Edge of Tomorrow Is A Good Movie That Would Make An Even Greater Game

Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "Edge of Tomorrow is a really good action movie that liberally quotes the ideas and tropes of the modern video game, but it does it to a point that it becomes something else; the first movie that would be better off if it was a game in the first place."

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Software_Lover1508d ago

EDGE OF TOMORROW is already in almost every game. It's called endless continues. No skill needed.

darthv721508d ago

^speaks the truth.

As to the topic of the movie...well there have been lots of really great movies that 'could have made' good games. Problem is trying to fill an entire game with hours of content where the movie its based around is roughly 2.

The formula just doesnt work.

Dark_matter1508d ago

@ Software_Lover

your right there

Lenns1508d ago

Game with no tutorial and you die and die until you succeed? Sounds like Dark Souls.

darthv721508d ago

I just got that one from xbl. Havent played it yet. How is it?

Lenns1508d ago

Its a great game, not for everyone though. Its difficult and mostly trial and error. My advice is to utilize game mechanics like blocking and parry because when you die all enemies respawn.

Deividas1508d ago

Its not an extremely hard game, just VERY unforgiving. It will make you pay over and over again for the little mistakes you make and if you try to rush it.

Sam Fisher1508d ago

To be honest i played one day of it and am lvl 75, i find it easier than the previous or maybe i got used to it, i don't know. But i hope the dlc is much harder

mhunterjr1508d ago

This movie concept reminds me if Zelda: Majora's Mask. You had three days to learn the skills required to save the world... When time ran out, you start all over again, but retained the abilities you'd aquired in your 'past life'

Soldierone1508d ago

People all the time say games won't make good movies because "movies already did it." For example movie buffs say MGS won't make a good movie because movies like Escape from LA already went there and did that.

So as a video game fan I will say that about this movie, it won't make a good game because it's already been done. Honestly think the whole purpose of the movie was a lame attempt to grab gamers attention, thus the focus on action followed by respawning....

It wasn't until recently they started advertising "oh yeah, it actually has a story by the way"

coolbeans1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

That's not the reason I often see. More often then not, it's tough to make a good movie from a video game due to them typically not being 3-act structures. It hasn't been until recently many games have tried to replicate that model.

Soldierone1508d ago

I think the 3-act structure is kind of out dated and needs to evolve. I'm a film student and that idea dates way back to when movies were first being made, and now it isn't "proper" to do it any other way.

If everything stayed the "proper" form like when they were first invented, nothing would evolve and get better. Imagine if car makers all went "no no no, you HAVE to have a horse pulling it....."

coolbeans1508d ago

I certainly don't disagree with that mindset--and have seen some non-traditionalist examples that pull that off well. My intention for bringing up that 3-act structure is because that seems to harmonize with one thing: translation. It wasn't until last generation really that there were a lot of games trying to marry story and gameplay a bit better instead of the "beat levels for exposition" method.

Movies are a different beast than games when it comes to structure.