Unplugging Kinect does not get you more HP

Dear Media: The GPU change was developer facing. Unplugging Kinect does not get you more HP. Devs have to code to the new specs

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XiSasukeUchiha1503d ago

Ok, that's makes more sense. Thanks Major :)

imt5581503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Wait, what???? You really believe that Xbone now without Kinect get a new 10% GPU power?????

4Sh0w1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

-Well if you actually read what they said it's just a matter of the new SDK allowing them to use 10% more GPU on the dev side already there but that was not available for use, now opening it up for future games.

"Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 per cent additional GPU performance. We're committed to giving developers new tools and flexibility to make their Xbox One games even better by giving them the option to use the GPU reserve in whatever way is best for them and their games." 

"GPU reserve" means the previous SDK partitioned 10% of the GPU for future Kinect functionality/games, this will NOT affect the current the UI functionality or current Kinect games as it wasn't being used anyway, just intentionally reserved for future Kinect based future plans/games. #1If you remember prior to X1 launch micro already stated that the Kinect based GPU resources along with the OS footprint will be reduced with new SDK's, similar to 360. #2 Again yes this will give devs who want it more power but I am dissapointed that this points to them not exploring bigger more advanced kinect implementation in future games.

Edit threefootwang, wth are you talking about?, it has nothing to do with whether or not yyou are using kinect. Read u got owned comment if my explanation is too much for your brain he summed it up nicely.

u got owned1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

The GPU always had the 10%, its just that was reserved for Kinect now they freed up that 10% for developer to use however they choose to.

threefootwang1503d ago

Lol @ 4Sh0w

That means MS would have to be changing things every time someone plugs in or takes out their Kinect...think about how dumb that sounds

Eonjay1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


I believe that if a developer want to, they can reclaim it for Kinect if they choose to do so, but this really sounds like the death of Kinect for real...

Polygon was the biggest offender by making it sound like people who bought the new Xbox One without Kinect were getting a more powerful system than others have gotten. Everyone gets the boost but its developer independent so you have to wait for it. Microsoft announced that the new Dev Kits go out in June... although I hope they mean new SDK... because why would you need a new Dev Kit.... but yeah. Its a small boost for ALL Xbox Ones and all improvements are appreciated.

imt5581503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I will just copy/paste myself from another thread. I really can't believe that some people really believe new SDK added new 10% power! NO, IT'S NOT! Well, MisterX think it is.

Anyway :


Total of 1.32 TFLOPS 10% were reserved for Kinect!!!!

I presume that i will get a disagree votes from someone. But i really didn't said nothing wrong.

NewMonday1503d ago


so before Kinect was using 0% resources? it just doesn't add up.

and how about the millions of dedicated fans who paid the high price and bought into the so called "future vision"

kneon1503d ago


No it doesn't mean that at all. It just means that if you are playing a game that is making use of the resources that were originally reserved for Kinect then Kinect functionality won't work while you are playing the game.

tuglu_pati1503d ago

Everyone please refer to imt558 post above he sums it up really nicely

GameDev11503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Your below explanation actually makes sense to me the most as it is a little confusing

But what does you mean by freed up GPU resources in a new sdk? Was the kinect using those resources for them to be freed up or have they just been there? And what will to the resources if you connect the Kinect back

@tuglu pati

Ah I see, but wouldn't that render the Kinect useless to most developers as they would want to utilize any power they can get out of the Xbox?

tuglu_pati1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


It doesn't have anything to do with plugging or unplugging the Kinect. Its just resources that were reserved for Kinect during game sections, now those resources are freed up so Developer can chose not to use kinect at all during on their games.


No the power wont increase they are not changing the hardware. MS just freed up some bandwidth which was reserved for kinect features. Why is that do hard to understand.

Army_of_Darkness1503d ago

So let me get this straight.....
Xbone's power will increase with the power of the cloud and now it's power level will increase even more without kinect holding it back?!
Freiza... Are you trying to intimidate a super saiyan (ps4)? ;-)

SilentNegotiator1503d ago

Anyone that thought this news meant that unplugging the Kinect was going to automatically give Xbone a performance boost should be branded with a symbol that makes it illegal for them to work in game journalism. They clearly lack the understanding of technology and research ability.

