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Gamers who claim that today's releases lack difficulty can rest easy. Instead of holding your hand, 1001 Spikes breaks each of its bones one by one. The masochistically difficult platformer is an improved version of 8Bits Fanatics' Xbox Live Indie title Aban Hawkins & the 1001 Spikes, and good God will it beat you down. The lovechild of Spelunky and a heroin overdose, 1001 Spikes will test the patience of even the most seasoned gamers. Thankfully, its mechanics put the blame for failure squarely on the player's shoulders, allowing those who undertake its journey to feel deeply satisfied upon completing a given stage.

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ValKilmer1508d ago

Wow, it's only a few minutes long if you complete it without dying? That's a bit worrisome...

FullmetalRoyale1508d ago

Just like Mario, just like Sonic.

Rhezin1508d ago

LOL have you played the game yet Kilmer? Someone has beaten the whole in game in about 25 minutes( though I am convinced they aren't human) It's the hardest game I've EVER played. I am stuck on the Stage 5 levels. INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT.