NHL 15: EA Sports unveils realistic arena screenshots

EA Sports has unveiled the first stadium screenshots from NHL 15 and they look unreal. Experience the game like you're actually there.

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Allsystemgamer1476d ago

NOW I'm excited :D

I'm surprised it looks good being an EA sports title!

jnemesh1476d ago

Oh, look! It's another EA game that I will be boycotting! Shame, I would really like to play a good NHL game...Is 2k making an NHL game this year?

lsujester1476d ago

No, they discontinued it permanently several years ago, best I remember. Series kinda went downhill before they did, anyway.

Besides, like EA or not, they've made some pretty good NHL games.

Thefreeman0121476d ago

Oh look nobody cares that you are boycotting ea. This game has me interested

tlschwerz1475d ago

Do you make a habit of not buying good games because you believe you're proving a point?

jnemesh1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I don't care how good it is. Yes, I do make a habit of not buying ANY EA games, after being burned multiple times by their "profits first, gamers last" corporate philosophy. I also refuse to shop at Wal-Mart and I also make a point of buying American made products wherever possible as well.

If you don't bother shopping with a conscience (voting with your wallet), you DESERVE to be ruled by the corporations. Oh, and by the way, you also lose the right to complain about their shitty games too. Keep feeding them with your cash, and they will continue to pump out crap like SimCity or FIFA (where they just re-released last years game with an updated roster and new uniforms...and still charged full price!)

Will EA miss my one purchase? Not at all. But if enough of us who CARE ABOUT GAMES join together to boycott EA, it WILL make a difference!

brish1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )


Many people think newer versions are worse than the prior releases.

Metacritic scores for EA NHL for xbox:
NHL 14 (81 metacritic)
NHL 13 (83 metacritic)
NHL 12 (86 metacritic)
NHL 11 (88 metacritic)
NHL 10 (88 metacritic)

EA is selling almost the same game every year with a few minor updates and many people believe those updates are detrimental to the quality of the game.

Sales of NHL have been declining since NHL 11 according to vgchartz:

I haven't bought an EA game in years. My reasons are: they often don't work (simcity, bf4), they often are DLC/micro-transaction centric, they are often worse than prior releases, and EA's business practices.

If you look at EA's financial data you can see their game sales have been declining for years:

Soldierone1476d ago

So pumped for this game! EA Sports doesn't exactly have a good record, but their NHL team is constantly pushing boundaries. They were the only ones that didn't churn out a lame launch title to milk early sales because they didn't want to put out a crap game.

Lou Ferrigno1476d ago

I'm stoked for this and can't wait , but I seriously SERIOUSLY hope they fix the glitch goals and penalties well as add embellishing calls..WAY too many BS calls in 2014 and glitch goalers up the ass lol

other than my mini rant i love the games , especially the physics haha

memots1475d ago

Kinda like a series versus the Boston Bruins.

Lawndart19811476d ago

MSG and Joe Lewis arena look Amazing! Now im glad that they took 2014 off for the PS4 and XB1......

just hope the level of realism doesn't include the suits who fester at ice level during Rangers games, I'll gladly take an involved crown instead

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