Is Arkham’s New Batmobile Just An Afterthought?

CCC Says: "There are many reasons to anticipate the upcoming release of the third in the Arkham franchise. Arkham Knight will feature a fully realized version of Gotham City that is five times the size of previous iterations, along with a next-gen level of polish that should make raining down sweet vengeance on the cities underbelly a true joy. However, most of these reasons pale in comparison to a new addition that looks to set this game apart from its predecessors in a big way (and I do mean BIG). The Batmobile is not only a fun idea in theory, the footage easily impresses the most jaded of gamers. One look at this crime fighting fortress on wheels, and it’s easy to see that all kinds of fun will be had barreling down the back alleys of Gotham."

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oODEADPOOLOo1504d ago

Heck no, in game informer article they pretty much said the game is built around batmobile and not the other way around. They made the game bigger to allow the batmobile space to be used.