Pulp 365's Nintendo E3 2014 Predictions

Nintendo at E3 is always a peculiar beast. Few companies are better at keeping things close to the chest, leaving everyone completely in the dark as to what we can anticipate. Ever since the adoption of the Nintendo Direct, the Japanese game company has become even more reclusive, trickling out information at their own pace and withholding details on games until shortly before their release. That’s what makes Nintendo particularly exciting as we head into gaming’s biggest week of news and announcements; we don’t know what to expect. While there is plenty that Nintendo has revealed before, they are sure to bring more than a few surprises to the show as they try to make the Wii U bounce back. Here’s everything we expect to see, and not see, from the Big N at their E3 Digital Event, as well as some predictions as to what plans they may have hiding up their sleeves.

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iplay1up21504d ago

The link takes you to Pulps Website, and not the article.

Cusmar3501504d ago

It's been fixed I think.

KonsoruMasuta1503d ago

"Monolith Soft’s X will be pushed heavily by Nintendo as evidence of third-party support"

What? Monolith Soft isn't third party.

Pretty good article though. I hope they pack a few surprises.

Milesprowers1503d ago

Megaman is a better character then Mario.