A closer look at those 45+ new Xbox Apps

It was recently announced that more than 45 new apps would be coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360. At first glance, great news….at least if you live in the United States. But is it all good?

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DEEBO1174d ago

The twitter app is on the wiiu tvii .

mike32UK1174d ago

No way is it actually called tvii? If so that's disgusting.

incendy351174d ago

I am excited for Twitter, HBOGO, Showtime, Plex, and Vevo. The rest are gravy.

Slick811174d ago

I heart radio and hbo go is a must .is plex involved in this latest release?

Illusive_Man1174d ago

Apps will be a killer feature.

An Indy Plex app is in the works.

BLow1174d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't mind Showtime, HboGo, Starz, and Encore on PS4. Hopefully, these aren't exclusive deals. I know HBOGo is on PS3 but for some reason it's taking forever to come to the PS4. Anyways, good news for X1 users...

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The story is too old to be commented.