Shift to Sentinel: In Defense of Final Fantasy XIII – Part 3

Jacob Ross at Save/Continue writes:

"No other aspects of Final Fantasy XIII has received half as much scorn as its story and characters, often described as overwrought, undercooked, annoying, illogical, convoluted, psychotic, grating, and many other none-too-generous adjectives. The overarching narrative itself admittedly earns its reputation when it’s pushed to the fore in the game’s latter stages, so I’ll generally be focusing my attention on the game’s characters. They may very well be the most underrated in gaming, and that’s not a claim I make lightly."

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Ksar1506d ago

I loved the 13 series and I hope it going to be on PS4 as spruced up :)

AronDeppert1506d ago

More like not so final fantasy

Jdoki1505d ago

No amount of words can defend FFXIII. It's not even that it was a bad Final Fantasy game; it was just an all round mediocre product no matter what brand / theme was slapped on it.