That PS4 and Vita Ultimate Gamer Edition Bundle is Brilliant

CCC Says: "When it comes to things we will and won't see at E3 2014, there's one thing I know is going to happen. There's no doubt. We're going to hear about a PS4 and Vita bundle. I'm not just saying that because a bundle like this was rumored around the PS4's launch. No, it's more because a bundle of this sort, called the Ultimate Player Edition, has just appeared on Amazon France. "

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miyamoto1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Of course it is!

Its like the PS4 is the aircraft carrier home base and the PS Vitas are the jet fighter bombers!
Awesome gaming air superiority!

PS Vita will be basically a portable PSOne, PS2, PS3 & PS4 as long as you have internet connection.

Now that is true console gaming on the go!

Mark Cerny is a really a brilliant gaming genius for designing the PS4 & PS Vita together!

nicksetzer11476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

How is it brilliant? (The bundle that is, not the tech.) It adds no value buying it as a bundle, when it is cheaper buying sperate .... you might as well buy seperate. Doesn't add any incentive that isn't already there.

Soldierone1476d ago

The BestBuy one was listed at 570 and came with a game, which made it a deal. PS4 400, Vita 250, and Borderlands 2 40 (I also think it came with 30 days of PS Plus which is another 7 dollars) total that out to 680 and you are getting basically 100 bucks off.

It isn't even the price that matters, its the attention and appeal that it will create for Vita.

nicksetzer11476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Vita slim is not 250 ....

The borderlands bundle was only 199 (vita, 8gb mem card and borderlands....

GameDev11476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The incentive, you save more money buying both in a bundle than buying separately, you get two different consoles and great comfort-ability with remote play.

Plus this bundle allows Sony to separate themselves from MS since both consoles are now the same price.

So it is brilliant and has strong incentive

Take note Sony has not confirmed this yet, so that is not the official price

DC7771476d ago

Brilliant because if you really want that PS4 and they only have the bundle you will be forced to buy the poorly selling Vita.

Of course if Kinect and the Gamepad have taught us anything it's that people don't want to pay for extra shite, just a controller. So I'm betting it bombs.

HaveAsandwich1476d ago

wait for the bundle in the u.s.

LackTrue4K1476d ago Show
VforVideogames1476d ago

is NOT brilliant, its a desperation move by sony since nobody is buying the vita.

Phatty1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

This actually is a brilliant bundle. Part of the thing that makes the Vita intriguing is remote play, so them being in a box together makes all the sense in the world. It will surely give a huge boost to Vita sales as well, which in turn will create more interest from devs to develop major games for the Vita. Also people will be able to save a bit of money getting them together in a bundle no doubt.

As someone who doesn't own either but has been eyeing both, this is very tempting.

UltimateMaster1476d ago

I agree.
It could be 20$ less. Or add a PS4 game (Killzone)
But it's still a great offering.

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uth111476d ago

It reminds me of adding the gamepad into the Wii U. I don't think it's that great a move.

But at least the Vita and PS4 can operate independant of each other

XabiDaChosenOne1476d ago

If Sony can use this tactic to get the PSVita in more hands.....there still might be hope left for the device.

bothebo1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Who is this going to appeal to? Sony fanboys and hardcore gamers only, both of whom have more than likely already gotten a Vita and a PS4. I don't see this being that influential for either the Vita or the PS4.

Need I remind you:

Facts don't lie so the only reason for someone to buy this bundle is if they have a lot of disposable income, or they want to buy a Vita and a PS4 just simply to own both. Chances of that: low.

johndoe112111476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The fact that you troll every single article that even remotely mentions the vita is getting stale, tiring and just plain pathetic now. OK, we get it, you don't like or care for the vita but do you have some sort of investment in the vita failing?

For God's sake move on. This is becoming an unhealthy sick obsession with you now. This bundle couldn't hurt vita or ps4 sales. 80 million ps3's were sold last gen and only 8 million ps4's thus far. This is a great opportunity for a lot of ps fans who haven't hopped the ps4 train as yet to do so now and experience the best of both worlds.

P.S. Why the hell are there so many xbox fanboys trolling this article? Some of those same fanboys have made comments to sony fanboys telling them to stay out of xbox articles.

bothebo1476d ago

I think it's funny because you're making a huge assumption that only makes you look stupid. I own a Vita and a PS3 idiot as well as over 30 games for just my Vita.

I guess being realistic and criticizing Sony goes against fanboy rhetoric doesn't it. I care for the Vita far more than you do and that's probably why I troll moronic Sony fanboys who take the first opportunity to suck on some Sony. It's called passion dumb ass go find some. I see the Vita as much more than accessory and an indie/ port hub. It has a whole hell of a lot more to offer the gaming world or are we going to quote Sony on this one?

Like usual you Sony fanboys can't disprove my argument because well, you're stupid.

Army_of_Darkness1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I don't have neither yet, so if the price is right then I will definitely get this bundle.
I'm not much of a handheld gamer but because of PS+ I already have 20+ games ready for me to play on the vita as soon as I get it :-D so basically, I would have automatically bought a vita eventually.

GameDev11476d ago

"Sony fanboys and hardcore gamers only"

Nope, people who haven't decided on a next gen console yet, like me. Two consoles for a lesser price with option of remote play will heavily appeal to them

metatronx1476d ago

God I hate ppl when they make an argument about something and then said ''I own this, and I own that...'' blah blah craps. It's great you like the vita, but trolling other ps fans or just trolling in general is just sad and somewhat pathetic.

