[ABG] Facewound - Fight Huge Hordes in This Brutal 2D Run & Gunner

Facewound is a fun, brutal and bloody 2D run and gun side scroller, with an impressive particle physics engine, ragdoll effects, a vast array of weaponry and huge hordes of monsters to use them on.

The original aim for the devs was to make a 2D shooter with all of the effects of something like Counter-Strike: Source. They’ve certainly achieved that and a whole lot more, with impressive visual effects, massive explosions, a very cool slow-mo ability, and a large assortment of weaponry to blow away hordes of zombies, spacebrains, ghosts, skeletons, rocks, fish and more. Taking down swarms of these monsters is superb fun, whether popping heads with a magnum, decimating groups with a shotgun, nuking them with explosives or just charging at them with a chainsaw – in Facewound killing things just looks so cool, particularly in slow-mo.

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