State of Decay Xbox One Is Under Discussion; Undead Labs Won't Be At E3

If you're hoping to get an Xbox One version of State of Decay, the internal discussion is on. They won't be showing Class4 (the MMO) at E3 though, as there's nothing to show yet.

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SSGGambit1229d ago

That's a shame they won't be there... This is one that I was hoping to see at the show.

Alexious1229d ago

Me too, but if huge developers are taking their sweet time with the new consoles, then we can easily excuse a small studio like this one.

Dlacy13g1229d ago

Agreed, was hoping to see Class 4. Now that has me wondering even more...what will we see at E3 from MS?

Dannyh1229d ago

Cool leave some new games to be shown at next years e3

Festano1229d ago

Although we will not see anything at E3, I hope you announce a sequel and a release date.

XiSasukeUchiha1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Oh that's kinda of sad ohhhh well still lot's of game for E3;)


Sharingan! Hmmm there certainly going to be a last guardian presentation, but it's kinda of iffy right now.

Alexious1229d ago

You see everything, right? Tell us if The Last Guardian is there!

Bonkerz1229d ago

Cant wait for these guys to bring their X1 title. SOD was such a good game, and i can just imagine that MMO they been wanting to make! Lets goooooooooo X1, baby!

LightDiego1229d ago

I really enjoyed State of Decay.
My opinion only, but i'm kinda sad that the new game from them will be a MMO, i wish it was single-player just like State of Decay.

Alexious1229d ago

Well, most MMOs nowadays can be played solo for the most part. I'm sure there will be plenty to enjoy even if you don't like to interact with the rest of the playerbase.

CaptainFaisal1228d ago

It will still be SOD , but they will make it more dynamic than before, now not only you will try to survive but other real players too. They could try to kill you for your supplies, help you, you can be a team and build a safehouse together, do raids on others or vice versa. But of course their still will be NPC`s . I cant wait for SOD MMO , but i wish they release a PC version same day as X1 and a PS4 Version too :) but i doubt that.

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