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oprainfall writes: "I’m going to put this out there first — I haven’t played any other games in the Raiden series before this one. I have no knowledge of the previous installments of the series, and so I apologize ahead of time if you don’t believe that I’ve done this game justice. With that being said: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my review of Raiden IV: Overkill! Raiden IV: Overkill is a remake of the original Raiden IV that was released back in 2008 in Japan, and in 2009 in North America for the Xbox 360. It wasn’t well-received in North America because of its steep price of $40. At this price, it was almost certain that this game would be bought mostly by hardcore fans of the shoot ‘em up genre. Now, the game has been re-released for half the price, with a total of three fighters (Fighting Thunder ME-02 Kai, Fighting Thunder Mk-II, and Fairy) that all have special attacks of their own, and a new “Overkill” game mode. Now, let’s dive into this game, shall we?"

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