Big Red Button Won't Admit People Don't Like Sonic Boom Designs

CCC Says: "As many people know, there was something of a press junket recently where Sega and Big Red Button invited some video game journalists to come in and play/talk about Sonic Boom. It was no big deal, and something that happens all the time in the industry. Except something important did come out of it. In both interviews with Kotaku and Siliconera, Bob Rafei, the CEO of Big Red Button, made statements that showed the developer isn't listening to the fan community."

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Axonometri1414d ago

I don't like when people speak for me, especially when their opinion is completely different from my own.

Abash1414d ago

Knuckles is the only weird looking one, the others are fine.

ZodTheRipper1413d ago

Tales and Amy look fine to me, Sonic doesn't need a scarf and Knuckles is way to tall.

linkenski1413d ago

Agreed. Consider what your reaction was when you first saw the anime redesigns for the characters, especially Knuckles. I know mine was "Lol, these characters look so awful!"

The new designs actually gave me an okay impression, but the reason everyone hates them is because they're different from the designs we're used to. I agree, knuckles looks stupid, but so does his old design.

Axonometri1413d ago

This game is not in open community development though. If I design a character how I want him to look, why should someone else tell me I am wrong?

XiSasukeUchiha1414d ago

Your Knuckles has too much muscle man!

Relientk771414d ago

I don't like tall Knuckles on steroids

mcarsehat1413d ago

It's refreshing to not hear someone moaning about the games industry, i'm fine with people being quiet.

wonderfulmonkeyman1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Meh, the Sonic fanbase is so fragmented and divided between different styles of game and characters that they honestly don't even have a solid majority liking for any one style .

I'll place a bet on this one, though; it'll go through a Wind Waker phase, IE, people will hate it for its art style for a while, but then it will slowly grow on them.

Of course, whether or not the gameplay is good enough to allow the fans enough time to play the game and get used to it, is an entirely different matter.

In the end. It'll all boil down to whether the game itself is a solid and fun experience.
If it is, people will slowly adopt and learn to love it despite its art style.

If not, they'll shout "SONIC CYCLE STRIKES AGAIN!" from the rooftops, and that'll be the end of that.

Either way, it'll be entertaining to watch unfold, if only because it's sure to be ridiculous at times.XD

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The story is too old to be commented.