4Sh0w1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Eonjay I agree with you, although I wouldn't say it's the death of kinect micro will still show a upcoming kinect based game at E3 to save face but it definitely signals a lack of pushing further advancements in kinect games (that's why 10% was reserved, to be exploited later). Kinect is still awesome with the UI integration but truth told I'm sad it seems micro won't be pushing deeper kinect integration, graphics are great but I like new ideas and new ways to immerse myself in games too.

newmonday of course kinect always uses a small fraction of system resources for things like the UI but that has nothing to do with reserved allocations on the game side put in place for devs to do deeper coding for kinect integration or full kinect based games.

Gozer1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@imt558, threefootwang, NewMonday, tuglu_pati

You guys obviously don't understand what was said. He was simply letting people know that unplugging the Kinect would not change the games you already have by 10%. Which is a pretty idiotic thing to think to begin with. The games currently available have been coded to allow 10% for the Kinect. But games going forward can be coded either to reserve the 10% for Kinect, or use the 10% to boost the GPU.

PandaExpress1503d ago

10% of more crap is still crap guys,

miyamoto1503d ago

Another PR disaster courtesy of M$...
But this time Microsoft's funded websites jumped the gun

Now prove how Eurogamer and Polygon are Microsoft's reputation management website. Jumping the gun on false information trying very very hard to get a scoop.
And they got a very big scoop of crap! LOL!

I told you people Xbox One will never recover from the PR mess the house that built the Xbox brand makes every time they open their mouth.

You have to go to the root cause of all these disasters.

MarkusMcNugen1503d ago

It's super easy to understand. 10% of the GPU was reserved for Kinect for developers to use. Now the Microsoft has removed the reserve for the kinect, developers with the new SDK will be able to take advantage of that 10%.

Kinect development will go back to what it was with the 360. It will now to be up to developers to decide what percentage of the GPU will be used for kinect, instead of having 10% available and only using 2%.

I dont think this is a PR blunder, it's fairly straight foward. Kinect 2.0 is now going to be an accessory like Kinect 1.0 was, instead of being part of the console.

tuglu_pati1503d ago


i dont know where you arw getting that. I understood that from the beggining.

JackOfAllBlades1502d ago

I totally read it as hit points, lel

maddskull1502d ago

yeah but 10% isnt that much it may help a little. this was already on the xbox but both companies will continue to upgrade thing in their cnsoles. so there will be more further upgrades but not hardware upgrades of course

AceBlazer131502d ago

If I understand it. It's like you have 10 apples but they used to force you to donate 1 of the 10 to charity (kinect being charity) but now they're allowing you to keep it if you want. So games up to a point already gave away their apple but newer games might keep all 10.

ThanatosDMC1502d ago

Does this make the kinect useless when you use game which takes advantage of the 10%?

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OwnageDC6501503d ago

Some people needed the clarification for sure. If only MS had never included the Kinect and concentrated on giving the Xbox One more power for the devs....

Nekroo911503d ago

The thing most people dont understand is that 10% of the 1.3 tflops gpu was reserved of the kinect. so its not getting more power but used in a different way..

stuna11503d ago

Exactly! Now the full 1.3 tflops are able to be utilized by developers, before freeing up the 10% only 1.18 tflops was available.

BG115791502d ago

Technically nope. Ihe console still won't use the 1.3tflops. Even without kinect, the console still has two OS to managed.

4logpc1503d ago

Sad he had to clarify. People that spun all of those poorly written articles was just sad.

whothedog1503d ago

I knew it didn't work like that, but why wasn't this already the case when the Kinect became not mandatory for the system to work.

Dudebro901503d ago

Because it takes time to re write the SDK.

Septic1503d ago

And the usual culprits stirring the pot in the comments section on here was just as sad.

This is getting really sad and pathetic now.

snookiegamer1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Do you enjoy visiting articles (over, and over again) just to find 'Pots' and comment about the 'usual culprits' stirring them?