And oh, calling someone1 stupid isn't gonna make u any smarter. In fact, it makes you look uneducated because who the heck r u to tell whether he/she is stupid or not. What a moron...

rainslacker1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The chances that Sony shows off some compelling game that takes advantage of the two consoles is pretty high with this bundle. Vita as a 2nd screen(similar to Wii U) could be a new selling point.

Or it could appeal to people who want both. Or people who just want a PS4, but see this bundle and figure, "Why not"....particularly since it'll likely be priced less than the two separate.

Anyhow, there are enough people that want a PS4 that this bundle doesn't have to be influential. It's presumably just a value based bundle...which can help drive Vita sales...which is good for Sony(as well as Vita owners.

For the most part, outside of those that live week to week off their paycheck, if someone is able to spend $400 for something, they can probably spend $500-600 for that as well if that money offers something of value.

There are also a ton of people that haven't brought a next gen console yet. Currently Sony is still just shy of 10% of their last gen sales. There's another 90% of last gen potential customers for this bundle.

SoulSercher6201476d ago

Wow can you actually try and have an argument without calling someone an idiot? If you think you argument is more superior simply because you call someone an idiot, it actually makes you look like a bigger idiot.

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JediDiah1476d ago

"Ultimate Gamer" See PC. :P

Boody-Bandit1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I disagree. An ultimate gamer wouldn't limited themselves to one format.

I consider myself a hardcore / ultimate gamer and I own them all. I have a very capable PC rig (Dual GTX Classified 590s) and I rarely use it. I prefer console gaming.

johndoe112111476d ago

Same here. It's not that I don't like gaming on pc, it's just that I much more prefer gaming on consoles.

JediDiah1476d ago

I guess the :p didn't ring a bell. Was a joke.

memots1476d ago

Preference is Key word

Illusive_Man1476d ago

You can disagree if you want but no one aside from hardcore Sony fans wants a Vita. If I were to get a dedicated portable it would be a 3DS to go with either an XB1/PS4/WiiU.

LAWSON721476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I agree the market for just indies and niche JP games is not that big on an expensive handheld. I would love to have one but 3DS is 10x better IMO and I personally would not pay more than $130 with it considering I will need a sd card. In other words my interest is not high and I will wait until Sony gives up and pick it up on the cheap


Apparently they are very much unlike Nintendo and give up quickly, and prevent as much loss as possible which maybe a smart move for Sony

KonsoruMasuta1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The Vita is a good handheld but Sony needs to put more work into it.

Why don't they put any of their first party studios on vita duty for a while? Why not pay QD to make a Vita game?

It's a good handheld if you want Japanese games but that isn't going to help it much in places like Europe and America.

Vita is lacking third part support in the west and it is also lacking first party support.

GameDev11476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

"I will wait until Sony gives up and pick it up on the cheap"

Halting production of the PSP and likely confirmation of this bundle shows Sony aren't giving up on it anytime soon.

Seriously only a fanboy wouldn't look at two consoles for a lesser price as a massive appeal

Also this is not an offical confirmation and some rumours also show the bundle coming with a memory card on the Vita

And hey there's always remote play if you don't want to fully utilize your Vita

dcj05241476d ago

I freaking adore Japanese games so I'm happy with my VITA.Reminds me of the PS2.

SegaGamer1476d ago

I'm not a fanboy and i want a Vita.

LAWSON721476d ago

But are you willing to pay an extra $160 (I think rumored price was $560 not sure though) for it if you buy a PS4 or $250? That is the real question, and remember you will need a memory card as well.

rainslacker1476d ago

I'm sure there are plenty of gamers who want it. Problem is, many of those gamers aren't willing to spend money on it. Most gamers want every system. Heck, even fanboys of one system I know, still want the system they outwardly hate.

Consider this. People want a PS4. This means they probably like the PS brand, or the types of games that come out on the PS4. Vita has those types of games too. Despite many claiming otherwise, there is plenty of software to choose from on the Vita. If they're willing to spend $400 on the PS4, why not spend another $150 for a Vita which not only has a great library of games(more than JP and indie games), but also adds significantly to the PS4 experience. Remote play alone is a great selling point, and even if it's something that people may never use, the perception of value, and the fact people may eventually see themselves using it, plays a strong part in their final buying decision.

There are two types of primary buyers. The ones that want the cheapest entry level they can get(base model PS4 only), and those that look to how much value there is buy buying a package deal(PS4/PSV bundle). Someone has to make a conscious decision to say, "I definitely don't want a Vita" to say that they wouldn't prefer to get this over just the PS4.

I love my 3DS. It's a great system and has a ton of games that contribute to my significant back-log, but the PSV blows it out of the water in terms of capabilities and in terms of feel of quality of the hardware.

Debaitable1476d ago

As someone who has a 3ds since just the beginning of this year, I want a vita.

dcj05241476d ago

May I reccomend Soul Sacrifice Delta, Killzone Mercenary,Tear-A-Way and Ys:Memories of Cecleta

Otoshigamisama1476d ago

Don't forget P4G if you buy a vita one of the best RPG game ever made.

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polow got sol1476d ago

Vita?? No thanks. Why would i want a hand held sony doesnt support

Protagonist1476d ago

Where does this BS come from...they just released Delta and Borderlands...yet we have to sit through BS statements like your...smh