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CI Games, of Sniper: Ghost Warrior fame, prepares to offer up Enemy Front, a WWII first-person shooter, focused on the activities of the resistance during the war. CI, headquartered in Warsaw, looks to shake up gameplay during the players run through, and adds in some interesting quirks that will make exploring your approach a more necessary process heading toward each engagement.

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Aon1504d ago

What a great article. I very like materials like this. One place with a lot of information about one game. Singleplayer, muliplayer, story, main character, combat techniques, just everything:) I can't wait when I unpask and install this game on my PC:) But now we must be patient it's only a few days.

ThePowerpuffGirl1503d ago

Very positive article. Lots of interesting information. Only envy that already had contact with the Enemy Front, and we still have to wait. With that patience is sometimes different;). Already I warned the family that I disappear for a while;).

riverside6661500d ago

probably the last such article, in the end, a big day tomorrow :) seen the new trailer? probably went out two days ago, a new story and new gameplay trailer. worth seeing