Chris Hardwick and Sam Witwer Join Cast of Tales From the Borderlands

"A few semi-popular names have recently joined the cast of Telltale and Gearbox’s iteration of Borderlands. It was announced today that Chris Hardwick (Host of some AMC talk shows as well as other talk show endeavors) and Sam Witwer (Actor who was in things like Smallville and Battlestar Galactica) will join the cast of Tales from the Borderlands. "

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F4sterTh4nFTL1504d ago

Semi-popular names for Semi-popular game series. What did you expect, Brad Pitt & George Clooney.

1504d ago
WeAreLegion1504d ago

How in God's name does Chris Hardwick keep getting work?

coolbeans1504d ago

I think being an annoying host is a "thing" these days.

Cool to see Witwer in there, though. Really liked his Darth Maul VA.

Bimkoblerutso1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I was going to ask the exact same thing...

He is the worst kind of interviewer: the kind that thinks they are as interesting as the interviewee.

He also happens to be the worst kind of comedian: the kind that is not funny.