Five things I want to see from Nintendo at E3

A list of five things that could possibly make E3 a homerun for Nintendo this year.

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iplay1up21474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

MARIO PAINT???? LOL. NO, just NO. That is not an E3 type of game. I mean really could you see gamers walking into E3 and RUSHING to the Mario Paint booth... As far as new hardware, not going to happen. Also I am not so sure VR gaming is going to be all it looks cracked up to be. For one I think there will be an impact on users eyes over time. Yes it sounds and looks GREAT, but so did 3D TV. I rarely use 3D TV let alone play games in 3D on it, because I do not like the glasses, and after awhile your eyes get tired.

I do like to see movies in 3D at a theater though.

LegendZelda1474d ago

Yea, I do not see any of those happening, nor would I care if they did. Not going to ever care about anything remotely like Mario Paint. I would much rather a new Metroid game.

bcornett141474d ago

With the basis that they're planning a paint game for the Wii U already, why not just do a full suite like Mario Paint? Sure, it's not E3 worthy, and if it were I'd fully expect Reggie to parody the "PEGGLE 2!" announcement.

Why not revisit what made Mario Paint fun on the SNES instead of creating something that maybe half of their ideal demographic would consider.

Neonridr1474d ago

just call it U Paint or something like that..

Neonridr1474d ago

There is no way Nintendo can only get away with a trailer for the new Zelda game. We better seem full blown gameplay at this point. Heck if they surprise us all and have a playable demo on the floor that would be even better. The game is expected to ship no later than next year, so a good portion of the game should be available to show off. Even if it's just a small section of the game, letting people get their hands on it will only help drive the hype.

LegendZelda1474d ago

I expect to see a trailer during the digital event and you are right, they better have some kind of gameplay on the floor. This game would be the highlight of the show if done properly.

bcornett141474d ago

I'd hope for more than a trailer - I just have this nagging feeling that we're going to get the brush off again because they really want to polish it. I hope that I'm wrong because I fear if they did this move - then we'd expect FAR too much and the majority be very disappointed with the execution.

bcornett141474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I figured I'd have gotten more flack for the idea of Hearthstone being on the Wii U.

LegendZelda1474d ago

Do you think most people that own a Wii U knows what Mario Paint even is at this point? I feel that name is basically long gone. They could still create a whole suite of features, but what would be the appeal at this point? That game, along with other similar titles, felt more like learning games for kids. And now there are so many other forms of technology that can deliver the same functions.

Neonridr1474d ago

Come on, who didn't like the excitement that the flyswatting game provided? Or recreating your favorite songs using farm animals or musical instrument sounds?

Edsword1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

How about this list.

New Zelda Wii U
New Metroid Wii U
New Paper/RPG Mario Game Wii U
And hopefully some new IPs we don't expect
Wii U drops $50

LegendZelda1474d ago

All of that sounds good by me. I somehow do not see a price drop though.

Acheron191474d ago

Alright so this is what i got.

NO to--Paint and Hearthstone (Creative but wtf?)

YES to--Starfox

I'd love to see Starfox on that HD screen. I mean the graphics aren't the most imp part, but that would still be an awesome game to bring back from the 64 and see on the Wii U. As for Zelda, I think we're all in agreement that we BETTER get some damn gameplay at E3. They've delayed enough time that they should have a little to show by now, especially if they're gonna release it before the end of next year. And I think there is a resounding HELL no to the new hardware. In my opinion, if they announce a new hardware before the Wii U hits its prime, then Nobody will care about the current console anymore. The new hardware would end up overshadowing the Wii U and end up Killing Nintendo's next few years. But this years E3, they got us wrapped around their finger. I think that they'll learn from their mistakes from last time and give a BA presentation and ultimately save face for the next couple years (whether it be Live or Direct idc.)