Nintendo's Latest E3 Leak. Is It Real? Is It Good?

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"With E3 right around the corner, rumors are bound to come and go, with some being more prevalent than others. Thanks to the folks at Power Leveled and Reddit, we have a brand new list of what Nintendo might be bringing to this years show, through their Nintendo Direct. Is this rumor true? If it is, is this a solid line up? Let’s take a look together!"

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MrSwankSinatra1380d ago

I hope it's fake. Why in the hell are they making a new star fox for the 3DS? It should be on the wii u DAMMIT!!! An don't give me that sorry ass excuse that Star Fox doesn't sell because that didn't stop Nintendo from release another Pikmin game which isn't even as big of a franchise as Star Fox.

iamnsuperman1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Just a pre warning I feel this rumour is fake, but a possible reason is the bigger install base. Star Fox was big, it is unknown what kind of impact it would have outside the core and vocal Nintendo fanbase. It would make sense to build hype for a new star fox game by releasing on a more popular platform before the less popular one. Though the same could be said for Pikmin 3, it didn't sell that well as a consequence.

MrSwankSinatra1380d ago

I partly blame nintendo for their excessive outsourcing of the star fox brand. The franchise used to be pretty big especially in the N64 era, if nintendo would have handled that franchise like the way they do with Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros. it could have been a mainstay franchise.

NinjaRichParty1380d ago

Haha I agree, although maybe not with the same passion as you. I think it would be better on the Wii U. I think Star Fox, if done and marketed right, could sell pretty well. :)

linkenski1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The last Star Fox was on DS. They're just continuing their trend.

But... why would they show Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright in their E3 direct, when us in Europe have long played and beaten it?

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killerluffy1231380d ago

No 3ds lite , so its fake , haha

chaosx1380d ago

if its real what a jerk off for putting it on the web.

mezati991380d ago

i hope to god it's fake

Fixay1380d ago

Got to be fake

Why on earth would Nintendo really need to put all this sensitive information down on paper lol?

People who need to know this information I'm sure would already know this info and surely they would inform these people through internal memos or some kind of encrypted file?

thehobbyist1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

And why would they waste ink printing "For internal workers eyes only" or whatever? It'd make much more sense to just tell whoever they gave the packet to "Hey, this shit be secret"

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