7 of the Most Memorable Video Game Opening Cinematics

Twinfinite counts off on some of the best video game opening cinematics throughout the years.

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Geobros1416d ago

Tekken 2 was amazing!!

Eonjay1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I still play online. I'm about 5000 fights in.

kalkano1416d ago

Final Fantasy 8 is the most memorable, for me.

I also remember being very impressed with Shining Force 3's intro, at the time. I even spent an entire day trying to download the 10 megabyte video, with a dial-up connection. Then, when it was 99% done, I completely brainfarted, and picked up the phone, hanging the download. I was devastated, and had to restart the download. lol!

TH3BR3W1416d ago

100 percent in agreement with that ff8 was an epic opening to a video game.

Tetsujin1416d ago

I remember Sonic CD, one of the first with an animated opening. Killer Instinct arcade was another that I used to watch (also the first fighter to get me out of the whole SF/MK phase). Tekken 3 was the third.

BiggCMan1416d ago

You could honestly fill most of this kind of list with Metal Gear titles.

Redrum0591416d ago

MGS3 has got to be my all-time favorite video game intro.

TheGreenMan1416d ago

I think the Xenogears intro should be on this list, simply for its "holy hell, what is going on here?" factor.

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