Unwarranted Fan Backlash Over Dark Souls II DLC

J.C. Wigriff's new article on Fextralife outlines the ridiculousness of the fan backlash over the Dark Souls II DLC announcement.

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DragonKnight1229d ago

I keep saying over and over that any problems anyone perceives with the Souls series is BandaiNamco's fault.

With Dark Souls, the Oolacile DLC was content that Miyazaki actually wanted to put in the game before it released, but BandaiNamco had a date set that they wanted to release the game on, and so that was that.

The same is happening with Dark Souls 2. It's clear to see that both Dark Souls games were rushed, and that this DLC is not purposely cut content but content that wasn't able to be put in due to time constraints.

The episodic stuff, now that's a bit of an issue, but at the same time for us broke people it's good.

Too many are making a bigger deal of this than they should be.

StockpileTom1229d ago

I completely agree, I'm going to give it a try but I am going to go in with a bit of caution. I am not getting that season pass.

The Oolacile DLC itself felt like honest DLC and was well worth it as it was like an entire expansion pack.

These DLC for DkSII coming so soon though is a red-flag to me of Bandai shenanigans.

user14394141229d ago

I hope that the DLC can be free XoXoXo.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law.

Yi-Long1229d ago

Well, part of the problem for many fans, might be that we were told there probably wouldn't be any kind of DLC...

So people who are only willing to spend 50-60 bucks on the whole experience of a game, now suddenly find out they'll be releasing extra content, so if they want the complete experience, they'll have to pay for the DLC.

Personally, I haven't bought the game yet, cause I still haven't finished the first 2 games, and now that it gets a season-pass, I'm in no hurry to buy it in the near future either.

DragonKnight1229d ago

If you read the article, they explain that From changed their stance on that a few months before the game released, saying that there is potential for DLC and that they are considering it. The game is still a complete experience without the DLC.

joab7771229d ago

First, I want say that I really, really enjoyed DS2. To me, its like Bioshock in a way. It may not be as good as the original in its ability to recapture that same magic, but any trip back in is better than 95% of anything else out there.

That being said, since it was announced, I got the feeling that like so many other franchises at the end of last gen, this was meant to tide us over until the new next gen game could be made. And dare I say, make some money while the iron is hot!

I feel the same about the dlc. It is a way to strike while the striking is good. This does not make it bad, b/c like I said, more dark souls is a good thing. But, u hav to b careful treading down this rabbit hole as so many others have dead space, gears, crisis, god of war, and so on and so on.

Exari1229d ago

ppl have gone crazy over the fact that FromSoft said that ds2 is complete and dont need dlcs, and then now they announce 3 dlcs. like if fromsoft didnt say anything regarding future dlcs, ppl wouldnt have reacted this way..

DragonKnight1229d ago

Read what I said to Yi-Long above.

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StockpileTom1229d ago

My main issue is that it is being released as 3 separate DLC. This just smells of Namco-Bandai squeezing every last penny out of it so I do wonder about the quality. The base game itself showed a lack of attention to detail that Miyazaki had given to the series before.

This publisher is the same one that completely ruined Ace Combat and recently gave a glimmer of hope of restoration only to crush it with a timer-based bullshit F2P model.

allgamespc20121229d ago

theres a backlash? as long as its not the type of typical dlc that could be part of the game but its taken out for monetization i dont care, butyes, it does seem fishy that its this early.

Kivespussi1229d ago

Likely because of Namco Bandai. I'm fairly sure that the DLC was maybe not cut out content but it was definitely planned before release. Two pieces of evidence of that:

The DLC comes this early.

And the DLC is focused on 3 lost crowns. Has anyone looked at the Shrine of Winter in a hope for some lore clues? Well, there's statues of 3 big characters and all their heads are cut. So 3 missing heads for 3 missing crowns.

Just speculation though but I'm fairly sure that's the case.

OrangePowerz1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I welcome any good DLC. Developers don't have an infinite amount of time to make a game if they can implement or add stuff via DLC that they couldn't do otherwise that's fine for me. 10 years ago we would have paid for that stuff as Expansion Packs, now they are DLC. Same thing with a different name. The other two options are to never release content post launch or delay the release, and keep in mind that if you give developers more time to implement content they will come up with new content while doing that so without a timeline they would never release and endlessly add and tweak things in the game.

0P-Tigrex1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Dark Souls 2 in all EDIT:subjectivity, isn't even that good of a game. It's a giant step back from the original.

allgamespc20121229d ago

thats subjective. i am in the minority when i say i liked it a lot more than the first one, specially the second part.

DragonKnight1229d ago

It's a step back, but not a giant step back. It's good, but not as good. Demon's Souls is still the pinnacle of the series. Really hoping that Project Beast is a sequel, maybe it takes place entirely in the land of the giants that we couldn't access.

0P-Tigrex1229d ago

Considering 95% of the bosses in Dark Souls 2 are humanoid clones.. it's a step back in creativity. At least Demon's Souls had a variation of different and interesting boss battles, even tho they are all relatively easy to beat.

Kivespussi1229d ago

Like you said it's a step back in creativity when it comes to bosses. But some covenant ideas were really creative, too bad it's not that well implemented. Like reds invading and blues coming to hosts help. That doesn't really work because most of the time the blue gets there the host is already dead. Also not that much people in way of the blue.

And the rat covenant. Oh, why did they have to be skippable areas? There is very little activity there (at least on PC SM 15m+) even though it's a very fun idea. Also another thing about it that makes it badly implemented. So small areas and only one spawn point. If the area would be bigger there would be so much more activity since the host doesn't just run to you with mobs and kill you.

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