CD Projekt Announces GOG Galaxy, Promises Cross-Play with Steam

CD Projekt RED and announced today something very interesting, in the form of GOG Galaxy, an optional client that can be used for’s games.

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nikrel1323d ago

Hope this pans out, this IS what we need & should support.

3-4-51323d ago

Sound awesome really.

starchild1322d ago

Totally agree. CD Projekt Red are awesome. GOG is awesome.

XiSasukeUchiha1323d ago

Support this, and need this :)

porkChop1323d ago

This is good. We need competitors for Steam, and I trust GOG more than any other DD service.

F4sterTh4nFTL1323d ago

That video was very convincingly cool.

Eyesoftheraven1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Steam and Valve have been really great. CD Projekt Red is really great, so GOG Galaxy should be really great. PC gaming right now is really great. Now, if only more devs could be really great like CD Projekt and if only Microsoft would see the light and change their evil ways, then that'd be really great.

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