If anything is sad and pathetic, it's someone who trawls through the very articles/comment sections they purport to loathe.

Septic1503d ago

Its not the article sections I loathe as much as the 'gamers' who infest the comments section.

Whats your point though culprit?

HugoDrax1503d ago

For some reason fanboys always demand that Microsoft clarify their statements, or show evidence for everything they claim.

stuna11503d ago

You don't have to be a fanboy if you're demanding clarification of statements made by a company that hasn't been on the up and up to begin with! For further clarification just look at the trail of messes they've made for themselves this past year. You'd be a fool not to question things at this point.

Hellsvacancy1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

That's because they talk so much bs, you can't believe anything coming from MS, they say one thing and then change their minds

christocolus1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


You are right. Just take a look at stuna above.most of his comments in every xbox article are always downplaying and accusing Ms of one thing or the other

its no surprise you are here again and the first to reply Hugo. You hate the system but you and others like you are always in evry xbx thread,this article is a clarification being made out to all xbx one owners and those who plan to get it. Do you own one or plan to? Cos the way you keep talking trash abt MS I don't think you will ever own the console and if that's true,what you doing here? How does the 10% increase affect you?


Talk BS?lol,I think you guys need to give it a rest.Its funny cos it seems anything which tends to help make the xbx one a better console is automatically labelled BS by you guys i.e Dx 12, 10% gpu, cloud = BS? Why is that so? You guys really need to spend more time worrying about other things than following MS with pitchforks 24/7. Let those actually interested in the console worry about the BS. Imo and that of most xbx fans, the new team is doing a terrific job.if MS has found a way to give devs more gpu hp then it is highly welcome and something xbx owners should be happy about. How can this be so difficult to understand?and most of you are quick to spin it into something bad.

LordDhampire1503d ago


Yes it ia BS, Microsoft has made more that enough lies to your face and you just accept it. Just think of Microsoft as your StockBroker promiaing you all this stuff only to not deliver and the opposite thing happens.

DRM can't be removed its not like flipping a switch, BAM gone
Kinect can't be turned off its built into the UI, BAM gone
Kinect is integral part of the system, we wouldn't remove it we want a unified system for developers, BAM gone

The they give you false hope which you eat up on and they still haven't delivered

The Cloud will give the xbox one processing power of three sun!!! Still haven't seen its relivance

Kinect Processing power will make new games up to 10 percent better, up to...which you can never really disprove this statement and if a game still allows you to snap you probably won't get more than like 4 percent if that.

Dx12...O man they just like saying things to give people hope, the xbox one already does most of what dx12 does, they know people like you will eat it up just like the cloud until you wake up its 2020 and you realize....the cloud is a lie!!! Noooo

MarkusMcNugen1503d ago


You have no knowledge of the networking industry do you? The cloud is very real, and so is cloud compute. The technology is in it's infancy so it will take a while before the infrastructure is in place and servers are optimized. You saying cloud-compute isn't real or going anywhere is like someone saying the same thing about the internet in the 80s.

LordDhampire1503d ago

@Markusthe cloud isn't some magical thing, the cloud is just data stored on a network vs locally, literally almost everything uses the cloud these days.

Its just no one else trys to usecit as a marketing tactic like microsoft to the masses who have no clue what anything is.

MarkusMcNugen1502d ago


Fair enough, I can definitely agree that Microsoft talked about its use like it was something easily deployed and currently feasible. I just got annoyed by all the statements making fun of cloud compute when it is possible and will get better with infrastructure upgrades and server hardware/software advancements.

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Go_Go_Se7en_301503d ago

Good, the misinfo and FUD is appalling.

Back-to-Back1503d ago

Can XBOX's new Slogan be the following

"Better Without Kinect"

incendy351503d ago

Lol, Game Journalists are like kindergarteners, have to explain every little thing to them. And even then most of them don't get it.

Bigpappy1503d ago

That's because most of them are heat seekers and really care nothing about getting the truth out.

Kayant1503d ago

Paging Polygon.... Although it's not surprising seeing the misinformation around when you make a developer related news via twitter to the public without in depth explanation because of the constraints of twitter.