Opinion: Why E3 is Nintendo's Last Chance with the Wii U

Logan Moore of SpawnFirst believes this year's E3 will be Nintendo's last chance to make an impression with the Wii U.

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NYC_Gamer1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Nintendo should offer more variety in terms of software but that is doubtful with the current leadership..I'm sure fans of Ninty software will be happy with the E3 announcements.

RPGrinder1480d ago

Nintendo has more software variety than anyone right now

welly3001480d ago

Yeah but look how long its taken love my wii u but the wait for the games has been a long one. They can't rely on a plumber to fix all its probs.

Vegamyster1480d ago


It's not like the PS4/Xone are doing much better game wise, new consoles always take time to stabilize.

BullyMangler1480d ago

you obviously did your research on the wiiU lol (:

bacrec11479d ago

The problem is that Third Parties keep dodging the system.

RPGrinder1480d ago

I disagree with this article. No 1 event is a "last chance" Wii U will continue along

ZeekQuattro1480d ago

People are giving way to much credit to E3 as if the event is a king maker. Its not and never was.

bass4g1480d ago

It arguably made the ps4 the megaton success it is now. The game industry is run on hype and momentum, if you can generate that at any big event then you've got a good chance of being successful.

DanielGearSolid1480d ago

With the way Mario Kart boosted sales, I think the Wii U might survive after all.

qzp1480d ago

all they need is smash brothers and they are fine

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The story is too old to be commented.