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On May 27, 2014 the world finally got to see if Watch Dogs’ maniacal hype machine paid off, and for the most part it did financially, because it has gone on to be Ubi’s most pre-ordered and fastest selling game of all-time. With that being said the hype may have also had an adverse effect on Watch Dogs, because the world was promised the next greatest innovation in open-world gameplay, but what it got was just another solid sandbox title with a heavy focus on hacking gameplay. That’s not to say that Watch Dogs is a mediocre game, because it’s far from it, but it definitely didn’t feel or look as amazing as has been promised over the past two years.

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tacotruck1504d ago

For as much fun as it looks like Watch Dogs could be, I still think it's a game worth waiting on for a price drop or two.

ThatOneGuyThere1504d ago

watchdogs is the first game ive played this gen where im like "wow. this is next gen". its not just the graphics, but the way it feels alive.the graphics (on PS4) are super smooth and crisp. The lighting is super impressive. but the best part, is the AI, and just depth of everything. it out GTAs GTA, and at the same time gives you tons of choices with the crafting and the use of hacking. disclaimer, i havent played infamous still, so, that may be why this is my first next gen experience ive played instead of that game.
other games I own for PS4:
All of the free to plays and PS+ titles

xJumpManx1504d ago

Try Infamous. I was not a big fan of that series on the PS3 but it was very good on the PS4.

giovonni1504d ago

I have to disagree with you some what. Watch Dogs is a decent game, but lacks compared to GTA 5 as far as mission depth, character developement, and over all presentation. The lighting is good, and the a.i is decent. The hacking is one demintional, once you hack a camera, light, or bridge you've hacked them all. The hacking mini game is the same.

The game feels like the orignal Assassin's creed. Has potential, but suffers from repetative natures. I also disagree with it feeling alive, GTA5 felt alive with each character moving about doing their own thing even when the game is turned off. For example, when I checked back with Trevor after doing another character's mission. Trevor was tryibng on a dress in a mirror dancing like a girl, lol. I don't get that same feel from Watch Dogs.

ThatOneGuyThere1503d ago

I liked how the three characters appeared to be doing their own thing when you switched to them, but thats a minor feature at best, and really doesnt do much other than giving you a quick giggle. I'm talking about the traffic, and pedestrians in the city. In watch dogs, you'll see sometimes a driver hit the brakes too late and skid into the car in front of them. Then the people get out and argue about it, take pictures, exchange feels alive. There are countless conversations going on as you walk around the cities. You'll see dudes hitting on chicks, people arguing about bills, all kinds of stuff. Also, in GTA, once you've robbed a liquor store, you've robbed them all... Another win for Watch Dogs is how the guns feel freaking amazing. The sound, the way they fire, everything is perfect. Watch Dogs is also challenging. Straight up fire fights are NOT usually the best way to go about something, as you can die fairly easily.

I agree with the main story missions in watch dogs vs. GTA, so far they're just not as good, mainly because Trevor is so great. If GTA5 only had Michael, it would be no competition. Trevor makes GTA. Trevor isnt predictable, and thats why he's fun.

giovonni1503d ago

I've seen that, and still feel the game is average at best. The problem with the robbing liquor and hacking in this sense is GTA5 is not based around robbing liquor stores. The Hacking, the main feature of the game is as bland as a two day old rice cake. It's exciting the few times you do it, but nothing special. Even the hacking mini games are bland surrounded by uninspiring missions and a want to be aggressive character.
The fire fights aren't even inspiring because the most important feature (hacking) does little to enhance or bring a creative element which hasn't been seen in an open world environment. The sad part is it has potential to be much more, but fails due to lack of creativity. That's to include creativity in missions, side quest, hacking, driving. Watch Dogs Takes elements of other games, but doesn't master any of them.

ThatOneGuyThere1503d ago

I think you're trying really hard to convince yourself. lol

GTA mission depth? really? what depth? The cutscenes are good. The dialog is more believable than watch dogs, but that isnt DEPTH. The only depth GTA gives you is when you do a heist once in a while. Everything else is extremely linear with only 1 way to accomplish a goal. I dont think you've actually played Watch Dogs, you've just put too much faith in someone's poorly researched and written review.
The hacking isnt the entire game, its one of many options the user has to deal with things. You have every option GTA gives you, PLUS everything related to hacking. Watch Dogs didnt compromise on features. At all. How are GTAs firefights more "inspiring"? (whatever you mean by that.) Less guns, easier, less options, less equipment/tools, less interaction with your environment = MORE "inspiring"? What about the skill tree? Thats pretty great as opposed to GTA where one each character has 1 skill. None of your claims have anything to back them up with.

I wonder if anyone calling the hacking "bland" actually gets it. Its a weapon, a tool. It isnt "the entire game". Its one small aspect of the game that gives the user a ton more options to deal with any situation. Here's one example: In GTA, when you're being chased by the cops, what options do you have?
1. Drive fast.

In Watch Dogs, what options do you have?
1. Drive fast.
2. Cause a blackout.
3. Kill their radio transmissions.
4. Stop them by hacking a bridge, road barrier, traffic lights, shutting down helicopters, and more.
5. Hide in your car.

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febzilla1504d ago

I'm still not done with the game. I hope it gets better.

Clown_Syndr0me1504d ago

Ive played it about 3 hours a day since release, aiming for platinum and loving it so far. Best game I've played on a long time.

sagapo1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

It's a good solid game imo, but it never really blew me away.

xJumpManx1504d ago

I like the game sure it has some flaws and bugs but they will get ironed out. I have enjoyed the game a lot its most likely the second best open world game behind on the GTA series. I love Saints Row but that series has gone down hill since SR2.

Sheikh Yerbouti1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Exactly what I said to self the day I played it. GTA controls, characterization and presentation is much better than Watch Dogs, which is still better than Saint's Row.

GTA sucked me in with its sublime mix of zaniness and thuggery. Plus the driving experience in Watchdogs falls short of GTA. Now I know driving a Jester at break neck speed in San Andreas and not getting in a wreck isn't realistic. Which may be what Watchdogs is aiming for, because that explains why two or three shots from a gunman kills me. But still, my biggest complaint is GTA is much more entertaining.

Watchdogs does have its pluses over GTA. Hacking and profiling bystanders really adds a great sense of depth to the game. But other than that, it has nothing on GTA, although the gameplay is just as fun.

ThatOneGuyThere1503d ago

I didnt like the driving experience at all in GTA5. GTA4 was better, if the camera actually followed where your car was pointing. GTA5 feels too much like saints row, aka on rails. Watch Dogs found a happy medium. It still feels grounded in physics, but forgiving enough to let you fly though the city at high speeds. Another problem they've never really fixed in GTA is the repetitiveness. Once you hop in a car, thats practically all you see on the road. The best thing about GTA5 was that it has aircraft and the map is amazing...and Trevor. The other 2 characters could have been left out. They could have just called the game GTA:Trevor and called it a day.

Watch Dogs' major problem is that you're never really sure what to play as. Am I a hero? Why do I constantly steal cancer patients money? Am I a villain? Why am I always stopping crimes? What am I? What am I SUPPOSED to be. You're just some super creepy, somewhat pervy, guy. Who shoots people, steals money, but tries to stop other people from doing the same.

Sheikh Yerbouti1503d ago


Spot on with the creepiness of Aiden, that is what I was referring to about the characterization. I just don't yet care for the guy.

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