What Nintendo Has To Do To Win E3

CCC Says: "E3, the biggest video game conference in the world, is kicking off in only a couple of days, and we now know what to expect, what we are going to see, what booths we are going to visit, and what press conferences we are going to check out. But one question remains: who will win E3? Which of the big three will dazzle us with their upcoming lineup? We don’t know for sure, but we can definitely say what each company should do to take home the prize. "

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mii-gamer1386d ago

Zelda Wii U, that's all!

thehobbyist1385d ago

Then they've already won.

Rute1385d ago

Well, it has to look cool to make a difference, a lot cooler than say, Hyrule Warriors. And whenever good games are released, no matter the platform, gamers have won.

Jdoki1385d ago

If Sony show awesome stuff, and MS show awesome stuff, and Nintendo show awesome stuff... I win!

klecser1385d ago

No kidding. This isn't about a company "winning" some crown for "best" show. Its about whether any gamer gets a good product line that they are willing to support.

BoneBone1385d ago

Release tons of exclusive games in 2014 while X1 & PS4s' have all been delayed into 2015.

Nintendo has already won E3 - they don't even need to turn up ;)

(btw, all this 'win' e3 crap is babyish nonsense.)

Neonridr1385d ago

Just bring us the games. And maybe drop a bombshell or two while we are there.

Summons751385d ago

Well we'll get to see more Bayonetta 2, X, Hyrule Warriors, and in depth Smash Gameplay. We also know Zelda U is going to be revealed with gameplay. So the only thing they need left is some surprise announcements. Gamecube VC, WWHD patch for gamecube controller support, Sunshine HD, new 3D mario along the lines of Sunshine and Galaxy (maybe from the amount of Sunshine stuff in MK8 Sunshine 2 like many have been theorizing) Then some grand slams nobody was expecting.

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