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PS+ Memberships up for grabs

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majiebeast1328d ago

Only works for none PS+ members, found all 64 clues got a cod for a 14 days trial sub. Doesnt work with my existing sub.

ftwrthtx1328d ago

That sucks. Should have been a stackable code

xHeavYx1328d ago

I wonder if it will work after your subscription expires. Great video though

Master-H1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

give it here fella, if you don't want it.

Edit: damn someone must have claimed it fast :P, thanks anyway majie.

crusf1328d ago

So much for the PM system here at N4G :/

Septic1328d ago

Lmao majie. You just straight up pasted that code on here.

Majie...the new director of the next annual Hunger Games.

majiebeast1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )


It was pretty easy had to skim through the video 3 times to get all 54 clues.

VlllAxelLea1328d ago

dammit I was gonna give someone a code but I need a pc /:

Allsystemgamer1328d ago

Wow got all 54. Gives me a code and says it's invalid -.-

Ultraplayerxp1328d ago

Hey man, if you don't want it... :D

diogosanto1328d ago

Can anyone tell me what's #43? Can't seem to find it. It's somewhere between the "share" in the cab, and the crash.

kratos1231328d ago

its when you tumble and hit 44 its on the pole.
Some kind of red dog thing tap it and boom you got it.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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