d ago
There's a 90% chance they pulled their percentages out of their asses.

Just give me Zelda U, and everything else is gravy.
Edsword  +   55d ago
I gotta say, I know Zelda is coming so I really want their to be more than that for Wii U.
Clumpy  +   55d ago
"This could well be their last chance to save the company. Will they pull it off, or will this be the last we hear of them?". Wow, just wow. The last we hear of them? Nintendo earned so much from the Wii alone that they could go on for years. They've been around for decades and they've been in worse situations. Sorry, but Nintendo ain't going anywhere, so stop the worrying allready. And whats with those random percentages?
Milesprowers  +   55d ago
Just give me a new Excitebike
Fixay  +   55d ago
A wiiU Pokemon adventure similar to colosseum, Zelda U and Star Fox adventures similar to Star Fox Adventures on the Gamecube..

That's my wish list! I can dream
fatneal  +   55d ago
in edition to everything we know we'll see i want:

3d hd kirby
pokemon snap hd
new conduit
little kings story 2
muramasa sequel
luigi's mansion hd remake wiiU
mario sunshine hd remake for wiiU
starfox hd collection (all games in hd on wiiU)

i think zelda U will get delayed til 2015 so that and the new metroid can be next years big games
Sly-Lupin  +   55d ago
The only way to keep from being disappointed by Nintendo is to never expect anything from them in the first place.
Pretendor  +   55d ago
Hyrule Warriors looks terrible.
Venox2008  +   54d ago
That's the thing, you don't know what to expect from them:

I hope they gonna announce localization of that new Fatal Frame Wii U for Europe and America

Fast Racing Neo probably gonna be there

Zelda Wii U

I still hope for new Metroid

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