Rumor: Is Nintendo Showing a "Mario Maker" Game at E3?

This rumor could be one of the more spicy ones we have seen for Nintendo's E3.

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XiSasukeUchiha1504d ago

A mario maker, that would CERTAINLY be surprising!

ptownjbo1504d ago

Usually you say nonsenicle things but on this you are right

3-4-51504d ago

Mario Maker would easily sell a million copies. Honestly it would sell more than 3 million probably, that is something a lot of people have wanted for a while.

A LBP type of game but Mario themed, and also the platforming would be far superior to LBP.

I hope this is true.

DonDon1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I hated Iwata's handling of Wii U, but a Mario Maker most certainly would make me buy a Wii U, and I mean A.S.A.P. It is way overdue. And with a drag and drop interface using the touch screen, it would be totally ace. Especially if we could continue creating on the go with our 3DS's.

Other overdue concepts I'd also wanna see:
-A game that makes full use of Wii u's patented multi-display panoramic view to create full 3d worlds that change perspective depending on where the Wii U screen is facing (like a head-less, hand-held version of Oculus Rift).
-A Pokemon MMORPG
-A Starfox reboot (for new and older fans)
-A type of single player JRPG that blends all of the worlds of Nintendo's most beloved franchises (like Kingdom Hearts did for Square & Disney franchises)

Sly-Lupin1504d ago

I disagree completely.

Nintendo has way too many 2D platformers already, and user generated content really only appeals to am relatively small demographic. They need to diversify. A new 2D Mario game, no matter its features, is the absolute last thing Nintendo needs.

jcnba281504d ago

People have been asking for this for years. Great move Nintendo.

LightDiego1504d ago

That would be awesome, just like a Little Big Planet style with Mario.

WeAreLegion1504d ago

Yes, please! Give us tons of tools and let us go for it!

maniacmayhem1504d ago

Awesome if true. A Mario Maker, it looks exactly how it sounds. But something like this should also be on the WiiU.

Lets hope that it's on both platforms and you can share the levels you made with friends and also upload them on it's own personal channel.

rivencleft1504d ago

My thoughts exactly, when I read 3DS I was like damn, got excited thinking it was for Wii U, so yeah would definitely be awesome if they released it for Wii U as well, see no reason not to since you have the gamepad and stylus.

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The story is too old to be commented.