Capcom releases new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer

Capcom released the E3 2014 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate video today along with a handful of screenshots. Check them out before E3 kicks off Monday

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maniacmayhem1169d ago

I love my 3DS but a game like this would benefit much more on the WiiU.

DVinius1167d ago

The problem is the low sales in Wii U

DjKiba1169d ago

Yeah i don't get it. Monster Hunter would be so awesome on Vita. and I agree it should also be released on the Wii U.

Morpheuzpr1169d ago

How I wish they would release a proper MH, not this blocky looking POS.

GetSomeLoGiK1169d ago

Monster Hunter has been looking the same since Freedom Unite basically. Seriously, who plays Monster Hunter for the graphics?

Morpheuzpr1168d ago

I know what you're saying but as a fan of the series I want it to move forward. The gameplay will always be there regardless of the graphics but I think is time for them to really give the game the care and attention it deserves. Wouldn't you like a MH game with seamless area loading, up to date graphics and maybe even the possibility of random events during a quest in which more than one party (8 players or so) join together a la Destiny to take down a big monster?

NovusTerminus1169d ago

Can we get Monster Hunter Online for the PS4?

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